How I Spend My 2020 #NaNoPoblano2020 #My2020

How “random” are you? I believe that my interests can be so random at times that I lose focus. I’m so random that I only thought of my Nano Poblano 2020 theme an hour ago! Basing on my first post, I realized what I would like to finally talk about: #My2020.

How I Spend My 2020

We are in a pandemic. No non-believer can convince me otherwise. It is during this period that people have started focusing on other things or hobbies to do in their lives, including me. And because you asked for it (I’m psychic), I am listing those things down. In random order, naturally 😉

1. Sewing. To be more specific, fixing holes and replacing buttons, etc. Nothing too complicated for me like making a dress.

Sew, sew, sew your clothes…My view from where I usually sit

It’s really something that I occasionally did pre-pandemic. But because I am almost at home 24/7, I figured I’d get more done now. I do. You wouldn’t see them on my vlogs but I stack various pieces of clothing that need fixing beside me. I often do them when I feel sleepy. You can say it’s one of my wake-uppers. I squeeze them in whenever the Internet connection is slow. It does not impede my work. In fact, it makes me more alert.

I honestly have not been doing that much sewing lately, though. I have fixed most of the important pieces anyway. Also, like I said, I am “random”. My attention is divided and directed elsewhere.

2. Vlogging. As mentioned, I vlog. Well, more like I record videos. In a year, I only post a few on Youtube, though that is never the intention. I’d post more if I could. It’s the editing that takes time and effort.

At the start of the pandemic, I was so stressed out by my work. There was not enough time nor energy to edit during free time. In later months, my workload lessened along with a bit of the stress. I was able to do more recording. I posted one video, I think. Then came the time the kids needed to start their education again. Except, for now, they have to stay at home (the teen does not stay with us, though). My days have become more hectic once again. Teaching just one kid this pandemic can already be very stressful. Of course, I make sure to do my work. But in-between, I need to be teacher-mom.

I did decide that those unpublished clips were not going to post themselves. So I’m back vlogging,

In addition, I am letting the tweener participate in some of them. I want him to be more well-rounded and skilled. Now, before anyone accuses me of child labor/exploitation or whatever, I don’t earn anything from YouTube. In fact, I have no plans of earning from them anytime soon. That is why I am not breaking my back over content creation. Come on, I have only posted — what — 13 vlogs? No one’s gonna pay me for those. It’s just something that I like doing. In life, you have to find something that makes you happy.

3. Watching TV/movies/videos. Anyone who’s followed me long enough knows how I love watching movies and series via Netflix. When school hadn’t started yet, the tweener and I would binge-watch.

I made sure I let him watch TV series that I had already seen. For instance,, in the Arrowverse, I let him watch Supergirl and the Flash. But I said no to Arrow. It had more sexy/love scenes than I could count. I just told him the show’s story as it’s important to explain the crossovers better. He’s seen the first season of Legends of Tomorrow because a TV network showed the dubbed version. They took care of the censorship for me (and the translation).

Image from Mashable India

I do not want any inappropriate (to kids) scenes to surprise us. I’ve let him see the last season of Game of Thrones (not on Netflix, though). He was very intrigued by it because I kept watching the episode where winter finally came, so to speak. Fortunately, that season hardly showed naked people supposedly doing the deed. I knew where to skip anyway. I just gave him a background or recap of the show’s previous seasons.

As for movies, I’d check them out first before letting him see them. If I hadn’t seen a movie, I made sure to be around, just in case. If I had to do something for a couple of minutes, we’d pause them till I was back. We’re now binging on a local show on YouTube. That one, I need not worry about.

Meanwhile, I watch YouTube channels. I watch those that I already follow, and then some that interest me. My main interest these days has to do with mental health. DID in particular.

4. Cooking. My husband is the chef of the house. But lately, I have found myself learning how to cook. He leaves for a few days to work, therefore, only one kid and I are left. It is more economical not to buy cooked food or cold cuts to fry all the time. I decided there is no better time to learn to cook than today.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a total noob when it comes to cooking. I have had classes where we cooked in grade school and high school. In college, I took up Nutrition classes where we cooked stuff. Once in a while, I would try out at home simple recipes that I found (onion soup, buttered veggies, churros…). But I was never really a cook. Classes required group effort and I often tried very hard not to be assigned as cook. I did create a few tofu/tokwa recipes some time ago. But it was only the hubby and me who tried them. I liked them; he didn’t. No one who saw my recipes ever returned to me to say “I love them!” ***cry***

I just realized I have these. Time to put them to good use…

So, yes, the hubby being away for a longer period presented problems to me. I decided to finally do my own cooking. I cut meat, cleaned fish all by myself (some took a lot of work), and found recipes online. Then I cooked my butt off, modifying recipes here and there. And guess what? I nailed my cooking! The kid loved my dishes! I surprised myself.

I have done…

Adobo:  manok (chicken), Tilapia, Tulingan, (mackerel tuna)baboy (pig)

Ginataan: manok, Tilapia, Tulingan

Chicken Tinola or Tinolang Manok

Paksiw na Bangus (Milkfish)

He also loves it when I whip up my special fried rice, which is not entirely original.

Next up: afritada, sinigang, pasta, and veggie dishes!!!


Those are what make my pandemic life still less horrible.  It is nice to bond with family and learn more skills along the way. I get to be a mom, a teacher, a vlogger, a chef. This pandemic is not showing any signs of finally ending anytime soon. Might as well try to get back to writing, read more books, and perfect my tokwa recipes.

I’m spending the rest of my 2020 wisely. How about you? How are you spending your 2020?

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  1. For some strange reason I have been busier these past few months than normal. I can’t explain or figure out what exactly is different. But I haven’t been able to blog, write or craft. It’s just a freaking weird time!

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