Me at my table

Me at my table


Work History (including non-writing/editing-related and freelance work):

Web Content Writer. Web Content Editor.

Co-Editor & Contributor for a medical book for laymen. Comic Book Story Editor.                Magazine Editorial Assistant / Staff Writer.

Film Scriptwriter, Producer & Technical Director.

Project Manager / Team Leader. P.R. & Advertising Asst.

College Radio Jock. Voice Talent. Campus Paper Student Journalist.


My Updated LinkedIn Account: Jennifer (Federizo) Enriquez

16 thoughts on “J.Gi-BYTES

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    • Uhm…ask? LOL!!! Well, you’ll first have to check out what I’ve done so far. I actually have only edited just one actual (ongoing) comic series. Not sure if I’m doing okay, but I try. We do a lot of brainstorming. Not sure if you’ve seen Andoyman’s ANG SUMPA…Maybe one day, I’ll write one as well 😉


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