Here are certifications I’ve gotten online. I keep this page updated whenever necessary. Click on the images to get more information. Meanwhile, for more career-related certifications, I have added a Certifications and Awards page on my portfolio blog — feel l free to check it out!


Hubspot Academy Inbound Certification
Hubspot Academy Inbound Sales Certification

Hubspot Academy Email Marketing Certification

Yoast Academy Basic SEO Training Certification


Below are awards given to me by fellow bloggers. Thank you so much, my friends. I know I’m missing some more, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet so…Oh, by the way, feel free to read my thoughts on blog awards at my post Don’t Go Hatin’ on Blog Awards  and what I think of the Blogger Recognition Award. Meanwhile, feel free to click on the images.


Blogger Recognition Award

my-liebster-awardThe Liebster Award

Mystery Blogger Award

(NOTE: Haven’t done it yet)

my-lovely-blog-awardOne Lovely Blog Award

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Spread the Love Challenge (Award)

versatile-blogger-awardVersatile Blogger Award


Very Inspiring Blogger Award