Let’s pretend that knowing these will give more meaning to your life… ;p

*Lazy blogger (well, I’m starting to turn a new leaf) * Opinionated citizen of the world * Artist-wannabe of sorts * Photography neophyte * Broadway/Play enthusiast * Muay Thai student * Coffee cat * Pack rat * Good listener, sound adviser * Borderline OC * Newly recruited board and role-playing card game player

*I LOVE: Pets. Forensic Science. Miniature models with intricate designs. Cheese, broccoli, ripe mango, egg, potato, okra. Making slam books (well, when I was younger). Learning new things. Interesting subtitled movies. Show tunes. Collecting pictures of family and friends. Cosplaying once or twice in a blue moon (which just means in November and/or December). Reading comics and going to local comics conventions.

*Personal insight: I am the late-bloomer kind of person.

*My MBTI personality test result: ENFJ. Look it up.

*Motto: If you talk the talk, you gotta be able to walk the walk.

*My Evolution as a Writer.

*If not a writer, I probably would have liked to be a forensic anthropologist. Emphasis on “would have liked” as the possibility of me actually becoming one would probably remain a dream. It’s free to dream, right?

*Weird habits: I keep the spoon in the mug even while I drink my coffee, choco or juice…If I turn around this way, I don’t feel a balance until I do a counter-turn…I’m good at guessing the bad guys in whodunnits, but let me join simple card games where I have to guess and my mind goes haywire.

*I tend to overthink so I am not much fun at mind games.

*I don’t like itty-bitty shrimps and abhor prawn-flavored snacks, BUT I LOVE eating actual prawns…Go figure. I’m trying to stay away from it now, though, especially because I am somehow food intolerant to shrimps and crabs.

*The G-Philes: Bibliophile. Videophile. Audiophile. Philatelist. Numismatist and Notaphilist. Deltiologist. Cagophilist…Plus a whole lotta collecting for which I haven’t found the right “phile names” yet!

* I sing. I dance. I draw. I can kick butt.

*When I’m in the middle of something important, DO NOT. PRESSURE ME. TO HURRY UP.

* PET PEEVES: Oh, don’t get me started…Seriously, DON’T.

*Top Ten Questions People Ask Me

*What’s in a Name?

12 thoughts on “USELESS BITS

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  2. Hello GI!! I have decided to reward your blog with the Versatile Blogger Award!! Here are the details I dont know if you have gotten it already but I take my chances!! Thank you for always giving me the little tap on the shoulder I needed at times. You have been very kind and always helpfull. I hope you are happy about this!! You really deserve it, that is for sure!! I will always be your friend!! Peace Out from Montreal!! HUGZ!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wow!!!! Of course, I will accept. You know me. I’m glad to have inspired at least one person 😉 Just might take a little time before I actually post my acceptance but let it be known that I’ve accepted it in spirit 😀 Haven’t checked the other award (first time to hear about it). I’m sure I’ll like that one, too.

      Thank you so much, Christine!!! *muah!!!*

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