Yes, that’s right, you comics geek. This is for comics-related stuff. So what we have are posts on events, announcements, features, even reblogs or links to others’ pages/posts. By “comics-related,” we also mean TV/film animations, toys, and live action film adaptations. Maybe even games. Also, some comic book reviews won’t hurt, right? I’ll review some comics I get to read. A special thing that may not be original, I am guessing, is the index page where Indie Comics will be listed down and links to their online pages will be provided.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to share anything that you can share regarding comics. The more is not less…Er, you get what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰





19 thoughts on “COMICS TRIPS

  1. When I got into the world of graphic novels I was so amazed to discover artists who had a way of telling a very interesting story while at the same time expressing their sensibility and the way they see the world through words, drawings and colors. Some of them just have a story but a really good one (Maus), others have a cute stroy and a way of telling it and a way of drawing it that all fits together (Blanket by Craig Thompson)… Some others add to this an amazing sense of colors that transcends it all….. (New School by Dash Shaw (Black Hole by Charles Burns making comics a work of art. Truly. Pop Art maybe by definitely art….. Maybe it always was to some people but some authors totally nailed it for those who still had doubt…Maybe some people will have different tastes but for sure with an open mind they won’t be able to say that comics are just a commercial form of entertainement. Some Mangas were already doing it of course but now that it has become international it has become fascinating. Thanks so much for your so exhaustive lists!!! I will most definitely dig into some of this stuff!!!! Peace Out!

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  2. HAHA we are off synch!!! Doesn’t matter you answered all my questions!! No worries I’m a sincere blogger, I have no products to sell. I write my own stuff, take my own pics and if not give the deserved credits!! Recently I read a book called ”Please Kill Me” by Legs Mc Neil and Gillian McCain, Never before I had read a book that was sop well documented on the kind of music I like. I’m really into VU and Iggy Pop and The New-York Dolls and so forth.. I am now reading a complete biography of William Burroughs called ”Call Me Burroughs”.

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    • Unfortunately, I am not really reading anything right now. Work and other stuff are kind of getting my attention. My shelves are full of unfinished/unopened books. I plan to read them, of course, but time is a bit of a hassle.

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  3. I don’t know if you make a distinction between graphic novels and comics?? Anyways one of my all time favorite is called Black Hole by Charles Burns. I made a few posts about him on my blog but you might prefer to look him up yourself. I really like his universe…I have almost all his books, I think I miss only 2. I thought about posting a link to my blog of the stuff I wrote on him but I didn’t know if it was ok to do that on blogs. Like…. I thought it was a bit presomptious to like ”invade” your blog putting some related posts I made on the subject I’m talking about…. Neither do I know if it’s ok how I should go on about doing it. Like I said I’m new to this and I am learning it all by myself. Plz be patient and tolerant with me if I am not doing it like things right. Also I wanted to thank you for encouraging me. I like your sincerity. So far you are the kindest and most sincere person I have met doing this. I do not get lots of comments even thought I am doing this cuz I like it and it makes me feel like I’m being creative in a world that cares more about consomption, it still is nice to know someone thinks you are kind of interesting and worth a little of their time. I would very much appreciate that you would be my first ”blog friend”. I really could use one. I sthere a way I can give you my email in private??

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    • Wow, those are high praises. Not sure if I’m the kindest, but I do try to be very sincere with people I come across even here in the blogosphere.

      “I donโ€™t know if you make a distinction between graphic novels and comics??”

      Yes, I do. But since graphic novels, animation, even video games and cosplay, are offshoots of comics, I thought I’d put them all in one place ๐Ÿ™‚

      “I thought about posting a link to my blog of the stuff I wrote on him but I didnโ€™t know if it was ok to do that on blogs.”

      I don’t mind it at all as you are a legitimate blogger not looking to promote a business because that is a tactic of a lot of websites. They give comments that often do not have anything to do with what you’ve written then either give direct links to their sites or, well, when you click on their names/avatar, you will be redirected to their sites.

      There are other bloggers, though, that do not take kindly to posting links on their blogs via the comments section. So before you do post a link, do try to see what others have been doing on that person’s page. What really matters is the sincerity. People know when you are just sharing or you just want traffic.

      “Neither do I know if itโ€™s ok how I should go on about doing it.”

      Do you mean to know how to post a link in the comments section? If you are not new to HTML, that’s how you do it.

      As for the email, just email me at ๐Ÿ™‚ You might want to create a more public email account and post it on your About Me page, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. I really liked Death Note,of course but my very first manga was Akira (like many others I guess) Guilty Crown and also the creepier stuff bu Junji Ito (Spirals) and Suehiro Maruo… I also liked Kinkreet a lot from Taiyou Matsumoto. and many others like the Litchi Hikari Club and also the one in which the whole school disappears in some othe dimension (don’t know the title in English but its by Kazuo Umezu. Recenetly Wet Moon is my favorite. I have many others but I do not know if we have the same tastes so I don’t want to bore you lol!!! We have some many graphic Novels and Mangas. It is kind of our passion even though I also read lots of books too. My favorite writer is William S Burroughs but I also like Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson and Cรฉline amongst many others…

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    • I didn’t grow up with these kind of comics but with local ones which stories were usually serious and dramatic, much like our movies. I grew up with (mostly American) animation on TV, though, but really, my experiences were very limited. When I started working, what little experiences I had dwindled more. It is only now that I am re-acquainting myself with comics/manga/graphic novels and animation. Basically, based on limited resources, I am still simply more acquainted with local stuff but I try to read other stuff that other peeps share and that’s how I improve my knowledge. I am really practically still a newbie at this.

      I have an eclectic taste when it comes to books so my fave authors also vary ๐Ÿ™‚

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