Found under the “Library” and through the “Categorical Map” area, I still thought I’d catalogue two of my stories here as they are my ongoing projects. For your navigational ease, you may click on the items/titles in the lists for the actual pages and sub-catalogues.

Thinking of reposting/sharing/using any of my stories? I’m flattered to the nth level! But first, please go check my Copyrights and Terms of Use section HERE. Thanks!!! :D


Background: As said in the very first shortie, “The piece was part of a writing group exercise wherein one’s character(s) got to meet/inter-act with the others’. I got the idea to ‘breathe air’ into the scowling girl… The group attempt failed but I decided to continue just for fun and to keep me writing….” This was a Yahoo! group that doesn’t exist anymore. The first writers put it in an American setting, ergo, Jamie Gabrielle Vinci is in the States; New York, to be exact. Maybe one day, she’ll be somewhere else, but it shouldn’t interfere with the story flow. So far, I have posted two minis, will post third soon.

MAYA (working title)

Background: This has been my idea for a novel for many years. Well, actually, the idea has evolved, for the better. I had written the Prologue and Scene 1  for Chapter 1 before. However, seeing how the story has evolved, I decided to re-write them and add three other scenes. They do remain unwritten for the simple fact that I have already written the last scene for the said chapter. I knew going back would be slowing me down again so I am actually writing the next chapters already. Will post by scenes. (Click on the blue letters, they will lead you to the specific pages)

Okay, to give you an idea (and a bit of a spoiler) of the first parts, Maya de Alano, the protagonist, visits her psychiatrist who makes her undergo past-life regression. Does it work? Maya leaves and goes to Manila Bay to go pondering. Her mind is brought back to a time — a long, long time ago — when strange foreigners betray and kill her people, including her whole family. She survives the massacre…then maaaybe, we cut to the last scene I already wrote (CHAPTER 1: RIGOR MORTIS, Scene 5), teeheehee  🙂

For my short stories and vignettes, they are catalogued HERE .

ENJOY!!!! (I hope)

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