Found under the “Library” and through the “Categorical Map” area, I still thought I’d catalogue two of my stories here as they are my ongoing projects. For your navigational ease, you may click on the items/titles in the lists for the actual pages and sub-catalogues.

Thinking of reposting/sharing/using any of my stories? I’m flattered to the nth level! But first, please go check my Copyrights and Terms of Use section HERE. Thanks!!! :D


Background: As said in the very first shortie, “The piece was part of a writing group exercise wherein one’s character(s) got to meet/inter-act with the others’. I got the idea to ‘breathe air’ into the scowling girl… The group attempt failed but I decided to continue just for fun and to keep me writing….” This was a Yahoo! group that doesn’t exist anymore. The first writers put it in an American setting, ergo, Jamie Gabrielle Vinci is in the States; New York, to be exact. Maybe one day, she’ll be somewhere else, but it shouldn’t interfere with the story flow. So far, I have posted two minis.

UPDATE: There is a third part that I have not posted. I may or may not do that anymore, considering the period I wrote them. I’ve also grown as a writer…We’ll see.

MAYA (working title)

Background: This has been my idea for a novel for many years. Well, actually, the idea has evolved, for the better. I had written the Prologue and Scene 1  for Chapter 1 before. However, seeing how the story has evolved, I decided to re-write them and add three other scenes. They do remain unwritten for the simple fact that I have already written the last scene for the said chapter. I knew going back would be slowing me down again so I am actually writing the next chapters already. Will post by scenes. (Click on the blue letters, they will lead you to the specific pages)

Okay, to give you an idea (and a bit of a spoiler) of the first parts, Maya de Alano, the protagonist, visits her psychiatrist who makes her undergo past-life regression. Does it work? Maya leaves and goes to Manila Bay to go pondering. Her mind is brought back to a time — a long, long time ago — when strange foreigners betray and kill her people, including her whole family. She survives the massacre…then maaaybe, we cut to the last scene I already wrote (CHAPTER 1: RIGOR MORTIS, Scene 5), teeheehee  🙂

UPDATE: Because I haven’t given this the attention it deserves, most of it needs to be updated. What may be “in” then are most probably “out” now. You can read the chapters, but please note that I wrote them years ago. I am updating, however, do not expect them to be posted anytime soon.

For my short stories and vignettes, they are catalogued HERE .

ENJOY!!!! (I hope)

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