The Unofficial Translation #MondayMemoirs

On January 3, 2005, I shared through Multiply one of my favorite Filipino songs, Sa Ugoy ng Duyan. As many of my contacts were non-Filipinos, I thought I’d share a translation. However, at the time, I could not find any worthy translation, so I decided to create my own called The Lulling Cradle, which I included in a previous post (check the last video). I was quick to mention it was an unofficial translation. From what I now remember, there were two to three people who asked permission to share my translation, so I said YES, as long as I got credited.

Fast forward to a few years after, and then a few years more, I have found out that my translation is kind of making the rounds online, without proper credit and no explanation that it is just one of more translations. I don’t expect or plan to earn from it in however way, but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due, or at least linking to where you found something (to be able to trace the original). Also, I don’t want it to be the only translation as there maybe better ones out there. I checked last week and found more sites/blogs using this translation.

So here is My Official Claim and Official Disclaimer:

I own the piece The Lulling Cradle, an unofficial translation of the song Sa Ugoy ng Duyan.



Those good old days, I pray won’t fade
When I was young and in Mother’s care
Oh, to hear dear Mother’s lullaby again
The song of love as she rocked my cradle.

In my deep and peaceful slumber
The stars watch over me in vigil
Life was like heaven in the arms of Mother
Now my heart longs for the lulling cradle.

Those good old days, I pray won’t fade
When I was young and in Mother’s care
Oh, to hear dear Mother’s lullaby again
The song of love as she rocked my cradle.

Lull me, Mother, in my dear old cradle
Oh, Mother.

5 thoughts on “The Unofficial Translation #MondayMemoirs

  1. Reblogged this on The End Justifies the Journey and commented:

    It’s my anniversary at work (well, WFH for now) today, YAY!!! So I decided to finalize my last sub-theme for this challenge and post (finally!).

    Day 21 of the #NaNoPoblano2021 challenge, now a.k.a. “NaDePoblano” (heee….) . Major Theme: “A Few of My Earliest Things”. New sub-theme: “First Published”. Related post: My Evolution as a Writer.

    Anyone who’s followed me long enough already knows about this. But since I am doing this as part of a challenge, and I also have new followers (thank you, all!!!), I am sharing it again. This is a translation of the popular Filipino lullabye SA UGOY NG DUYAN. This was first published on my Multiply account, not here. But I am sharing it because I WROTE IT. It was I who translated it. While it is one of the various translations, it is currently the most popular. I say this not to brag, only to emphasize that I, at least, own the translation. It’s been used/posted by others without credit. They should, at least, say that they found it online.Anyway, read on and I hope you like my translation…


  2. I am sorry to hear that there are some out there who do not give you credit for your translation. If someone did that to my writing or photography, I would be very mad. You just don’t know what will happen if you put something out on the internet, but more importantly you don’t know who is watching and reading. But true. There are always different versions of a certain thing out there.

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    • I personally am not mad about this, in fact, I feel happy that fellow Filipinos approve of my translation. Must mean I did right.

      I just think that people copied off from other people who weren’t aware of the importance of giving credit. And those who did provide a link gave the now-defunct Multiply link. So now, I am just making things right by claiming it as mine and also, before anyone accuses me of claiming it as the official translation.

      I did have several of my works plagiarized. One MySpace user even edited out stuff in a way that the context of the sentences changed. And based from what she said, while she did not exactly say she wrote it, she was leading people into believing she did. Again, there were people who asked my permission and I gave it to them. I think this one didn’t ask me at all.


      • That is sad to hear your word got outright plagiarised. What goes around, comes around. Some people just don’t want to admit it and think they can get away with it. Sometimes they can…but I think when it’s your time to shine, you will shine 🙂


        • Most of these plagiarists aren’t writers, I noticed. I don’t think they realize that after a while, their readers will realize for themselves that they have been cheated on. And if these plagiarists are actually writers, unless they expect to earn from it, I don’t see what kind of self-fulfillment they can get from claiming others’ work.

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