The A-to-Z Challenge Theme Reveal #atozchallenge

After almost two days of going offline, I was surprised to find that I got 43 hourly views yesterday. I don’t know what really spiked the stats up, but who’s complaining? Definitely not me. That may not be big enough a number for power bloggers, but that’s quite big already for this simple blogger. I do know that in the coming days, the views will go up for sure and I hope viewers will not just view but stay as followers.

April is just around the corner, which goes to say that it’s time, once again, for the A to Z Challenge! Based on experience, joining has a lot of advantage, particularly, one can gain more followers just by participating. Again, I have signed up for the challenge and considering that I will be staying home the entire month of April, I really just might finish all letters on time. That’s enough motivation for me. Added bonus is I will get to practice my writing more, which is very important for writers like myself.

On a really more personal note, I see this as therapeutic for me as I go through this current phase in my life. I believe in healing oneself by learning to move on. It is not to forget, rather to cope.

That said, it is time to reveal my theme for this year — MYSELF. I don’t want to go far, or pretend to be an expert on specific topics, or be OC again and spend too much time doing research on whatever ideas I can think of. I’d like to share “ME”. For me as a writer, it’s important to share myself to my audience. They’re not going to be profound stuff (though I can’t promise none will be), but just tidbits of what makes me, Me. People in mylife, favorite things, stories, poetry, experiences maybe…I say maybe because I’m still in the process of writing down my ideas per letter. Maybe you’ll like my posts, maybe you’ll say, “Nah.” Hopefully, you’ll want to go back and stay as my new online buddies.

Thanks, guys, and keep on blogging!!!

Bye, Jamie

I wish I could say it’s okay. People will say it is, we can try again. Sure, it could be true. I know we’ll try again. But right now, I’d prefer not to hear it or read it. Please don’t say it, just don’t. Just do me this favor, alright?

It’s not really okay. A life cannot be replaced; it’s just we learn to move on. Not because it most probably can be done again, it would be okay to forget. I won’t, not me. In fact, I gave him or her a name, regardless of what the sex would have been: JAMIE GABRIELLE VINCI. To those who recognize the name, yes, after one of my characters.

Do not worry much about me. I am okay physically, just recovering. One thing about me is I have a high tolerance for pain. Yes, it was very much uncomfortable when I was going through it, but it was a pain that I could still take.

Right now, I am able to smile, laugh, even visit Facebook. Inside, I am normal like you, which means I am aching somewhere. In time, it will heal, of course, but definitely, I will not forget my Jamie. I am keeping his/her first and only pictures.

Thank you to all who have prayed for me, for us.

Up for a Challenge?


It’s that time of the year again

It’s that time of the year again. That’s right. April is so near, so if you’re a writer or a blogger, it’s time to put on your thinking cap once more and write, write, write, for the A-to-Z Challenge is so back!

In case you have not come across this until now, “…the A to Z Challenge is posting every day in April except Sundays …On April 1, blog about something that begins with the letter ‘A.’ April 2 is ‘B,’ April 3 is ‘C,’ and so on. You can use a theme for the month or go random – just as long as it matches the letter of the alphabet for the day.”

Wait, there’s more! You get to meet other bloggers and gain new followers, too. I know I did. To know more, just click on this link right HERE. Then sign up yourself, if you’re up to the challenge. Do make sure that you do it properly and get signed up successfully. I only just got listed today because when I first did that, I think that was more than a week ago, I was led somewhere else. Good thing I checked today.


The A-to-Z 2015 Schedule

Writing for the whole month could really be a challenge. I know because I struggled last year. If you have lots of time in your hands and enough creativity or zeal, there probably won’t be any struggle at all. My problem was lack of time and a tendency to be OC. I did try to finish even way past April. The funny thing was I was not able to finish — funny because all that’s left was the letter ‘Z,’ LOL!!!! And that’s because I couldn’t think of any other good way to end except with “Zombie.” More LOL-ing!!! Very predictable, unoriginal, if not redundant on my part.

Currently, I am not sure how I will fare this year, considering my situation. But the key point here is to try and have time to write. So come on, let’s try!!! (Do check out the calendar at right for your guidance).


Give to Where Credit is Due


My comment they most probably won’t approve

I just posted this comment on a page where MY writeup How To Improve Site Performance? Audit, For Business’ Sake! can be found:

Excuse me. I wrote this through MyBlogGuest. Kindly put my name back or delete the post entirely…Thank you.

Why? ‘Cause I just got fed up waiting for them to put my name back as author. It’s bad enough that they didn’t put my name back, but somebody else’s name and mug is there. I sent them a message already ages ago, to no avail. Just because Google messed up and they probably got hit by Google, it doesn’t change the fact that I wrote it.

Talk about taking credit for other people’s work! It would have been acceptable if it was some ghost-writing job that I or our company got paid for, but it was a guest-blogging thing that did not involve money, only a chance for exposure, that of the writer and that of the publisher. It’s supposed to be a mutually beneficial thing.

Let’s see what they’ll do next. IF they do what I’ve asked them to do, I will take down this post. If not, sorry, tough luck. Maybe I’ll do something else and then we’ll also see what’s going to happen.


Circumstance Is A Weak Choice

J.Gi Federizo:

“That’s life” is one alibi that I hate hearing the most in times when I know that can’t be just it. I know that it can be a very realistic insight that I, myself, even accept once in a while. But many times, I notice that people say that just because they are taking the defeatist’s way out. They don’t want to make an effort anymore and use this excuse…

This is a good piece that I read and thought of reblogging. I have never forgotten about reblogging this, and now that I have re-read it, the more I see the importance of the message in my life these days. Hope you guys read it, too. Justine is a really good writer, methinks.

Originally posted on livenowandzen:

Scenic view or septic tank? Your choice. Scenic view or septic tank? Your choice.

“I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Here is my blanket statement of the day. There are two kinds of people in this world…people who embrace choice and people who don’t. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this differentiation. I know many people who live their lives through the filter of circumstance. Things happen to them. They are firmly locked into the victim mindset, unable to let go of what is now in the past. Life has been unfair to them, and life has made them unhappy. But life is unfair to everyone in one way or another, and this is where choice comes in. When something unwelcome happens to you, you unexpectedly lose your job or your child or your home, for example, that is circumstance. How you deal with circumstance is choice…

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That Explains a Lot

So I’ve been on the warpath lately, shouting back at rude drivers, somehow daring line-cutters for a confrontation,  and giving a condescending, self-righteous fellow-customer who did not mind his own business a kind of talking to. I also kind of almost threw a fit when I ordered food for lunch and was delivered the wrong dish (good thing I only found out during lunch so I had time to compose myself and tell them of the mistake two days after). Basically, I am a walking time-bomb these days, in a sense, worsened by all the things I’ve been feeling physically for quite a while now. I’m not the sickly type, I have never been hospitalized save from when I was born, and the worst sick I ever got was when I got the measles…at 20.

So needless to say, this has been bothering me. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I suspected a more logical explanation, which I wasn’t sure I was ready for, a suspicion that everybody around me was quick to voice out with some excitement thrown in. What really bothered me more was the thought that what if we were all wrong?

I need not explain why I had to wait till this Saturday to find out, but I have to say that the result of my test actually made me smile, even if I still feel I may not be ready for it. It’s part of the plan, part of the territory as a married person, so I must be ready, whether I like it or not. I’m too old not to be ready. My now-husband had been waiting for it. So he was there with me when we waited for those two lines and, voila! It didn’t even take a minute to give us enough suspense :)

I was not able to talk to my intended OB last Saturday, but will schedule an appointment soon. Meanwhile, I’m getting an appointment with another near my work so that I can absolutely be certain how “positive” things really are. Hopefully, it’s not a false-positive ’cause not only would that be a disappointment, but that should worry me of my physical condition again.


Just got this from the net, but this is exactly the brand I bought

So, just want to say that I would like to apologize to anyone I’ve been mad at these past weeks and….Okay, I’m not really sorry about those drivers, line-cutters and that self-righteous customer. What I’m saying, though, is I’ll try not to lose my cool again. Not only is it not a good thing, it also won’t be good for the little one. Kindly be patient with me as well because these mood swings also come with the territory and I may not be able to control them at times. Sorry in advance. Just please pray for us because we may not be going through it smoothly.

HAPPY HEARTS’ MONTH AGAIN!!! This has been an extra special month for us, indeed.


UPDATE (02/25/15): Went to a doc this afternoon and was told that if the PT said it’s positive, it’s positive — we’re pregnant. I mentioned about false-positives but she was rather sure it isn’t so, perhaps after hearing the physical hardships I’ve been going through. As for how many weeks it’s been, we can’t tell yet. Sadly, she said my card doesn’t cover the tests, and I do say it in plural because it’s not just going to be an ultrasound that I will need. She ticked down various tests I will need since this is the first time I’ve ever been pregnant. Therefore, I might have to postpone the tests a bit until maybe next week when we’ll have the moolah for those tests. That’s okay, though, because what I really just wanted was a confirmation.

People at work have said that the card does cover tests, so I’ll have to inquire from the card providers themselves to be sure. Will do that lunch-break tomorrow. Hopefully, they can at least cover some of those tests. Why, I even need to take the blood-type test. I said that back in high school, I was found to be Blood Type O, but back then, they still didn’t include the “+” or “-” for that (from what I know, there were only A/B +/-). She said they probably just didn’t test well, but I wanted to say, well, doc, maybe you were still just a baby so you didn’t know they didn’t include that back then (she seems kind of young). Oh, and she also prescribed three tablets I should take once a day — yuck. I’m not really a fan of taking meds, but since it’s needed, will have to follow…

Wow…this really changes everything in my life now. EVERYTHING.


J.Gi Federizo:

And because I have no time to post something new and I am about to start my work, I am reblogging this shortie. Hope you like it, mushiness and all.

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love does not discriminate When it’s there, you’ll just know…

He catches my eye in an instant.

From far across the room, he watches me with a steady gaze, nervous but steady. And I catch my breath. I can feel butterflies doing flip-flops in my stomach. Who would have thought that butterflies could flip-flop?

Still catching my breath as I return his gaze. My, he has come here today looking his best. He has all my attention, that most handsome man in the room. Somehow, I am nervous, but it is a somewhat warm, tingly, funny, nervous sensation running through my every nerve. Weird.

I enter the room ever-so-slowly, my legs trembling like jello with every step.Take it easy,I remind myself, he isn’t going anywhere.He doesn’t seem to at all, not when he smiles at me with that familiar happy and knowing smile.

It is the smile of the friend who…

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Love Love Love!

It’s the Love Month. And in keeping with our theme this month, let me share to you a few local love songs that I have found myself always singing over the years. Filipinos are really a sentimental lot. It is sad that the music industry has somewhat been suffering because they mostly record either just revivals now or just record their own versions of foreign ones.

That said, I would like to share our own brand of music, which may or may not be to your liking but please do check them out first. I have compiled songs here. Some are in English and some are in the local dialect, but don’t worry, translations are available. Do bear with some transcriptions. Meanwhile, you can sing along especially with the English ones.

I shared what only came to mind. Was just surprised that they’re all by bands save for the first one. Anyway, like I always say, ENJOY!

Everyday by Agot Isidro


Forevermore by SIDE A. This song is popular again because of a popular ongoing TV soap titled the same.


Alipin (“Slave”) by Shamrock


214 by Rivermaya


Huling El Bimbo (“Last El Bimbo”) by Eraserheads. Sad song, this one. Long extro instrumental, too. If you want, you can stop after the second set of “lala-lala-lala…” I like the whole of it, though. By the way, the actual name mentioned is Paraluman, not Paraluma, and refers to an actress of many yesteryears. “Paraluman” actually means “muse.”


Harana (“Serenade”) by Parokya ni Edgar, something to counter that last one. I really like this novelty band but surprisingly, they made this sweet song that has become my most fave from them. The vid is just them being their normal silly selves.


Farewell to the Girl with the Smiley Heart

J.Gi Federizo:

It’s only been almost two years, but my love for this Smiley Girl never diminishes. Her family and friends, me included, miss her so much. But I smile still for the lovely memories. Thank you, Betchico, for those memories that we’ll keep forever in our hearts.

Originally posted on The End Justifies the Journey:

“Hi, my dearest friend. Will undergo my 3rd open heart surgery tomorrow 7 am here, 8 pm there on Tuesday feb 5. Please pray for me, para maka-bakasyon pa ako d’yan at makapag-starbucks tayo.” (Please pray for me, so that I can still go on a vacation there and we can meet up at Starbucks“Love you and miss you my dear!”

My friend Betchico One of my dearest, best friends, Beth Garachico-Shockey, who lived a colorful, somewhat tumultuous, but fulfilling life. Image Copyright © Jerry Shockey

That was her last message for me. She is coming home for good, but we’ll never meet up at Starbucks and I’ll never have the chance to see her ever again. She with the beauty queen looks and wonderful smile. It was a shock the other day to find out that one of my best friends, Beth, has finally left us, never to…

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