Messed Up & Muay Thai #NaNoPoblano2020PLUS #My2020

As I type this, I am looking at and thinking of a hundred things. Literally. The house is a mess! And it’s practically all because of me.

We have washed lots of stuff. Not a few of them, I have not put back where they should be. They have holes and torn parts that need fixing. But since I work 5 days a week and am cleaning and fixing other things in-between, I have seriously lagged in the sewing department. Remember, I told you about my new “hobby”? It isn’t one right now.

I will make sure I sew them all before Christmas. At least, the ones that need to be repaired by Christmas.

Christmas! All this extra pressure just because I want everything done before Christmas. We’re supposed to have put up the tree by now. But I wanted to think of a new theme. Then I decided to clean up things and rid of many others before putting up the tree. I need to fix other things and put them in place first…Ugh. For a slightly OC person, I am a messy one. What my husband has to put up with!

I’m done with my gift-shopping, though. Yey! There are only a few on the list considering the pandemic. All kids. (Oops! None for the husband yet. Yikes!)


The Amateur Trainee

Do you want to know a secret? I have started teaching our youngest how to kickbox. I thought it’s time to teach him the Muay Thai moves I know. I want him to learn self-defense and discipline. I always emphasize to him that the Martial Arts are for self-defense, not fighting.

I’m not a professional, but I did learn the basic moves. He can keep practicing them until he’s good. I will also find a good teacher on YouTube. I used to watch one or two channels years ago.

I think Muay Thai can help him grow stronger. He’s very energetic and yet, he’s a skinny, underweight kid. He eats like a bird most of the time. His appetite has improved these last months, actually. And since we’re doing this, I told him he better start eating healthier, too. Eat more, especially veggies.

That’s NOT THE SECRET, however.

I told him that my gift for him is the free training and he agreed because he wants to learn. Truthfully, he’s not the type who usually asks for gifts even when he wants to. To encourage the boy about the training, I promised I would let him use my gloves. He loves my boxing gloves. He has tried it on several times before.

So, the secret? I already found the perfect gift for him — his own boxing gloves and hand wraps!

Those two items must always come together. The hand wraps help protect the wrists and hands from injury during training. I’m honestly not sold about the quality of the boxing gloves, but theirs were the only brand and design available where I bought them. I decided to buy them anyway as he’s just a beginner. I won’t make him throw hard punches yet. They’re regular training gloves like mine, by the way. Not the ones specific for Muay Thai.

For general Muay Thai training involving bagwork and padwork, you can use either Muay Thai or pure boxing gloves. There are subtle differences in the aerodynamics construct but won’t affect the casual fighter/martial arts student.

        (Muay Thai Citizen)

They were selling the fingerless gloves that are popular in the MMA. I ignored those, which are not recommended for beginners. Those are meant for more experienced trainees who can give much harder punches without hurting their own knuckles and wrists.

I also bought a punching mitt and a kick pad. They’re not for his use alone. so they’re not included as gifts. I bought those to encourage me to go back to the art of kickboxing as well. I’m one of many people who have grown bigger than their own good during the pandemic.

Everlast is a brand trusted by professionals. That’s why I chose their punching mitt. I have only one piece for now.

The trainer’s POV wearing a punch mitt




This was the only brand of kickpad they had then

Our boy is currently into learning the Martial Art. I hope he stays interested. Meanwhile, I am interested in finishing my tasks and projects at home. They’re not going to finish themselves so, bye for now!



QUICK NOTE: I was not able to stick to my NaNoPoblano2020 challenge last month. So I have decided to finish it this month. Since it’s past November, let me just call it #NaNoPoblano2020PLUS!

Thanking My Ate #NaNoPoblano2020 #My2020

Happy Thanksgiving! This is for anyone who celebrates the special occasion. How are you celebrating it, guys?

Like in many other countries, the Philippines does not celebrate it. That’s despite America’s history with and influence on us. It’s their own history after all. However, it’s always good to give thanks to those who help, love, care for, and inspire us.

Today, I want to share something. This was a birthday greeting to my ate (big sister) on September 20, 2019. I feel that sharing it here is another chance to express my gratitude. Until the day I posted it, I never really told people how much I appreciated my sister…

My big sister Janeth a.k.a. Jeng to many, but simply Ate to me

As most siblings stories go, ours was typical at the start. We were far from the best of friends. We often fought like other siblings often do — Little Sis keeps following like a puppy, Big Sis gets annoyed and tries to ditch her. And yet, we had the most in common in the family. I guess that’s mainly because she influenced me the most.

Me and My Ate. We didn’t always get along when we were young, but we did have our moments

From her, I learned to appreciate books. Because of her, I developed a genuine and deeper love for music and art. And thanks to her belief in me, I learned to believe in myself and write…I have never thanked her for her contributions in my life, so I am taking this opportunity: THANK YOU, ATE.

You know I love you no matter what. I know you love me, too, in your own way. Even when I say “I love you” and make you feel awkward. **Kahit tinatarayan mo ako (kabog naman kasi ako sa iyo,,he he). Please, let us never forget our promise: NO FIGHTING!


**Even when you lose your temper at me (I’m really no match to you when it comes to temper, ha ha).”

To be very, very honest, I posted that because I felt the end could be any month, any day, or even any time soon. I didn’t want her to go without knowing how much she really meant to me.

Our parents left and I was never sure that they knew how much they meant to me. They probably felt it, but sometimes, people need to hear “I love you” to be reassured. My father was already different for the longest time that even if I said it just now, he’d forget a few minutes later. My mother, when she was bed-ridden, that was when I kept telling it to her and showed it with hugs and kisses. But most of those times, or maybe even the whole time, she was not anymore in a proper state of mind…

Mr. and Mrs. Federizo

So you can understand my intention about the post, right?

It has always been said that you should say “I love you” while your loved ones are still in this world. Do not wait until it’s too late. That is why I often tell people how much I love or appreciate them. I had been telling my sister and she would, at first, laugh awkwardly at times. She’d kind of say, “Alright already”, a bit in a dismissive way. But I knew she loved me even so. It took a while before she felt comfortable saying it back.

The last months had me so worried. She wasn’t in great shape. Far from it. I was so worried she’d contract the virus. That could be hell for her, dealing with her illnesses, not being in her proper mind all the time, then being left alone in the care of people she didn’t know. I kept hoping that if it came to that, her caregivers would understand her and be kind to her. I salute our medical frontliners. But let’s face it. Not everyone can be so kind and patient.

To be even more honest, while her passing away was still a surprise and, yes, I cried, I was also relieved. She was no longer in pain and God spared her from the worst possible scenario. Most important, she literally went away happy and smiling. She got her wishes.

I don’t know how to end this post. Just maybe with this:

Let us LOVE, always. Show it. Tell it. Feel it.

Say I Love You. Then thank them for being a part of you.

A Furry Christmas #NaNoPoblano2020 #My2020

We got an early Christmas surprise. It came in the form of a cute fur baby.

Two weeks ago, my cousin passed by our house carrying a kitten. My husband saw this and asked about it. He was told that they only found it. Here, it usually means that a puppy (not usual) or a kitten (very often) has either been abandoned by the mother or thrown away by the supposed owner. That is sadly the reality. I assume it was found inside their lot, which is beside ours. And I assume my cousin was about to give it away to anyone interested.

Now, I had been asking my husband to find me a kitten. I miss having a cat around. If you don’t know it, having a pet cat can be very therapeutic to anyone, no matter his/her emotional, mental, or physical state. It’s also practical if you don’t want mice or rats around…Anyway, in other words, I woke up to find a newly adopted kitty being transferred into my arms.

Here she is. “It” is now a “she” carrying a name.

Meet Jemima “Mimay” Enriquez.

Jemima MIMAY Enriquez

I named her Jemima, after my favorite CATS The Musical kitten. Not the same hair color, but I’m not complaining. I’ve been waiting too long to name a cat “Jemima”. Meanwhile, “Mimay” is a nick and term of endearment. Very Pinoy-sounding. Plus, it serves as a tribute to my last cat, which my stepsons met and love, Mumay.


First time we met. I have flexible lips that can cover my nose, ha ha haaaa!!! Didn’t want to inhale fur

She feels like she’s the Queen, ergo, she can climb anywhere and on anyone!


Kitty Angel for a minute or so. When she’s not scratching, biting and being mischievous, or meowing real loud for food

She was so tiny. She still is, but she’s definitely growing


Getting into scrapes but demanding assistance

Sleeping with her favorite toy, Mimsy

I’m not good at gauging age but I think she was more than a week old when she came here. It’s now been two weeks and she’s growing bigger, stronger, and even naughtier, as cats are expected to be. I look forward to loving this baby, hopefully, for a very long time.









**Note: Videos soon**

How I Spend My 2020 #NaNoPoblano2020 #My2020

How “random” are you? I believe that my interests can be so random at times that I lose focus. I’m so random that I only thought of my Nano Poblano 2020 theme an hour ago! Basing on my first post, I realized what I would like to finally talk about: #My2020.

How I Spend My 2020

We are in a pandemic. No non-believer can convince me otherwise. It is during this period that people have started focusing on other things or hobbies to do in their lives, including me. And because you asked for it (I’m psychic), I am listing those things down. In random order, naturally 😉

1. Sewing. To be more specific, fixing holes and replacing buttons, etc. Nothing too complicated for me like making a dress.

Sew, sew, sew your clothes…My view from where I usually sit

It’s really something that I occasionally did pre-pandemic. But because I am almost at home 24/7, I figured I’d get more done now. I do. You wouldn’t see them on my vlogs but I stack various pieces of clothing that need fixing beside me. I often do them when I feel sleepy. You can say it’s one of my wake-uppers. I squeeze them in whenever the Internet connection is slow. It does not impede my work. In fact, it makes me more alert.

I honestly have not been doing that much sewing lately, though. I have fixed most of the important pieces anyway. Also, like I said, I am “random”. My attention is divided and directed elsewhere.

2. Vlogging. As mentioned, I vlog. Well, more like I record videos. In a year, I only post a few on Youtube, though that is never the intention. I’d post more if I could. It’s the editing that takes time and effort.

At the start of the pandemic, I was so stressed out by my work. There was not enough time nor energy to edit during free time. In later months, my workload lessened along with a bit of the stress. I was able to do more recording. I posted one video, I think. Then came the time the kids needed to start their education again. Except, for now, they have to stay at home (the teen does not stay with us, though). My days have become more hectic once again. Teaching just one kid this pandemic can already be very stressful. Of course, I make sure to do my work. But in-between, I need to be teacher-mom.

I did decide that those unpublished clips were not going to post themselves. So I’m back vlogging,

In addition, I am letting the tweener participate in some of them. I want him to be more well-rounded and skilled. Now, before anyone accuses me of child labor/exploitation or whatever, I don’t earn anything from YouTube. In fact, I have no plans of earning from them anytime soon. That is why I am not breaking my back over content creation. Come on, I have only posted — what — 13 vlogs? No one’s gonna pay me for those. It’s just something that I like doing. In life, you have to find something that makes you happy.

3. Watching TV/movies/videos. Anyone who’s followed me long enough knows how I love watching movies and series via Netflix. When school hadn’t started yet, the tweener and I would binge-watch.

I made sure I let him watch TV series that I had already seen. For instance,, in the Arrowverse, I let him watch Supergirl and the Flash. But I said no to Arrow. It had more sexy/love scenes than I could count. I just told him the show’s story as it’s important to explain the crossovers better. He’s seen the first season of Legends of Tomorrow because a TV network showed the dubbed version. They took care of the censorship for me (and the translation).

Image from Mashable India

I do not want any inappropriate (to kids) scenes to surprise us. I’ve let him see the last season of Game of Thrones (not on Netflix, though). He was very intrigued by it because I kept watching the episode where winter finally came, so to speak. Fortunately, that season hardly showed naked people supposedly doing the deed. I knew where to skip anyway. I just gave him a background or recap of the show’s previous seasons.

As for movies, I’d check them out first before letting him see them. If I hadn’t seen a movie, I made sure to be around, just in case. If I had to do something for a couple of minutes, we’d pause them till I was back. We’re now binging on a local show on YouTube. That one, I need not worry about.

Meanwhile, I watch YouTube channels. I watch those that I already follow, and then some that interest me. My main interest these days has to do with mental health. DID in particular.

4. Cooking. My husband is the chef of the house. But lately, I have found myself learning how to cook. He leaves for a few days to work, therefore, only one kid and I are left. It is more economical not to buy cooked food or cold cuts to fry all the time. I decided there is no better time to learn to cook than today.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a total noob when it comes to cooking. I have had classes where we cooked in grade school and high school. In college, I took up Nutrition classes where we cooked stuff. Once in a while, I would try out at home simple recipes that I found (onion soup, buttered veggies, churros…). But I was never really a cook. Classes required group effort and I often tried very hard not to be assigned as cook. I did create a few tofu/tokwa recipes some time ago. But it was only the hubby and me who tried them. I liked them; he didn’t. No one who saw my recipes ever returned to me to say “I love them!” ***cry***

I just realized I have these. Time to put them to good use…

So, yes, the hubby being away for a longer period presented problems to me. I decided to finally do my own cooking. I cut meat, cleaned fish all by myself (some took a lot of work), and found recipes online. Then I cooked my butt off, modifying recipes here and there. And guess what? I nailed my cooking! The kid loved my dishes! I surprised myself.

I have done…

Adobo:  manok (chicken), Tilapia, Tulingan, (mackerel tuna)baboy (pig)

Ginataan: manok, Tilapia, Tulingan

Chicken Tinola or Tinolang Manok

Paksiw na Bangus (Milkfish)

He also loves it when I whip up my special fried rice, which is not entirely original.

Next up: afritada, sinigang, pasta, and veggie dishes!!!


Those are what make my pandemic life still less horrible.  It is nice to bond with family and learn more skills along the way. I get to be a mom, a teacher, a vlogger, a chef. This pandemic is not showing any signs of finally ending anytime soon. Might as well try to get back to writing, read more books, and perfect my tokwa recipes.

I’m spending the rest of my 2020 wisely. How about you? How are you spending your 2020?

Hey, World, Guess We Hate 2020 #NanoPoblano2020 #My2020

Yes. It’s me. One year after.

My lone post back in February aside, the last time I posted was in November….LAST YEAR.  So, yes, I missed greeting you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, even a Happy Valentine’s, and all those other greetings. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. But I’m back. Hopefully, for much longer. I know I always say that, but please know that I do mean it every time.

I was supposed to start posting last November 1, but November did not start right. A super typhoon hit the country hard. Then it was followed by several more typhoons. The last one just left a few days ago. They left parts of the country in shambles, so to speak. These are sad, sad days for the Philippines. Correction: It’s been a sad, sad year for us and most parts of the world. It was not only November that did not start right but Year 2020.

In all honesty, I wasn’t doing well long before 2020. There were personal struggles, most of which, I kept to myself. I’m used to dealing with personal struggles so I am able to handle things most times. Still, self-doubt is always something that can eat away your courage. 

Things got worse. My sister struggled with health problems for years. Every year, she’d be hospitalized. Last year, it started again around October. The worse part was she had to start going through dialysis. My brother-in-law and I kept consulting people and trying to decide the best thing to do. It seemed there was no other way but to start dialysis. And this naturally became another worry for me. It is really a longer story, but I don’t know if there is a need to say everything.

At the airport back in January 2015, the day after my wedding. My Ate was about to go back to Surigao. She went home to Laguna to see me get married. Her presence was very much needed — our parents had passed almost three years prior. She was my only family then. I wanted her here. Looking back now, I realize that was the last time that we were happy together. Her health got worse in the following months.

The good news is I was able to visit her in Surigao last February (went back home a few days after, which was already in March). The bad news is…she left us in May. She left me to join my parents. My family left ME. I am now orphaned by my whole family…So, I’m sorry, 2020, if I don’t like you. 

Alright. Year 2020 hasn’t been all bad. I did not lose my job, for one. I get to work from home, spend time with my new family, and be a teacher-mom. It’s actually hard work, believe me.

Well, I guess I should live through 2020 and the next year doing what I always do: I’ll wing it. As for you, I won’t ask how you’ve been (unless you want to volunteer information). I am pretty sure it hasn’t been that good to you either. I am also pretty sure you’ll do what I do.

Let’s wing it!

Are Vampires Real? #FreakyFriday #NanoPoblano2019

Generally, we believe that they are bat-turning man-beasts. Most times, we think they are enigmatic, sensual and sexual beings, hopefully handsome, long-haired blondes willing to be interviewed. Lately, they have been portrayed as really-old emo dudes trapped in young glow-in-the-light bodies. And then there are really scary-looking ones you wouldn’t want to be trapped with in a place where the sun does not rise for 24 days…

By now, you can tell we mean vampires. (Duh. The title?) We talk of vampires, how we know them from books and especially movies. Quite expected, really, as when the discussions go towards the are-they-real route, many—or the experts, at least—will always point out to these as the possible causes of people’s belief in vampires.

The Impaler

dracula, vlad the impaler, translyvania, vampires, vlad, vlad tepes, vlad Dracula, wallachia, real vampire

“This portrait of Vlad III, painted in the early 16th century, hangs in the museum at Castle Ambras in Innsbruck, Austria.” (

It is said that vampires originated from the Romanian Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia. Historically, he is a revered Romanian folk hero. But he also earned the nickname Tepes (meaning ‘impaler’) for his reputation of cruelly impaling his/their enemies. Dracula was actually his last name, a name now perceived as almost synonymous to ‘vampire’.

It is believed that author Bram Stoker read and studied about Vlad the Impaler. He later created a character ‘inspired’ by (though loosely based on) the prince in his book titled Dracula. This book was so convincing and popular at the time, it gave birth to a whole new era of films capitalizing on horror and vampires. It started with its unauthorized German film adaptation, NOSFERATU. Later on, actor Bela Lugosi would do the biggest role of his life, playing the title role in the DRACULA film. His performance would soon define the way people saw vampires in the decades to come.

Do They (Still) Exist?

Historical accounts aside, belief in vampires has long been a part of many cultures and folklore, called by many other names. The physical features sometimes differ. For instance, unlike bat-turners, some may grow wings while retaining human form).

In the modern world, however, new kinds of vampires have become quite visible. They come in the form of vampire-lovers who either believe they are vampires or would like to live as such. Some go to such extent as to change their whole body features to look like the real deal. It’s the vampire lifestyle or vampire subculture. It’s pretend.

What is not pretend is a real psychiatric condition called Renfield’s Syndrome. It is also called by another term: “Clinical Vampirism”, a mortal’s obsession with drinking real blood. Needless to say, it is very reasonable to try and have this condition or disorder treated, for everyone’s sake.


So are vampires real? Are they really supernatural? Until we actually encounter one, this mystery will remain an enigma. The question is, would you really want to meet one? If you happen to meet one, please let us know.


For two or three consecutive years (except last year, I think), I tried to make #FreakyFriday posts every November. Guess it’s not too late to do that this year, too.

How about a little story I made? OBSESSION

Found this good read just now: The Bloody Truth About Vampires

Why Visualize Data #THURSDAYTIPS #NanoPoblano2019

What is Data Visualization? It is the visual presentation of data to inform your target audience.

These data are meant to complement the relevant information you share. They serve as proof or factual evidence to support any claims you have and to help people understand the value of the data being presented.

Image from

The Evolution of Visual Presentations

In the old days, these visualization tools were simple graphs, charts, tables, timelines, and maps. They were materials you could physically touch. Over time, with the arrival of better technology, we learned to make more effective presentations. They were created using computer graphics and online spreadsheets.

In the Internet age, however, visualization tools have become much more sophisticated and interactive. Various software, widgets, Application Program Interface (API), and other programs are used to make them instead.

Today’s data visualization tools include the usual but more detailed charts (bar charts, pie charts), infographics, geographic online maps, and sparklines, which are small designs for numerical and statistical information. Heatmaps are included, too, as they are snapshots that indicate two things: what catches your website visitors’ attention, and where they stay the longest in your site.

The Advantage of Newer Technology

A visualization software helps give people a better idea of your data by showing the relationships between items and the patterns and trends. They can be more detailed, able to show information that would otherwise be missed. Unnoticed details could cause unexpected problems or misinterpretations.

Meanwhile, visuals attract more attention. They help the audience to understand data. People normally get bored with dull and cold presentations. With today’s technology, we are able to maximize a material’s potential while we improve how people interpret our data.

For instance:

With the Timeline JS widget, you can show stunning, interactive timelines to impress people. But it’s not just to impress, rather, to emphasize the significance of the presented data. The timelines can have slideshow and embedabble capabilities.

ZingChart is a feature-rich API and is very interactive. It allows animation to be used in its visuals. People are attracted to visuals and they love animation. ZingChart’s JavaScript library has hundreds of chart types to choose from, which also means hundreds of ways to let your audience digest information. 

TheTableau software updates information in real-time and is great for team collaboration. It allows you to create powerful, beautiful visuals and is very easy to use with its drag and drop ability.

Now MS Excel, Google Charts and Google Sheets maybe “old”, but they are still popular. In fact, they keep up with the modern times quite well—the better to stay competitive. Try out their library of data visualization tools and see that they are not at all behind when it comes to new technology.

The Importance of Data Visualization

The question is, why get these newer tools when you can use the old ones? The problem is, it is not really advisable, especially if information may be lost using the older technology.

You like to inform. You like to write. But how do you make sure your presentation sets you apart and shows you as an authority? Today, content is king. Part of that content are data that, as said earlier, should support any relevant information you share.


If you want to be seen as an authority in your field, show it. Make people know you are trustworthy, competent and knowledgeable. Use effective data visualization tools. Remember, though, that being resourceful is good, but it does not necessarily make you an authority. No matter how visually striking the look, if content is lacking, you will only be wasting both your and your audience’s time.



NOTE: This was written in 2018 (never published, at least, not without my consent) so the visualization tools mentioned may not be that updated. Technology changes fast.

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing any product, tool, or company. Any mention was just for information purposes.

JUNO The Film that Made Ellen Page? #NanoPoblano2019

***NOTE: I am back trying to complete my ten posts for November. It’s always funny in a not-so-ha-ha way that everytime I try to do writing challenges, something comes up to distract my mojo. I was doing well posting my first Nano Poblano posts daily. Then personal problems distracted me. I also suddenly have a new client (well, she was a client before) who has been giving me various writing assignments. So yeah, my brain is usually cooked by evening. I just want to binge on Netflix. Well, I do actually binge on it.

Anyway, this is a fine time to re-share a film review I did in the past. I’ve been wanting to for quite some time but I never found the right timing. Maybe this is it. I originally wanted to post for #MondayReviews but, well…

Here it is. I did some editing to make it more readable, though, and updated. By the way, ALL images and video belong to the producers, okay? And, oh, for more reviews, visit the CRITIC’S CORNER, please.




Ellen Page in the title role of JUNO

It all began with a chair. No, really, it did, and it’s what the lead said: “It all began with a chair.” Honestly, I felt that the intro was rather weak until I realized why the writer began with that. The chair would somehow set the stage for what was soon to be the center of the story.

I am, admittedly, partial to movies with the word “indie” attached to them. I first heard about the 2007 Fox Searchlight film JUNO through cable-channel surfing. When I heard people gush about the so-called indie film, I said to myself, “Heck, yeah, I gotta see this flick!” Belatedly, after more than two years, I finally chanced upon a copy at a video store and whaddya know? I got me my JUNO.

Meet Juno

First, the story.

The movie tells of a girl named Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page), who is equipped with sharp wit and an even sharper mouth. A die-hard rocker kinda girl with a love for slasher movies, she lived by her own rules (practically her own, anyway) sans the usual teen angsts and oh-I-hate-the-world attitude. 

Juno is mature for her own age. However, at sixteen, she is still prone to the wayward ways of the juvenile world. She makes the mistake of sleeping with her dorky male bestfriend Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera) one supposedly boring day. “Supposedly”, since she tells quirky cheerleader Leah (Olivia Thirlby), her female bestfriend, that she planned it. But the plan has resulted into something she did not expect. And she pays for it in a span of nine months. 


Suddenly, Juno is faced with going through the inevitable phase. And then there’s the adoption to think of. She wants to make sure that her baby’s future adoptive parents (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner) are the perfect ‘desperately seeking spawn’ couple she thinks they are. As one character puts it, “That ain’t no Etch-A-Sketch,” pertaining to Juno’s positive pregnancy test. “This is one doodle that can’t be un-did, Homeskillet.” She needs to make it right for her kid.

Juno worries that her child might grow up in a dysfunctional family such as hers. It is emotional baggage that the seemingly-uncaring Juno has carried around for years and is now being brought to the surface.

Interesting? Well, loads of people can’t be wrong. I know what endeared this movie to critics and public audience alike; it’s what endeared it to me.

Why Love JUNO?

It’s an adorable piece of unconventional, not-too-dramatic, creative storytelling. It tackles a very real issue with a humorous take. It is not to make light of the situation. Rather, it teaches about loving, forgiving and learning to let go.

The film deserves the praises, nominations, and awards it received. First-time screenwriter Diablo Cody spun a very good tale about a girl forced to deal with matters that even some adults fear facing. (Don’t ask why her name is Diablo; it’s an alias and is another story.)

The movie is a coming-of-age comedy except Juno had to mature faster than necessary, and she knew this. As she said in a scene, she was “just out dealing with things waaay beyond my maturity level.” Frankly, she dealt with the situation much more maturely than at least one of the adults.

Kudos to Cody for a wonderful script. She relayed the story in a manner that while she did not promote premarital sex and teenage pregnancy, she emphasized the value of family support during these dark times. She took a stand as well against abortion. Subtle, but a qualified stand.

What made this movie stand out more were the wickedly delicious dialogues mostly delivered by the wickedly brilliant Ellen Page. Language was often young and hip to emphasize the kind of girl Juno was. The adults had their own witty lines and comebacks as well, right at every turn. But it’s a good thing that Ellen played the lead role because she would have stolen the scenes from any other lead anyway. They were all good, but Ellen was just…well, again, wickedly brilliant!

JUNO made an instant Ellen Page fan out of me. [Ed. She’s the main reason I’m watching THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY.] So I  researched on her and found her interesting film biography. She has done roles others can only dream of. Ellen tends to play dark roles, but she has said she is open for other kinds of roles (e.g. Kitty Pryde a.k.a. Shadowkat in X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, Ariadne in INCEPTION).

For JUNO, Ellen received nominations and awards. She now carries with her name the “Academy Awards Nominee” tag. She has said that one advantage is she can now choose roles. Maybe it’s a joke, but I don’t think she even had that problem before at all, anyway. Real directors know talent when they see one.

JUNO gets FIVE STARS from me for being unconventional, smart, and even delicious to the eyes (I love the bright colors!!!). And, oh, spankin’ cute soundtrack as well, honest to blog!

Meanwhile, I am now looking for copies of her movies HARD CANDY, MOUTH TO MOUTH, SUPER, THE CURED, THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS, and AN AMERICAN CRIME [Ed. I posted a review of this. Just click]. Maybe I’ll try Netflix.

“THE WITCH’S BREW” #NanoPoblano2019

witch's cauldron

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The Witch’s Brew

Coffee and cream

mixed together,

make a wonder;

add sugar

along the way.

Which is which?

Which is real?

Can you segregate

by what, by how

you feel?

The witch

and her brew –




in this little cup

that’s you.

Copyright © J.Gi Federizo


Last week, I was in my element and was posting from Monday to Thursday. Came Friday when I sort of had a tight schedule and had to travel for hours going home. I thought I could post anything, but I was tired and had no proper Internet connection.

I did not have Internet connection throughout the weekend, too! Sure, there was mobile data. But when I blog, I am more comfortable with a laptop. I am more at ease with an actual keyboard than with touchscreen that freakin’ messes up my words most of the time.

Came Monday. Unfortunately for my blogging, I started with a new client. My main task? To write. That’s how it’s been till Thursday. I am usually too tired to blog. So okay, to go back to the challenge, I posted another poem written years ago. I chose it for the title since it’s still November. The meaning/reason behind the poem is nothing near supernatural, though.

Hope you liked it. Well, hope you liked all my newly-posted poems so far. There’s more where that came from. Check out my POETRY NOOK.

“TAUNTED” #NanoPoblano2019


I am forever taunted
by the promise
of a new day,
an elusive dream
waiting on the palm
of my hands.

I close my hands
only to find
what has always
been there —
a touch of empty air
that I, myself, molded.

The promise is my own doing.

The new day is my own dream.

Until such time, I forever hold nothing.

Copyright © J.Gi Federizo


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