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I REALLY do not know much what to say here, so guess what? You get to ask me questions! The rule is you ask me something you think I haven’t been asked yet, or anyone for that matter. Could be anything, just leave it in the reply box, but I do reserve the right not to answer certain questions that border on too personal, below-the-belt, or unwholesome (too adult-oriented, nasty, of an intolerant nature). ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and in relation, I shared more of myself by listing down the TOP TEN QUESTIONS PEOPLE ASK ME and I was even interviewed about having No Boyfriend Since Birth.

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  1. Hello GI!! I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I hope you know that I am always so grateful that you follow my blog!! I immediately thought of you. So here is the link: http://tobedamit.com/httpfr-gravatar-comtobedamit/awards/. Plz take note that your loyalty to my blog haven’t gone unnoticed! You were my first friend on here and I don’t know how you manage to do it but you always manage to make me feel that you keep an eye on what I post!! TY so much! You deserve every bit of that award!

    -Tobe Damit

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    • Thanks, Tobe! To be honest, I haven’t had that much time for blogging lately due to my current condition. I want to blog so much, but often, time, energy and resources do not permit me. So, sorry whenever I miss anything. But I always make sure to check on your blog time and again ๐Ÿ™‚ I still have several prior awards to attend to when I get enough time, but rest assured I won’t miss this one you gave. Thanks again, Tobe! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hmnn…I am totally not sure. What would be interesting to you aside from comics-related stuff? I’ve done a couple of movie reviews but I haven’t posted most of them yet. They used to be in my Multiply account which is now non-existent.


  2. Thank you for your blog and all the time and effort you put into it with sincerity and honesty. I checked out some of your posts and I’m so curious to see where our tastes cross path so I’m going to start with my favorite subject and risk a question here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My favorite movie directors that will always be in my top 5 are Fellini, Andrei Tarkovski, Andrei Zulawski and Francis Ford Coppola. I know that’s only 4 cuz apart of that it changes… I think Fellini and Tarkovski truly are in a league of their own, Are there any directors you reallythink are genius andhave a very special place of their own from your point of view??? Thanks..

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    • Sorry my reply took time. It’s ’cause I wanted to make sure of my answer(s). You know, I like movies, but when it comes to deciding which directors I really like, I don’t come up with a lot. I guess that’s either because I don’t get to watch a lot of the same directors’ films or their films do not speak to me. I do have my answer.

      First one is the late Filipino director Lino Brocka. Most of his great films were made when I was very little or probably even before I was born. He is what most directors here aspire to be. His films were often deep and socially relevant. I’m not just mentioning him to join the bandwagon and follow popular opinion, but having seen several of Brocka’s films made me realize why a lot in the film industry and film enthusiasts idolize him.

      I’ve also come to like Chinese Zhang Yimou and, to certain extent, Singaporean Jack Neo. Zhang Yimou knows how to explore his themes and having been a former cinematographer, he has a great cinematic eye. My most fave of works I’ve seen him do is “Not One Less”. Now Jack Neo, I can’t really place. He did well with “Homerun”, and “I Not Stupid” was okay, but Homerun was somehow a rip-off of an Iranian film except I like it better, and his other films I got to see were…I don’t know…

      Anyway, I guess, more than directors, these are/were filmmakers. Probably not of your kind of film genre, though.

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      • Wow!! Nothing pleases me more to hear about tuff I never even heard about!! For sure I am going ot check them out and watch some of those movies!!! TY for it’s always a pleasure to explore new avenues!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t worry about what is my kind of film genre; I always keep an open mind.

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        • Well, they are mostly not in English. but you’ll most probably find copies with subtitles (I just did a quick check now and there’s one by Brocka on YouTube). The subtitles helped me understand the two other filmmakers’ works, although there are some that Yimou has done for Hollywood so they are in English (ex. “House of Flying Daggers”).

          Oh, how could I forget mentioning Ishmael Bernal? He made one of the greatest Filipino films, “Himala”. And I found out just now that he was responsible for making me scared when I was a kid because he created the second of a three-parter film involving a refrigerator….

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          • How kool to hear about people I never got an upclose look!! I am deeply looking into possessions nowadays hence the book of burroughs is based upon his possession (and very much later exorcism) by the Ugly Spirit so I checked The Conjuring by James Wan and other stuff like this. But I definitely wanna check that movie about a refrigarator as there was one about one about a chair by a Japanese filmaker that I loved. It’s a short one in the collective ”I love Tokyo”. I donno hy but I thought also while you were talking about this rather cold movie (hahaha) of this movie called ”The Science of Sleep” which features the concepts of lucid dreaming, false awakenings and bizarre inventions like the one-second time machine. I think you would love this last one very much. It is a very good movie. I really like movie involving a different way of treating by the media itself.

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            • About the “refrigerator” film, it is the second part of the very first installment of the movie SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL. I say second because it is segmented in three, ergo, the title. This was produced in the 80s by Viva Films. The first part involves a love story and reincarnation; the third involves a manananggal (Filipino version of a vampire), which is my favorite of the three. The refrigerator thing involves a possessed, well, you know.

              When I was little, they would always show this film on TV during Holy Week (not sure if you have that but that’s the week before Easter Sunday) and, of course, being a kid, I got scared so easily. But for some reason, I always watched the movie. Every time, though, it took me days to get over the idea that our own refrigerator could get possessed, too, so I was often very careful whenever I opened the thing, LOL!!!! Now that I’m older, I’ve realized the lack of sophistication of the story, from the script to the limited camera effects. Still, I know that if ever I watch it again, I’m still gonna be wary of our own refrigerator, HA HA HAAAA!!!!

              In all honesty, I do not recommend that you watch the movie. It’s just going to be a waste of your time.

              Trivia: After more than a decade Viva Films’ rival Regal Films created the second SR&R film, then almost annually, they filmed another and another and another. Some segments are okay enough, but for me, they’re not worthy of spending money on movie tickets.

              BTW, thanks for your recommended films. Will be on the look out for those. Oh, and speaking of scary ones, if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend the original and Japanese version of “THE RING” called “RINGU”. The American version is no way near creepy as that. It’s an installment movie also, but “RINGU 1” was the first to hit international fame and only then did we get to watch the prequel “RINGU 0” then “RINGU 2”.

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  3. As a newbie who wants to “embark” on watching plays together with my husband, what are the first top 5 plays that you can recommend for us to watch? Gusto ko kasing madiscover ang mga plays kaso hindi ko alam kung ano’ng magandang unang panoorin.

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    • I can’t exactly say which shows you should first watch for the simple reason that that will depend on what shows are being staged at the particular moment you are to decide on it. That said, let me give you my Top 6, in random order. This is a mix of those I’ve seen live onstage and those I’ve seen on film. They are all musicals, though. Keep in mind, they are not necessarily all my faves. Some I do not even mention here.

      1. CATS. I am very partial to it as it is my most favorite. Not sure about your taste in music, and this tends to be operatic, but you’ll love the dance routines, at least–very feline in moves!

      TIP#1: Before you watch, on film or stage, research on the story first (will share in a separate post soon about it) and try to find an online libretto of the show, OR a copy (I think I found an online version some years back) of poet T.S. Eliot’s OLD POSSUM’S BOOK OF PRACTICAL CATS. Why? That’s where Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber based the story and got the lyrics. It’s old English and with all the accents, it’ll be hard for you to understand the songs. So read so you’ll understand what you’re watching later.

      TIP#2: Live performances allow a lot of interaction with the audience. Find aisle seats so the cats can approach you. I watched near enough the stage and sat at the end of a the row, beside the right aisle and man, a lot of cat encounters happened to me there! VERY NICE!!!

      2. JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT. It’s funny, hip in its own way, very appealing to the eyes, what with all the colors. Biblical as based on the story of Joseph, son of Jacob, son of Abraham. Biblical but PG13, me thinks. Not to be mistaken as the same musical as JOSEPH THE DREAMER.

      3. BABY THE MUSICAL. Perfect for newly weds ๐Ÿ™‚

      4. WICKED. For the fun, comedy, magic, fantasy, and best of all, the triumph of the real underdog. Elphaba all the way!!!

      5. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. The great set design alone is to drool over. A lot of operatic singing so if you’re not so into it, proceed with caution.

      6. EXTRA!!! THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE. REALLY fun as well! And there’s a kind of audience participation involved. Along with celebrity guests, they get four people from the audience to compete onstage during the supposed spelling bee. They are first briefed backstage on what to do and expect prior to the show. It would be nice to be one of those four!

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      • This is form the movie Suicide Club by Siono. It is one of my fav movie. This particular scene is almost unbearable to watch. The detective is asked this by his own younger kid… It makes me wanna cry each time. Here is the link to the sequence but it is very hard to understand without the whole context. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Yec54rxhk . It is kinda very creepy if not unbearable but the meaning goes very deep… It made me think oabout that precise seuqecnce for weeks and months afterwards I watched it… Just thought you should know… I hope I am not intruding…

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          • Yes and it’s benn there for ages so it won’t disappear any time soon and you can understand a lot just by watching this small portion of the movie or rather it raises a lot of interesting questions, hence the one this person asked you in small progressive steps… So kool and weird…with the kid coughing… Enjoy!

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  4. Hello Ms.Gi!

    Can you list all (or at least the ones that you still remember) cartoons/anime you’ve watched when you were a kid? Which of the listed is you’re most favorite? And why? ๐Ÿ˜€

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