Messed Up & Muay Thai #NaNoPoblano2020PLUS #My2020

As I type this, I am looking at and thinking of a hundred things. Literally. The house is a mess! And it’s practically all because of me.

We have washed lots of stuff. Not a few of them, I have not put back where they should be. They have holes and torn parts that need fixing. But since I work 5 days a week and am cleaning and fixing other things in-between, I have seriously lagged in the sewing department. Remember, I told you about my new “hobby”? It isn’t one right now.

I will make sure I sew them all before Christmas. At least, the ones that need to be repaired by Christmas.

Christmas! All this extra pressure just because I want everything done before Christmas. We’re supposed to have put up the tree by now. But I wanted to think of a new theme. Then I decided to clean up things and rid of many others before putting up the tree. I need to fix other things and put them in place first…Ugh. For a slightly OC person, I am a messy one. What my husband has to put up with!

I’m done with my gift-shopping, though. Yey! There are only a few on the list considering the pandemic. All kids. (Oops! None for the husband yet. Yikes!)


The Amateur Trainee

Do you want to know a secret? I have started teaching our youngest how to kickbox. I thought it’s time to teach him the Muay Thai moves I know. I want him to learn self-defense and discipline. I always emphasize to him that the Martial Arts are for self-defense, not fighting.

I’m not a professional, but I did learn the basic moves. He can keep practicing them until he’s good. I will also find a good teacher on YouTube. I used to watch one or two channels years ago.

I think Muay Thai can help him grow stronger. He’s very energetic and yet, he’s a skinny, underweight kid. He eats like a bird most of the time. His appetite has improved these last months, actually. And since we’re doing this, I told him he better start eating healthier, too. Eat more, especially veggies.

That’s NOT THE SECRET, however.

I told him that my gift for him is the free training and he agreed because he wants to learn. Truthfully, he’s not the type who usually asks for gifts even when he wants to. To encourage the boy about the training, I promised I would let him use my gloves. He loves my boxing gloves. He has tried it on several times before.

So, the secret? I already found the perfect gift for him — his own boxing gloves and hand wraps!

Those two items must always come together. The hand wraps help protect the wrists and hands from injury during training. I’m honestly not sold about the quality of the boxing gloves, but theirs were the only brand and design available where I bought them. I decided to buy them anyway as he’s just a beginner. I won’t make him throw hard punches yet. They’re regular training gloves like mine, by the way. Not the ones specific for Muay Thai.

For general Muay Thai training involving bagwork and padwork, you can use either Muay Thai or pure boxing gloves. There are subtle differences in the aerodynamics construct but won’t affect the casual fighter/martial arts student.

        (Muay Thai Citizen)

They were selling the fingerless gloves that are popular in the MMA. I ignored those, which are not recommended for beginners. Those are meant for more experienced trainees who can give much harder punches without hurting their own knuckles and wrists.

I also bought a punching mitt and a kick pad. They’re not for his use alone. so they’re not included as gifts. I bought those to encourage me to go back to the art of kickboxing as well. I’m one of many people who have grown bigger than their own good during the pandemic.

Everlast is a brand trusted by professionals. That’s why I chose their punching mitt. I have only one piece for now.

The trainer’s POV wearing a punch mitt




This was the only brand of kickpad they had then

Our boy is currently into learning the Martial Art. I hope he stays interested. Meanwhile, I am interested in finishing my tasks and projects at home. They’re not going to finish themselves so, bye for now!



QUICK NOTE: I was not able to stick to my NaNoPoblano2020 challenge last month. So I have decided to finish it this month. Since it’s past November, let me just call it #NaNoPoblano2020PLUS!