Please note that I only regularly check my email, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. I don’t often check my other social media accounts.


Facebook: J.GiOFFICIAL I didn’t create this with the delusion that I’m famous or will be. Mainly, I really just want to separate the more personal stuff, know what I mean?

YouTube: THE SANDBOX SHOW I finally succumbed to the temptation! I have no delusions about it either — I’m lucky enough that I have a few followers (I just hope they do watch me, ha ha haaa!!!). I just honestly want to share stuff. If in the future I can earn from it, why not? Besides, you need thousands of followers before they let you earn. I should make the channel more established. Then maybe I can change the setting.

BTW, I’ve just found out in recent months that there’s a cryptocurrency called “SANDBOX”. Please don’t make the mistake of assuming I’m riding on its popularity, ergo, the name of the channel. First, there are more popular cryptocurrencies to choose from. Second, I’ve been using “The Sandbox” (or “The Sandbox Prodxns”, to be more precise) since Year 2000.

Twitter:  @jgifederizo

Instagram (Mine):  @jgifederizo

Instagram (My Cat’s):  @mimayenri

TikTok: @jgifederizo1

Skype:  username – jenf_ess (Email me first, though, to set up a schedule. I am at work five days in a week, guys. I really just use this for work.)