A Furry Christmas #NaNoPoblano2020 #My2020

We got an early Christmas surprise. It came in the form of a cute fur baby.

Two weeks ago, my cousin passed by our house carrying a kitten. My husband saw this and asked about it. He was told that they only found it. Here, it usually means that a puppy (not usual) or a kitten (very often) has either been abandoned by the mother or thrown away by the supposed owner. That is sadly the reality. I assume it was found inside their lot, which is beside ours. And I assume my cousin was about to give it away to anyone interested.

Now, I had been asking my husband to find me a kitten. I miss having a cat around. If you don’t know it, having a pet cat can be very therapeutic to anyone, no matter his/her emotional, mental, or physical state. It’s also practical if you don’t want mice or rats around…Anyway, in other words, I woke up to find a newly adopted kitty being transferred into my arms.

Here she is. “It” is now a “she” carrying a name.

Meet Jemima “Mimay” Enriquez.

Jemima MIMAY Enriquez

I named her Jemima, after my favorite CATS The Musical kitten. Not the same hair color, but I’m not complaining. I’ve been waiting too long to name a cat “Jemima”. Meanwhile, “Mimay” is a nick and term of endearment. Very Pinoy-sounding. Plus, it serves as a tribute to my last cat, which my stepsons met and love, Mumay.


First time we met. I have flexible lips that can cover my nose, ha ha haaaa!!! Didn’t want to inhale fur

She feels like she’s the Queen, ergo, she can climb anywhere and on anyone!


Kitty Angel for a minute or so. When she’s not scratching, biting and being mischievous, or meowing real loud for food

She was so tiny. She still is, but she’s definitely growing


Getting into scrapes but demanding assistance

Sleeping with her favorite toy, Mimsy

I’m not good at gauging age but I think she was more than a week old when she came here. It’s now been two weeks and she’s growing bigger, stronger, and even naughtier, as cats are expected to be. I look forward to loving this baby, hopefully, for a very long time.









**Note: Videos soon**

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