Necessary Changes #MondayMemoirs

Some memories may not be that pretty, but they improve you, make you strong, and sometimes let you achieve your goals. Like this one (just click on it, a new tab will open that will redirect to my other blog — read it better, if you’d like):


I was told by some back then that they actually liked what I wrote and could they copy it? LOL!!!


Have you ever written a well-explained resignation letter? Can we get a peek?

By the way, DISCLAIMER: Just sharing, NOT implying anything! Do not read between the lines, there’s none, HA HA HAAAA!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Necessary Changes #MondayMemoirs

    • I find that I can speak my mind better when I write. And it’s for formality’s sake. Plus, it depends on who’s getting the letter — if it’s the head of an institution, there’s bound to be less time, if not none at all, to accommodate you in his busy schedule. I wasn’t expecting a counter-offer anyway.

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  1. That is actually a well-thought out and level-headed resignation letter. No hard feelings in it. No bad blood. I like it when you included the line by the Dr, “You should do it as early as now”. There is no such thing as the perfect time, and if we want to do something why not do it right now.

    I actually have never written a resignation letter before. All my life I have worked contracts and when they ended, I just had to up and go. But there was one time I hated one of these contract works: on my first day there, the bosses didn’t look at me, the staff seemed to show me things through in a rush and I didn’t even have a desk allocated to me. I decided not to turn up on the third or fourth day and never came back 😀


      • In the office, generally you don’t get along with everyone. In that particular job of mine, after ten minutes there, I felt like I wouldn’t get along with all of my colleagues. One of the bosses shook my hand and then promptly went back to talking on his phone.

        I was employed through an agency at the time. On the fourth day I called up the agency and said no, I’m not coming in. They tried profusely to change my mind, by saying everyone is there to help, it was a short two months contract, bla bla. I didn’t take up the offer and spent the next couple of months redesigning the theme of my blog which I still love today 😀

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        • Yes. Sometimes, I really just stay for the friends I’ve met. But if that’s how it goes in an office, it would be hard to work well. Work, regardless of whether one is part of a team or not, is still ultimately an individual thing, so we can say, “Why let that get to you?” But the working environment is always a factor in one’s productivity, whether we like it or not.


          • Agree with you. Work is an individual team, and the best workmates are the ones who value your individuality. You don’t want to go into work each day and feel like you can’t be yourself. It affects morale, productivity and gets to you.

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            • There was a job before where I tendered my resignation a month before I was to be regularized, following the rule that one has to let management know one month before actually leaving. I didn’t wait to be regularized to save us all from the hassle since I wanted to leave already anyway. I got along fine with my workmates, but wasn’t happy with how the management was running things, plus the physical environment wasn’t conducive for our kind of work at all.

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