NaNoPoblano 2022 (Ext.): Have I Forgotten?

#NaNoPoblano Day 8 (Please don’t make me explain) I have NOT forgotten. Just was not up to posting. I am now, though, so… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! How have your first eight days of the year been? Mine, well, other than the usual things going on, social media played a part in making my days more […]

If the Gender Suits You

It’s Pride Month again! I thought I should reblog this post. I wrote this in 2016 when I only knew that the whole Rainbow spectrum consisted of only 4 letters. So please, forgive me, this post doesn’t seem to include others in the LGBTQQIP2SAA community. I have to admit, I’m still trying to learn all those letters, but it doesn’t mean that this post isn’t for them as well…HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!

The End Justifies the Journey

colors-of-the-rainbow From

When I was a kid, I used to play with toy cars, robots and toy guns. But I loved dolls better. I still keep my toy jeepney, plastic robot and dolls up to now.

I liked action and Jackie Chan and adventure shows and movies. I did tend to imitate the more fun, energetic female characters, not the males and not the more boring, physically weak girly-girl ones (it was like preferring Velma over Daphne).

My favorite clothes were a sleeveless blue shirt with Superman on the front part (that intrigued me because the image was embossed), shorts (my pink shorts in particular), and dark-blue overalls with an image of ‘Voltes V’ nicely woven near the bottom hems (it was the artistry I admired). Meanwhile, I loved my dresses, too, especially when I had to dress up in white for an occasion and had to wear shiny…

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HAPPY 2022

You know it’s coming. Here we go…..

Happy new year vectors images graphic art designs files in editable .ai  .eps .svg format for free and easy download unlimit

Let us all wish for everyone A MORE PROSPEROUS, MORE PEACEFUL,


Please 2022, BE KIND. 

Now, as far as my writing/blogging is concerned, I love NaNoPoblano so much that I decided to extend it to January (LOL!!!!). Five more left so expect them 🙂

I do have a problem with the editor. WordPress doesn’t anymore allow the old “wp-admin” thing, which I’ve always preferred. I’m so irritated that because of that, I can’t seem to find a way to put the “NaNo Poblano 2021” page under the BLOG BANK / BLOG LINKS / CHALLENGE BOX menu. But okay, I’ll keep trying to find a way so it does not appear as a completely separate page.

So far, the first two days have not been good, to be honest. Oh, well, 363 more opportunities to be happier, right? 



I am sharing this beautiful song to you. It’s very relevant not just because of the pandemic. A lot of our countrymen just went through a calamity last December 16 and are going through a very tough time.

Turn on the captions to understand the lyrics and what the people are saying. (Of course, copyright belongs to the TV network, ABS-CBN.)


I said “no prob for NanoPob” the last time yet here I am, several days late. Nope, not about to give excuses. I’d rather concentrate on completing my promised output. Forgive me for I’ll post several times today to make up for lost days. Again, more page edits later. I’ve also visited only one blogger so far.  I’m late but it doesn’t mean I won’t do it. I like reading other people’s stuff.

So now, we’re at Day 5 of the #NaNoPoblano2021 challenge. Major Theme: “A Few of My Earliest Things”. Sub-theme: “10 of My Earliest Poems”.  This poem was my attempt at “explaining” what love notes are. I was fresh out of  high school and, honestly, not the type guys would send love notes to. But for some reason, I found writing about love the easiest thing to do when it came to poetry. I guess I still do that’s why I hardly write them anymore. I value more substace now in my writing as an adult. A little trivia: I had crushes and infatuations before, but again, to be honest, it would take me more than half of my lifetime before I ever fell in love, for real.

That said, for more samples of my more adult poetry (hey, it’s not what it sounds like!), you can find them at the POETRY NOOK.

Sick and Tired (For Real)

More than two weeks ago, I was preparing to share a new post. I was excited. The topic was near my heart and very timely, too!

Then the weekend happened and I had to take care of things at home. I was already sneezing like crazy. Sunday night came and — uh, oh — why was I feeling cold? By very early Monday morning, I was with a fever. Darn it. Had to take a whole-day leave from work. Thankfully, I was better by evening. So off to work, I went the next day…Next weekend! I wasn’t feeling 100% by Friday, but I was okay even with a slight case of sinusitis and a teeny bit of coughing.

I was happy as I finally got to meet up with an old friend by Saturday. We live in the same city and yet we weren’t in touch for years! It’s really a long story. But her new bakery is making waves and being featured by several shows, she became a bit active on social media. It was a good time to reconnect. It was already evening when our boy and I got home. Only then did I attack various chores till the wee hours of Sunday morning. I wish I could tell you I did not expect to be sick. But I was coughing like crazy and getting the chills already. I pretended to myself that it was nothing. My body started to ache, too. Honestly, I was a bit worried that it could be dengue.

It wasn’t, but it was a full-blown flu that lasted till Tuesday. Apparently, the flu was going the rounds and I had to be the stupid idiot to welcome it. Wednesday, I was back at work. I still felt the cold a bit but that went away by evening. It’s the coughing and sinusitis that didn’t really stop. The worse part was my husband, my caregiver, got the flu! And obviously, I unwittingly gave it to him. Just when I went back to work. Poor guy.

We don’t have the flu now, but frankly, we’re not all-okay yet. We still get tired easily, like the slightest chores make us lose our breath. We’re still coughing (his is dry cough, so it sucks more for him). Me, I’m just beginning to really get well.  Let’s cross our fingers, shall we?

So where was my writing in all of these? Nowhere. First, I got busy. Second, I just suddenly didn’t feel like doing it in the past two weeks. I didn’t even have the heart to turn on my laptop, Not even to watch anything or edit videos. I only went online mostly to communicate with my husband and get updates about my sister from my brother-in-law. I just didn’t have the energy!

Now that I’m better, I have decided to go at it again. I have decided to postpone the post that I wanted to share and save it for November. I think it would be nice to use it for Nano Poblano 2019. It’s my first time to join, It’s the right timing as I’ve been thinking about pushing myself to write again anyway. It’s doable also, less pressure. I find that the more pressure, the less productive I am. Therefore, less pressure is ideal.

As of this writing, I’m feeling much better. Got my taste buds back at almost 100%. Appetite is still weird, though. Sense of smell is back BUT, for some reason, I’ve gotten more sensitive than usual regarding scents. I haaaate scents, regardless if they’re supposed to smell nice. I just want to throw up, honestly…Be they perfume, sweet-scented sprays, detergents,…UGH. Just thinking of them makes my stomach turn a bit.

So that’s me right now. Just thought I’d update you. I hope you’re having better lives…


Unfortunately, this never gets old. It’s election season once again and they are everywhere!

The End Justifies the Journey

NOTE:I wrote this in May 2004 (the Filipino version is the original), when the elections were coming up. It still is relevant because every elections, we get duped…


‘Tis the season once more for the Flowers of May.
A joyous parade for fools and so-called wise.
The Kings and the Queens of masked jesters all,
the cunning monkeys and the chameleons.

Let and behold the Flowers of May.
Each to its own charm, each to its own scent.                                                                                   All to be considered saints,                                        …

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I’ve missed you, WP and A-Z!

Yep, that’s right. But I’m back! All I can say is every day, I wanted to write here.  My only comfort was I was writing for work and liked seeing my stuff published even without a by-line. I don’t think I’ve ever written as many articles as I have until now. I’m just sorry I can’t link to those pages from my portfolio blog.

My articles list spreadsheet is looking better and better, though. The thing is, I’m not done collating my past works especially those from back in the day (okay, I feel so old now talking like that). So that portfolio blog still seems empty. It isn’t, not really. I will be doing some actual posting there, too, soon.

I did especially feel the pressure to blog last April when I knew other writer-bloggers had been participating in the A to Z Challenge. It was torture.

I knew long before that I couldn’t participate this year. I knew I wouldn’t have much time due to several factors, so I didn’t even try. Too bad ’cause I really enjoyed last year’s A to Z Challenge. My only problem then was Holy Week fell in April. It affected my personal writing schedule. Long story short, I skipped my L and M then was unable to do W to Z.

I came to a decision as early as last February: I am going to complete last year’s A to Z. I could’ve done it last April but thought it would not be fair to those participating this year. Even though I am no power blogger, I felt that that would still be like stealing attention from those who truly deserved it for the hard work they were putting in.

Now that April’s gone, however, May is going to be my writing pal. Next week, I’ll be posting for a week to make up for the missing letters. I think that’s fair enough, right? After all, the point is to write and be productive. Then maybe, I’ll go backwards and complete those I left in the years 2015 and 2014 in the next weeks or months. Nothing definite yet about that second plan.

That’s not my only announcement. I will be bringing back my #MonthlyRecaps. Early last year, I unintentionally suddenly stopped my recaps. That was very foolish. My new idea will take care of that. Each post is going to be like a two-in-one thing. What’s that? You’ll see. Also, I’ll continue my mini-TV reviews like Thrones, Faerie Tales, Serial Killers, Zombies and Science, Space, Elementary, my dear Lizzie. They were supposed to be a quarterly thing, but obviously, I’m way behind.

Frankly, I have various ideas I should get back to. You’ll know them when things actually “restart”. Right now, the other things that keep me interested are, as you probably have already guessed, watching TV series and playing Soda Crush (so sue me).

Just finished the latest seasons of Game of Thrones, The Good Place, and Once Upon A Time. Before that, I finished the first season of Star Trek: Discovery and all the seasons of NCIS that Netflix could offer in the meantime. So I’ll be waiting for quite awhile for all the new episodes to be available. I was watching Sherlock, but my access is temporarily interrupted *sigh*

Also, a few nights ago, I watched the series finale of Lost. I think I’m gonna do a longer review of it and of Dexter, but I’ll do something a bit different than the usual. I am currently only watching Season 2 of Big Bang Theory (serves as my backup show whenever I can’t watch others online) and just started with Grimm the other night. I did get to watch Charmed on iFlix, but they only have the first season and nothing else. Netflix doesn’t have it at all.

So you see, there’s really a lot for me to catch up on. Read me next time, alright? And share YOU, too!


I can’t help but reblog this (I may have reblogged this already before). I am very sad with what’s been happening in the world right now. Well, these past years. It seems there are people who are hell-bent on making things, well, hell for everyone, and ironically, it’s usually for the sake of religion supposedly…I don’t want to write about it anymore because it will just drain me. So this will be “it”.

The End Justifies the Journey

When it comes to stating my views, I can be a very passionate person. You can get a glimpse of that once in a while from my Facebook account, if we’re buddies. But lately, I have been trying to not say anything. The ISIS executions, the Charlie Hebdo incident, and now, the Fallen 44.

I so have my opinions on them but I have refrained from saying anything because it is not going to solve anything. I do not anymore want to spread the negativity further. What we need is to pray to whoever is our personal god for peace.




This is my first post for February. In observance of its significance, I am posting things in relation to love this month. I start with this poem I wrote maybe…

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