If the Gender Suits You

It’s Pride Month again! I thought I should reblog this post. I wrote this in 2016 when I only knew that the whole Rainbow spectrum consisted of only 4 letters. So please, forgive me, this post doesn’t seem to include others in the LGBTQQIP2SAA community. I have to admit, I’m still trying to learn all those letters, but it doesn’t mean that this post isn’t for them as well…HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!

The End Justifies the Journey

colors-of-the-rainbow From https://acrylgiessen.com/

When I was a kid, I used to play with toy cars, robots and toy guns. But I loved dolls better. I still keep my toy jeepney, plastic robot and dolls up to now.

I liked action and Jackie Chan and adventure shows and movies. I did tend to imitate the more fun, energetic female characters, not the males and not the more boring, physically weak girly-girl ones (it was like preferring Velma over Daphne).

My favorite clothes were a sleeveless blue shirt with Superman on the front part (that intrigued me because the image was embossed), shorts (my pink shorts in particular), and dark-blue overalls with an image of ‘Voltes V’ nicely woven near the bottom hems (it was the artistry I admired). Meanwhile, I loved my dresses, too, especially when I had to dress up in white for an occasion and had to wear shiny…

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