Hippie’s Guide to the Multiverse

I was supposed to post something else, but this got my attention when I visited the blog.

A few weeks ago, I shared his mom’s post. I also added links to their blogs in my November recap. Find out with this post why I thought it would be awesome to include Cole in the list! He is such a talented young man. You should see his art and hear him play his guitar! And as you will witness here, he can write as well, intelligently, I should add…Definitely his mother’s son 🙂

We Have Hippies for Parents

My parents and I were having a conversation over lunch about possible alien life in the universe and the theory of multiple universes or dimensions. My mom noticed that I’m interested in the topic and so she challenge me to write a report about the multiverse theory to make her understand it more as well as appreciate it as much as I do. I finished this a couple of months ago and I figured I should share it here on my blog.

Multiverse Report
Subject: Science
Date: September 23 – September 28 2015

I. Concept of a multiverse
a.) Possibilities if the multiverse is real.
b.) Who supports the multiverse theory?

II. Theories of the creation of the multiverse and possible types of multiverses.
a.) What kinds of multiverses might exist?
b.) Max Tegmark’s Four Levels

III. What could have caused the multiverse?
a.) Multiverse in pop culture

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