Life Lessons from “Train to Busan” #FreakyFriday

Last week, I promised true freaky stories for #FreakyFriday. Well, I am currently working on them. *sigh* BUT, I’ve got something else! *reverse-sigh (is that even possible???)* I happened on my pal Fran’s recent post on Cure4Mondays. Fran is “a full-time homeschooling mom and tenacious seeker of what feels good….currently the CEO and the undisputed demi-god” of her household. I got to know her after I left the print publication and she just got in. That seems weird, but that’s how it went. Fran is a really nice and talented lady.

But we’re talking about her post. I thought I’d share her post today 🙂

7 Life Lessons You Can’t Miss in “Train to Busan”



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8 thoughts on “Life Lessons from “Train to Busan” #FreakyFriday

  1. I really feel the life lessons the Train To Busan zombie-apocalypse movie. Being too hardworking can turn you into a boring wallflower. Forever trapped in a routine, not taking a glance at what else we can do and what really makes us happy, we might not be truly living the life we want to live. There was one time I kept writing and writing and wrote every day in hope to finish my first book…and realised I was not happy with what I was writing. Since then I have put book writing at a slower pace, and I have time to do other things 🙂

    Sing. That is a very interesting point. It is amazing how both good and bad singing can make us feel uplifted. Singing in the shower makes quite a few of us happy. And even a friend’s off-key singing can make us laugh, lol.

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    • Oh, man, that reminds me of the time I was teaching a friend to sing. One time she really sang off-key and without my intention, I laughed aloud at her face! I didn’t mean to and I cursed myself for it. Of course, I apologized. Not sure if I hurt her feelings (she’s a tough gal) because we were still all good after, but she did say, “Wow, you laughed at me.”


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