HAPPY 2022

You know it’s coming. Here we go…..

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Let us all wish for everyone A MORE PROSPEROUS, MORE PEACEFUL,


Please 2022, BE KIND. 

Now, as far as my writing/blogging is concerned, I love NaNoPoblano so much that I decided to extend it to January (LOL!!!!). Five more left so expect them 🙂

I do have a problem with the editor. WordPress doesn’t anymore allow the old “wp-admin” thing, which I’ve always preferred. I’m so irritated that because of that, I can’t seem to find a way to put the “NaNo Poblano 2021” page under the BLOG BANK / BLOG LINKS / CHALLENGE BOX menu. But okay, I’ll keep trying to find a way so it does not appear as a completely separate page.

So far, the first two days have not been good, to be honest. Oh, well, 363 more opportunities to be happier, right? 

6 thoughts on “HAPPY 2022

    • Maaabeeelllll!!!!!! One of my fave bloggers! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you are doing not just fine but great! My 2021, like most people’s, was not so good. But the last quarter was the worst, for some reason. Misfortune after misfortune. I plan to avoid more this 2022.

      I haven’t checked your posts, lately, I’m sorry, I’m not gonna llie. I do hope you’ve been writing again. ‘Cause I like how you discuss things.

      I’ve only started visiting blogs again because I want to give back to others who have taken the time to read my posts, especially to actually click FOLLOW. Also, as part of the NaNoPoblano Challenge, I am trying to check out other participants’ blogs. Over the weekend, I’ll have more time to actually check the “reader” section. I do miss bloggers that I had been following before.


      • I love your energy! Happy New Year to you too! Sorry to hear your 2021 wasn’t so good. But it’s good you can turn to blogging and NaNoPoblano and have fun with it. Sometimes in times of hardship it helps to find something small to look forward too.

        I haven’t been too active blogging, just blogging once every few months and come on when I can.

        It is lovely when people follow and engage with your blog. It’s such a great community here. Hope 2022 will be a good one for you 🙂

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