The Last Komikero Anthology

I had been on hiatus again for two months. Wasn’t in the mood to even greet you guys a happy 2020 (but since we’re here, HAPPY 2020!!! I do mean it). I just decided to “break the silence” because I want to share Jonas Diego’s post.

RIP to both Sir Gerry Alanguilan and Johnny Danganan.

Jonas Diego

As you may know, Gerry Alanguilan passed away a few months ago.

He has been sick for some time, developing kidney problems sometime in the early 2000s and has been undergoing dialysis since 2011. Gerry routinely went to the hospital three times a week for a 4-hour dialysis session. He has spoken about this at one point or another in his blog and in one of his comic books (Crest Hut Butt Shop #4).

Before he passed on there were plans of putting together another Komikero Anthology, one that he would print himself through Komikero Publishing. Unfortunately, Gerry passed away before we were able to start work on it but we’ve decided to push through anyway. This will be the Last Komikero Anthology, the Komikero Artist Group’s way of paying tribute to Gerry Alanguilan.

It’s also important to say that 2020 will also be the last year…

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