A Good Wattpad Story?

I gotta be honest. I don’t know what they mean when they say that something sounds like or would be good as a #Wattpad story. WHAT does a Wattpad story look like? I mean, sound like? I mean, feel like? DO I EVEN KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!!
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I suppose it’s, normally, love stories because people make comments like that after watching videos or reading plot ideas for romantic stories. But when I see or read them myself, they’re not really stuff that we haven’t read yet or watched before. How effective they are/will be should depend on the execution of the work.
So I just keep mum, wondering to myself what a Wattpad story really is other than it being published in the platform. I haven’t read much from it. Some that I saw online before were…hmnn…I don’t really know what to say. I remember this one story that actually got published as a book (not by Wattpad, that’s all the info I will provide). I got so turned off. It was very…I guess, the word I am looking for is “pretentious”. The worse part is the publishing company did not do its job. No one edited the work to make it better, especially to correct wrong grammar, misspellings, and typos. It was like they just copy-pasted everything and hit print! I don’t blame the writer for those. Writers make mistakes. It’s the editor’s job to correct them.
Anyway, I am not, in any way, hating on Wattpad. That’s why I’m there now, to try it. A lot of the books do seem good. I don’t really know yet. I’ve had the same book on my reading list for years. I have never read it. I still may not because I’m trying to be busy writing.
I am curious if my writing would be worthy to be called a Wattpad story. But it’s okay if not. That’s not my goal. I just want to create and, hopefully, my efforts will not be in vain. 

10 thoughts on “A Good Wattpad Story?

  1. Interesting! I’ve only seen the term “Wattpad” in passing and had no idea what it was about. Another publishing platform? That’s worth a look, at least. Thanks for the info. Wishing you much success with it!

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    • OMG. I just remembered something I promised you! Sorry, I’ll get to it later. Meanwhile…

      I see it as more of a blog except you only post creative wriing, not what you did today or to write down writeups, etc. It’s sort of a training ground for new or amateur writers. It’s supposed to be a community for budding uuthors. I really just want a wider audience.

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  2. I never heard of Wattpad. But, checked it out online. I’d do some research before publishing anything on it. I like your writing style. Why not search out other avenues to self-publish, like Amazon. 📚🎶 Christine

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    • Hi, CE! It makes me happy when others say they like my writing style. Aside from the compliment, it means some people do read my work. And that’s what I’m after. I want to reach a wider range of audience.

      I am familiar with Wattpad in the sense that I know people are active readers there. I want to feel the adrenaline, the excitement that more people MIGHT actually read what I share.. WordPress is great for blogging. But when it comes to stories, many just don’t have the time to bother to read, it seems. A lot are writers, too, so you know, busy. I don’t blame them. Anyhoo, I’m not ready to publish any book yet, far from it. Also, I don’t have the means to self-publish. Not now, anyway. I’ll keep writing first then we’ll see.

      Thank you so much, my friend, for always taking the time and giving valuable input. I hope your book is doing well! Love yah!

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      • Thanks for giving me more info on Wattpad. That sounds more like what you need for your stories! Until you put those stories into a book. Your writing is worth reading. Think in advance and start collecting those stories. If I miss a blog post it’s because I’m writing the sequel to the first book, and it takes up a lot of my reading time. The first book is historical fiction with a lot of old history about my famous grandfather. I’ve stacked off on marketing and need to do more. The sequel is more advanced in the 1960s and with relatable events—Woodstock & the Vietnam War. I think it will be an interesting book for many more people. Take care & keep writing! 📚🎶💚 Christine

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        • Oooh, a second book! Nice! I do know what the first was about. I think we discused it either on your blog or via email 🙂

          Wattpad has many readers. Unfortunately, the most readers fall under the teenage demographics. So, hopefully, one’s work appeals to them. The platform is also more for beginner and amateur authors, not professionals. I’m not a professional author so I guess I fall under the amateur category.

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          • I read that Wattpad was more for the teen group stories, and those that just want to get their stories out there to be read. Sounds like the place for you to start. Your life experiences are awesome topics! Go for it!

            First book was heavy on old history and uncovering grandfather’s heritage. He ends up Jewish, and the main character marries a Jewish doctor. The family is prejudiced against Jews. So, conflict and resolve how the main character deals with all of that. It’s also a drama how the Jewish doctor’s mother has a chosen one for him, and not the Christian main character. The second book in progress is 8-9 years ahead in the 60s. More family oriented with the main character dealing with the tensions of marriage, motherhood, and a strong desire to hit the big time in her music career. Woodstock 1969 & the Vietnam War 1965 highlighted. Writing is a passion, as it is for you. Just keep writing and take a chance on putting your stories out there. 📚🎶 Christine
            First book:

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