The A to Z Challenge Announcement #atozchallenge

Finally! I had been visiting their site several times already, but no word from them until last January 30. The news is, well, they will announce it on February 6, whatever that is. Oh, the suspense!

So for all of you bloggers/writers out there who would like to be more prolific, are looking to meet new friends in the blogosphere, or are hoping to be somewhat recognized for your work, why not start with the A to Z Challenge? It’s not a contest, mind you, but a community of bloggers/writers who join for a specific goal: to write on topics that start from A to Z for the whole month of April, Sundays not included. I will be very bold to guess that the announcement will include something that has to do with the number of April days this year as I checked more than a week prior and April is one-letter short.

Visit the site and sign-up to join. Don’t worry, it’s all free. Do read the guidelines as well…Happy blogging!


GASP! I Cook?!!! #MondayMemoirs

Alright, to make things clear, I do cook A LITTLE, I’m not entirely helpless. Mainly, I fry stuff (as you’ll find out later), but I also cook rice and do a few quick stuff like the simple bistek, a kind of alliteration for beef steak, and which often is ironically done with pork, not beef. Do give me a recipe and all the ingredients and I can promise it would be edible, at least.   

My father was the cook in the family and he taught their first-born how to cook; obviously, I’m not that first-born. I take after my mother who concentrated more on her studies in her younger days, ergo, she knew just a little bit more than I do when it came to whipping up dishes.

Given much time and resources, cooking/baking could be one of my hobbies. I’ve done it in Home Economics classes in high school and enjoyed it every time. And, believe it or not, in college, I took up, by choice, Human Nutrition courses where we learned more stuff about cooking (and nutrition, never forget about that). Honestly, hoarder that I am, I still keep recipes and very informative stuff they have given us because I know they’re good material.

The only reason I changed my remaining HN courses to General Agriculture ones, some of which I really also enjoyed (especially Entomology classes), was because HN did a lot of chemistry-related stuff, too, and Chemistry hated me. So what to do, right?

recipesAnyway, a few years ago, I tried to go vegetarian. I have not won that challenge, but I am happy to report I learned to eat more and more veggies unlike when I was younger. I also started to experiment and to make the story short, I wanted to create ten recipes using tofu as a/the main ingredient. I was inspired because the group I was with were serving really delicious veggie food and lots of them were soy-based. My most fave would be spaghetti as I love pasta.

I was not able to come up with ten recipes yet, especially because I only had basic cooking knowledge (which means frying stuff), but I did come up with some. I’m sharing them with you now.

I do need to warn you that the tastes may not appeal to you at all as we all do have our own preferences. If you’re not a fan of tofu (tokwa here) or soy in general, then this may not appeal to you now at all. Oh, well, to each his own and I’m not twisting your arm to try these. If you do, make your own changes to sizes and amounts and stuff.

I’m just happy I made them. Someday, I’ll learn more in the kitchen. Meanwhile,…

(NOTE: Sorry, I’ve never taken any pics)



1 piece tofu/tokwa, sliced preferably in very small cubes

½ cup of sliced fresh squash, also preferably in very small bits/cubes

2 eggs, beaten together

liquid seasoning

mushroom powder (preferred but not necessary)

cooking oil (better if vegetarian oil)

How to Cook:

  1. Put the tofu and squash together.
  2. Pour a dash of liquid seasoning and sprinkle a dash or two of mushroom powder then mix everything.
  3. Sprinkle some mushroom powder as well on the beaten eggs.
  4. Heat the oil then sauté the tofu-squash mix for a minute or two (depending on the size of the bits) until they seem nearly cooked.
  5. Pour in the egg and keep sautéing everything until the egg is cooked according to your preference.
  6. Serve when done.

Serves 2-3 people, depending on how they like it 😉


They must be eaten warm/hot!


2 pieces tofu/tokwa

1 ripe banana, medium-size

3 cups cornstarch

mushroom powder (preferred but not necessary)

cooking oil (better if vegetarian oil)

How to Cook:

  1. Mash tofu together with the banana. You may or may not choose to use the whole banana, depending on how ripe it is and how sweet you want your fritter.
  2. Add the cornstarch and sprinkle a dash or two of mushroom powder then mix, mix, mix.
  3. Roll mixture into small balls.
  4. Heat the oil then fry the balls until they are light-brown. DO NOT fry to the point of the balls toughening and especially avoid burnt pieces.
  5. Serve when done.

Serves 2-4 people, depending on chosen sizes. They can be quite sweet so a maximun of two cooked pieces for each person unless they have a sweet tooth and would like more. Best served while still hot.



1 piece tofu/tokwa, sliced preferably in very small cubes

1 egg, beaten

mushroom powder (preferred but not necessary)

powdered pepper

evaporated milk

cooking oil (better if vegetarian oil)

  1. Heat the oil then sauté the tofu.
  2. Sprinkle a dash of mushroom powder and pepper.
  3. When it’s beginning to look cooked, add in the egg and immediately follow with pouring the milk (how much depends on you but preferably not so much that it begins to look like soup).
  4. Keep sautéing everything until the egg is of your desired consistency.
  5. Serve when done.

NOTE: You may substitute veggie oil for cooking oil.



1 piece tofu/tokwa, sliced preferably in very small cubes

1 piece medium-size hotdog OR 2 pieces ham,

sliced preferably in very small bits/cubes

1 egg, beaten

mushroom powder (preferred but not necessary)

powdered pepper

evaporated milk

cooking oil

  1. Heat the oil then sauté the hotdog or ham.
  2. Add in the tofu after a minute.
  3. Sprinkle a dash of mushroom powder and pepper.
  4. When it’s beginning to look cooked, add in the egg and immediately follow with pouring the milk (how much depends on you but preferably not so much that it begins to look like soup).
  5. Keep sautéing everything until the egg is of your desired consistency.
  1. Serve when done.

NOTE: You may substitute veggie meat for the hotdog and ham, veggie oil for cooking oil.


Do share to us more recipes that you know of!!!

Oh, My 2016! (Not My) Interview with Myself #AskWednesday #ThrowbackTwenty16

It’s near the end of January and Chinese New Year’s really near. Thought it’s time to post my 2016 review that I had been intending to do.

However, I did not want to do it the traditional way. And because it’s Wednesday, I thought why not an interview? Not just an interview, but an imagined one with myself. Not just an imagined one, mind you! I asked a few peeps last night (your Wednesday morning, I suppose) to ask me any questions regarding my 2016. Some of them actually gave it much thought. A few silly questions here and there, but we all need silly from time to time.

So, here it…

(Not My) Interview with Myself

Was 2016 good for you?

Yes and no. It’s funny that most of the world unofficially officially declared 2016 as a bad year, The Worst Year, even The Worst Year Ever in History (well, maybe modern history). I understand. 2016 was mean to me and my family and the world in general.

I am rather amazed, though, that I’m not hating on 2016 all that much, regardless of the fact that the negatives certainly outweighed the positives. Must be because I mindfully kept trying to be positive. No more letting depression in my life especially now that I have people counting on me. Maybe that should be my annual goal.

Who were your inspirations in 2016?

MY FAMILY. Family is never cliche, and I know a lot of people would give the same answer because that is the truth. Difficulties and issues aside, family is most precious to me. My husband, our kids, my sister…

Were your finances okay/great?

On the contrary, my dear Watson. Sadly.

What improvements did you do to yourself?

Work-wise, I added a few online-related skills, thanks to our company. On a more personal note,…

  • I read a little more.
  • I blogged more and wrote a little more, though most writing I did was for work. You can check out my monthly recaps, just search for #MonthlyRecap.
  • I opened up more by sharing more personal stuff. Hey, I even made public my Blogspot, although that’s not really making me famous either, LOL!.
  • My bad temper lessened. Change was not easily noticed, but I promise you, it’s there. You can’t really rush these things.

Tell us anything totally new/surprising that you did last year.

  • Became a contributor to My Trending Stories. I’m supposed to say “regular contributor” but I’ve stopped. Just trying to put my mojo back on.
  • Joined a poetry-writing contest. Didn’t win, but at least, I got in.
  • Joined the Cherished Blog Fest for the first time.
  • Raised my voice at half of a fourth-grade class and told them to keep their act together…in front of their mothers! I’m not ashamed. I needed what needed to be done and, by George, it got done! One day, I’ll tell you this little story.

Did you learn something new about yourself? What?

Change is always constant, but I’m probably basically same old-same old. I did learn something quite trivial. I have a terrible sense of direction. That’s not really what I learned as I’ve known that for years. I did learn I’m not just one of a few, rather, there are many of us.

The struggle is real! We become lost to the point of looking stupid. What bothers me, though, is finding out it may not have been always like that, but the brain could have suffered some kind of damage (big or small) that was enough for it to not function the way it’s supposed to. I told you, I can really relate with the woman on that BuzzFeed video.

Best advice you received last year?

“Be patient with the kids.” I have to admit, I still need to keep heeding that advice.

Who would you like to thank (basing on 2016)?

I always thanked people. I really appreciated those who helped me in some way, be it in material ways or just through giving me moral and spiritual support. There were some who gave help without batting an eyelash and demanding for more explanations. There were even those with whom I just happened to tell my problems and they surprised me by volunteering to help. And some, they weren’t able to help in the material sense, but they lent their ears to listen and offered great advice and prayers.

They’re very good people, in my book. They did not willfully ignore me or give me the runaround or criticize me even (a few did, so thankfully, I now know how they are).

What was the biggest fear that held you back in 2016?

Fear to offend certain people so they would not get mad at me and we could keep that little amount of peace among us. In my efforts to avoid conflict, I let them force certain “rules” on me that they actually violated themselves from time to time — how selfish was that? I only did that to keep the peace even though it seemed I was becoming a pushover.

Nevertheless, as I expected based on past history, I may not move an inch from a corner and they would still find something to complain about and try to enforce more rules on me. Worse, they included others in the issue that they put those others’ health, well-being and own relationships at risk. I would not stand for that. So I let them know that I could be civil to them but would not be a pushover.

Of course, I know they are mad right now. Honestly, it’s them creating their own ghosts and problems. I’m just trying to deal with them as civilly and peacefully as I can.

What was the biggest challenge you overcame last year?

Losing my second baby. I really wouldn’t call it “overcoming”. It was something that happened and did not leave me any choice. I still think about her almost everyday. I don’t even care that I’ve got a big tummy now because it reminds me of her. I’m not even sure I’m willing to overcome this. The real challenge is to not be sad looking at babies.

How many Koreanovelas (Korean dramas/TV shows) did you watch?

I’m not exactly a fan of Koreanovelas in general, but I do watch from time to time. Last year, I watched two with my closest roommate (I live in a boarding house on weekdays as I go to work). Watched Healer and Oh, My Ghost. I’m currently kind of following The Queen of the Office (a.k.a. Goddess of the Workplace), Korea’s version of an original Japanese show.

Most embarrassing moment in 2016?

I was thinking about getting ignored, criticized and the runarounds, but no, those were humbling experiences. I can’t think of any answer at the moment, truthfully.

What new life lessons did you learn from 2016?

I tried to rack my brains out, but to be honest, I don’t think I learned anything new and substantial. If anything, the year only emphasized to me what I already knew, be they good or bad. Okay, maybe because of this, I did learn something: to never be complacent about things. 2016 was my eager reminder.

Some reminders:

  • Keep positive.
  • Prioritize family.
  • Don’t be sensitive–deal with it gracefully.
  • Always say thank you to kind people and be sincere about it.
  • Say sorry and be sincere as well.
  • Keep calm, but don’t be a pushover.
  • Recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing and never forget they are around.
  • There will always be people who will put you down either face-to-face and mostly behind your back, so don’t mind them much. It’s their time they’re wasting.

What makes you thankful for 2016?

Just the fact that we are still alive and kicking.


That’s it, my 2016. So, how was yours? 🙂

“I am Wonder Woman” #TVTuesday

Welcome to #TVTuesday!!! Yes, I just made that hash potato up because the day’s about to be over (well, it’s over here, but not in the rest of the world yet). I was about to share a #TuesdayTunes post (Liar! You hadn’t even started!) when I thought I’d give my pal Lani‘s blog a visit and found her newest post.

Yay!!! It’s got my favorite things! A super-heroine, backstories, going-down-memory-lane moments, POVs, comics, TV! So I thought of making up a new hash potato (which I will totally keep as it’s a great idea) and sharing to you Lani’s awesome post. Do enjoy reading and enjoy the wonderful conversations there, join even!



Bleedin’ Love & Single Ladies #FridayFlashdance

Welcome to the first #FridayFlashdance!!!  As you can very well guess, this is about dance. We have a hash potato dedicated to music, so why not dance?

Those of you who have been steady followers most probably already know that my favorite pastimes are writing, blogging, singing and reading. But if ever I have already mentioned something about it, many probably still do not know or remember that I love to dance. Not even my real personal friend, my high school pal Raine, doesn’t. I don’t think she has ever really seen me dance, that’s as far as I can remember. That’s because I only realized my love for dancing in college.

It was a time when dance groups became quite popular on TV. At least three of them became really popular, two of those are still being looked up to today, one of them is still famous especially because of some members who have gone on to do other things like act and do hosting jobs.

Anyway, a few years back, I was watching my favorite noontime Sunday variety show, ASAP, and completely fell in love with a dance routine for the song “Bleedin’ Love” performed by some of the stars of the show. These stars were composed of actors/actresses who also dabbled in singing, hosting, even modeling. They’re not all that good dancers, but they managed. It turned out I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with the dance as many viewers imitated the routine (albeit not as good, of course) and performed their rendition in various company Christmas parties (Filipinos love to do shows in parties). I don’t know exactly what made it so special, but it was. It is.

I had long been wanting to share the video of the said dance routine, but I never got to. Somehow, I couldn’t find the TV-version video of it anymore, only videos taken and shared by people who got to see the show live. Finally, I did find it last week, posted by one of the dancers on his YouTube Channel.

Dancers (by appearance): (1st) Rafael Rosell (where vid is from) and Iya Villania, (2nd) Victor Basa, Will Devaughn (no hair) and Toni Gonzaga, (3rd) Nikki Gil and Jon Avila, (4th) Maja Salvador (shorter girl), Jake Cuenca and Shaina Magdayao, and (5th) Anne Curtis. Those who really regularly danced were Rafael, Iya (her other forte is hosting), Maja (one of the best young actresses of today) and Shaina, although Nikki and Anne could also perform on a good level.

Now, I did mention that many tried to imitate what they did. That included a group of people from where I worked then. And guess who was part of that group of people…? *GASP* ME!!!

I do have stagefright, till now, but I felt that I could manage dancing with a group onstage better than singing alone in front of an audience. Back in college, I did have several experiences choreographing hiphop dances so I knew I could handle it. I did feel nervous, double-nervous as I was that night’s assigned host (it was for a certain occasion).

So, again, *GASP* I shared a vid below (forgive the quality). Please do not expect us to be as good as those ASAP peeps. I’m in that group of three girls, the one initially at left, the wide one in black who seems awkward dancing in a non-hiphop number (somebody else choreographed it, not me, to be clear). There’s a certain step there that I felt awkward doing for personal, a bit irrational reason, that I kind of held back. Don’t ask me which one. We did have fun, though. I wanted to be Maja, he he…

If I seem awkward, that’s because I felt a bit conscious of dancing more “womanly”. I only do such a thing when I’m alone. I wasn’t in my comfort zone. I got used to hiphop because that’s what the dance groups on TV did, which I followed. I never got any training in dance. TV trained me.

Below–and last–is where you see me in my comfort zone. I’m the one at farthest left, white top, looking like a bouncing ball dancing. Notice the energy? That’s not just the dance showing, but my actual, usual energy. BTW, a certain part of the vid is a bit long, featuring one girl (not me) and two guys. It’s a medley of four overlapping songs. And forgive the quality.

Alright! Again, I’ve made myself vulnerable to you. It’s part of my new year’s resolutions, to not be afraid to show Me. I certainly hope I got you entertained 🙂


Best of the Best Philippine Comic Books #WhatsupWednesday

I chanced upon this through the Komikon Inc. Facebook page and I just realized, I hadn’t been sharing anything about comics in a long time. So while this isn’t my own post, I think it would be great to introduce to you some of the best Filipino comics of today through this article.

I think it’s a good list, although I have not personally read most of them. I have my own favorites, but since my collection is limited, I cannot declare for now which comic books I deem the best. Meanwhile, let’s get some ideas from this:


Best Filipino Comics 2016The mention of Ang Sumpa made me smile, however brief it was. 😉

Sorry, Augie

This past weekend was particularly hard for me. At one time, I cried really hard like I lost someone. Well, I did, but it wasn’t a person, rather our dog, Augie. He got sick and passed away.


This was Augie when he became ours

The way I was carrying on, it was like I was wailing for a loved one. But Augie was a loved one and it was particularly hard for me because even though I was always the one not at home, ergo, not with him, I am the resident true-blue dog lover at home. I have been since I was little. He knew it because I was his favorite human. Isay and Augie were the first dogs I had again after many years.

I am haunted by regrets–for not having played with him more, for sometimes being strict with him, for other things we/I should have done but didn’t, or did but should not have done. Everyone has emotionally moved on, though it’s not to say they didn’t care, but I am still here wondering whatever else that I should have done for him.

It sucks because I’m the type of personality that does not forget incidences in my life that make me regret things MANY YEARS AFTER. Like not helping strangers when I probably should have (even when I try to replay things in my head, I cannot see how I could). Or accidentally causing the death of a street cat instead of saving it, which was my actual intention. Or abruptly losing a friendship over a single phone call because I lost my temper and the other person happened to be sensitive, and I never heard from her again, ever, even when I tried to to reach out and wrote a letter, hoping she’d get to read it. Or saying kind of mean things about others when I was in high school (I wasn’t mean-mean, but high school does bring out the meanness in people once in a while)…

Yes, I still carry those in my heart and they’re eating at my conscience. I am always brave enough to sincerely say sorry, and I did in various occasions, but still, the guilt is there. Sometimes, it’s already irrational, and my brain knows it but my heart is sad anyway. I know I will carry this in years to come, whether I try to ignore it or not.

Augie, we love you and we’re sorry. I definitely miss you. Rest in peace…


Our beloved Augie sitting on top of one of his favorite places. He has gone to Dog Heaven…

5 Ways to Make Use of Google AdWords #ThursdayTips

AdWords is the main advertising service that Google has been offering to the world. This means that through an online advertising platform, any business is given the opportunity to be seen around search engine results pages (SERPs). This is through paid advertisements. The main goal is be seen on the first page and be listed in the top ten results.

Considering that Google is dominating online search engines, AdWords would be a good way to invest on your own business. You could set up campaign budgets to boost rankings. You only pay when your ads get clicked on.

For a few but relevant advice, read on.

5 Ways to Use AdWords

There are various ways to use AdWords. However, those will depend on individual business needs.

Keywords play a big part in the whole system. Determine what words related to your business are usually searched for in Google. If they are similar, like “blog tips” and “blogging tips”, choose the keyword people more often type in the query box. Of course, you must work on your good content, not just depend on keywords. Keyword-dependency is how much of SEO got a bad reputation. Use SEO properly.

Below are several ways to keep in mind if you are considering using AdWords.

1. Use keywords for your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keywords are used in SEO, which is what you do to rank well in search engines. Through AdWord’s Keyword Planner tool, you will be able to check which of your keywords are working for you and what other ones might attract more visitors. Always make sure they are closely related to what you offer.

The Planner will tell you if certain keywords get high volume search rates. It will also tell you how competitive they are. That means if hundreds of sites use the same words or phrases, do not use them. Pick high-volume, less competitive keywords. Once you have identified them, start incorporating those keywords in your site. Get an idea as well on how much each keyword will cost for a campaign.

There are other features to help you zoom in more on the relevant words while targeting locations, languages, and others.

2. Target users through Search Network

The Search Network is focused on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, mainly known as paid search. Under the Search Network, advertisers bid against one another for keywords they can use in their ads. When a user searches for the keyword, the bid winner’s ad may show on Google. Payment to AdWords is based on the number of clicks the ad gets.

3. Target users through Display Network

Advertisers have the option to not only create text ads. They may exhibit banner-style ads as well. The Display Network is very powerful as its audience reach across the globe is practically 90%.  People are more easily drawn to images.

4. Utilize negative keywords

AdWords have what they call “broad”, “exact” and “phrase” match keywords. Take time to understand how to use them to your advantage.

There are also “negative” keywords that are quite useful. Creating your negative keywords list will help keep your ad from showing up where they shouldn’t. For instance, when users search for “clothes” but your specific products are jackets, your ads will not be shown. This will prevent anyone who is not looking for jackets from clicking on your ads. That saves you money.

5. Do AppsStore Optimization

Google has many partnerships such as with AppsStore. Still, there are currently only a few mobile app promotions in Google Play Store.

Each of these has its advantages that you can benefit from: universal app campaigns, mobile app installs campaigns, mobile app engagement campaigns. People have increasingly become mobile-dependent, so optimize for these.


There is more to Google AdWords that would be very useful when you start to advertise and market your site. AdWords sounds easy, but it is not. The success of your business does not depend on AdWords alone. Rather, it’s in how you make your decisions and do your best for each campaign.

(Not My) Interview with Neil Gaiman #AskWednesday

I wanted to post something on Monday. Didn’t happen. I decided to post on Tuesday. Didn’t happen, too. So now, I’m making THIS happen!

When I started #AskWednesday, I did say that aside from doing interviews myself, I also was going to share interesting interviews from the Net. And here it is!!! This interview with THE Neil Gaiman is too good to pass up.  I admit, I have yet to know more about him and read more of his stuff, but you know of one’s brilliance by how his followers adore him. In fact, I intend to know more. Research, research, research!

It isn’t really an interview, but the contributor collected Q&A exchanges from him and fans from his Tumblr account. This could be could for #ThursdayTips, too, but I’m so into posting mode!

As writers, I think all can learn a thing or two from him. I think I even learned more.

Neil Gaiman Shares Writing Advice To Fans On Tumblr


Plenty of stuff to share! Till tomorrow, my friends!

December 2016 RECAP #MonthlyRecap

It’s the new year! Time to start over. And while my new year’s resolutions list hasn’t been made yet, one of those resolutions would be to blog more (which is not necessarily synonymous to writing more, although that’s a resolution, too).

I did find ways to blog last month, but my blogging was somewhat erratic, mainly because I “chilled”. I still plan to chill, but be more productive, anyway. Plus, I’ve got other plans to take care of.

So here’s a recap of my December 2016:


(1) Hash potatoes!!!

#MondayMemoirs – (see My Decade-Old Grown-up Christmas List)

#MondayReviews (none)

#TuesdayTunes (see Awesomely Techno-weird Musical Instruments Part 1) – I was supposed to post the second part last December 28, but I didn’t get to finish it. Will post soon.)

#AskWednesday (none)

#WhatsupWednesday (see Going Disney)

#ThursdayTips (see How to Properly Use Sitelink Extensions)

#FeatureFriday (none)

#FreakyFriday (none) – It was supposed to be only for the whole month of November, anyway. I did promise true horror/ghost stories. I have not forgotten.

Saturdays and Sundays, or any day, could be about anything. I will post anything when I feel like it, like So… (a quick Christmas greeting), The Legend of the Fifth Turtle (a repost), Hippie’s Guide to the Multiverse (reblog of an interesting post of a young blogger I know…I like featuring young writers/bloggers to encourage them more).saranggola-blog-awards

My three-in-one poetry post Tula ng Puso: Pananampalataya, Pag-ibig, Pag-asa (Poems of the Heart: Faith, Love, Hope) last November made the cut. My poems (well, the link to them) are now featured in the Saranggola Blog Awards site. I just found out the winners a few minutes ago. Didn’t win, sadly, but it’s still okay. There will be a next time. I’ll try not to procrastinate again.

(3) My Trending Stories. Nothing to share for now.

(4) A to Z Challenge. I want to join again this year so I am already thinking of a theme. *crosses fingers*

Social Media Reach-out:

Again, I am very thankful to new followers. They keep on coming, even if they aren’t a lot. I certainly hope they’ll stay. Anyway, as I am now making it my tradition, let me share more: people who follow me and/or whom I follow, and/or whom I actually know. Do visit them–you might have to jump over to other blogging platforms like Blogger, though.

If I haven’t mentioned you yet, nothing personal, okay? Will get to you. I am adding really new ones, too. It’s to hit two birds with one stone as I won’t have to go looking for links to their blogs/sites again. Definitely, I will first try to see if they are legit and active blogs. My call, guys.

Here are my awesome online friends and would-be friends, in alphabetical order:

 Ally,         Anne-Marie,         Debbie,         Damyanti,         Eyoalha,        

Jacob,      Justine,                  Lori,               Roo,                    Sanch   

More bloggers to link to in the coming months, for sure. “Old” ones, new ones.

Fiction/Story- and Poetry-writing:

We’ll see what happens.


I shared a poll last time, unfortunately, I think only one person voted. Kindly take the poll, pretty pleaaaasee…..? Not sure which to pick. Wanna cast your vote for me?


Christmas was good! The family celebrated it with the husband’s clan. Well, their clan, the husband’s and the kids’. A few dramas, but it was good. Several reasons why I chose to celebrate there, which I won’t delve into. I don’t see any reason for now not to do that again next year. Oh, and I won a TV from the Office party raffle! That was perfect since our old one has not been working for a long while. We were to have it fixed, then bam! Won the TV 😉

New Year’s Eve was good, too. Our little family was complete. The kids were happy, the husband was happy, I was happy. Best New Year’s I’ve had in years. There were only a few stuff on the table: spaghetti, chicken drumsticks, chocolate cake, and sliced bread. The spag and the drumsticks were a hit with some visitors, so it was totally great. Neighbors shared sopas (Filipino noodle soup), pansit (dried cooked noodles), “Graham” or “ref” cake (Google it, he he), and gelatin, which we all ate the following day (refrigerators are heaven-sent!).

We really wish to have a much better year this year.

The family hasn’t had a chance to eat out so we’ll probably do that one of these days. It’s gonna be a four-in-one celebration: Christmas, New Year, our second wedding anniversary (today, January 5), and my husband’s birthday (January 23). Hitting four birds with one stone, right? I’m just waiting for our family movie date to push through then we’ll do that on the same day.

Meanwhile,…Save for the new one, we’re done with all seasons of the  The Walking Dead. I admit to checking out IMDb every now and then. It does not really tell much, anyway, although I do find out a few things prior to watching episodes. I’m more interested in how the whole story is developed so a few spoilers do not really “spoil” me. I have read some reviews and reactions about Season 7, too, so at least, I am already warned especially about Episode 1. I told the kids Glenn dies in Episode 1–OOPS! SPOILER!!!

Well, I wanted to prepare them for what’s to come because apparently, fans were fuming over the violence and of Glenn dying (so what was Abraham, chopped liver?…OOPS! SPOILER AGAIN!!!). I understand about the latter, but the first complaint? It’s been there since the very first episodes. If you couldn’t handle it, you had the choice to turn your head away, change the channel, or turn the TV off entirely.

I’ve got more to talk about, but I realize this is becoming more of a feature on TWD, so I’ll save those for some other time.

Now that we’re temporarily done with TWD, can you recommend any good series? I’m continuing with CSI: Las Vegas, but my husband isn’t into it and it’s got too many sexy scenes (many unexpected) to skip over for the sake of the kids. So I’m going solo with this, as always. (Gosh, imagine once I start with Game of Thrones!)


….Alright, now that we’re up to speed, time to go writing more! Toodles!!! 😉