UPDATES and Thanks, WordPress!

Happy 12th Year to My Blog!!!

I remembered it last month but with many things going through my head, I forgot until Wordpess greeted me today. It’s really surprising how time flies.WP 12th

Anyway, thought I’d give updates. What have been going on lately?


Andrea So as Agent Red

1.  I am currently trying to finish the third installment of the Andrea’s Multiverse informal feature. I say “informal” ’cause, really, the articles tend to be long and are based more on my own research, thoughts, and even feelings sometimes. Long-time followers know that this is how I roll here in my part of the blogosphere.

I am making this feature for two reasons:

(a) I love content creator Andrea So who has inspired me to be creative again. Many have gifted her with artworks. Since I can’t do that, the feature is what I’ve made for her instead.

(b) It ticks me off that there aren’t enough resources for finding relevant information on her.  I do this for the sake of fellow-followers who keep asking her the same things.

It’s just like the case with Veerle Casteleyn. I have to update my writeup on her from time to time. Also, I finally created a Facebook fan page that should serve as a very good resource page. I believe that it is now the best place to find information on her, I am not gonna lie.

2.  I created a TikTok account mainly because I wanted to see all of Andrea’s video posts. I’ve posted a few stuff, too, but just for fun. Nothing that’s going to make me famous.  This is the only one that doesn’t involve singing:

3.  I had been confused lately if I am really an extrovert (ENFJ) rather than an introvert (INFJ). I found someone who is quite an introvert. The amount of things she said about herself that I, surprisingly, could relate to astounded me. This made me wonder if I could be borderline I/E. Truthfully, I was kind of interested in being an INFJ as it is the rarest personality type. Still, I didn’t want to be confused.

A few searches and I found this:
Most likely to mistype as: INFJ
Why the mistype happens: ENFJs are highly analytical in nature and tend to relate to many of the descriptions of their intuitive counterpart the INFJ – especially once they learn that INFJs are the most extroverted introverts. A good way to discern whether you are an ENFJ or an INFJ is to look at which tertiary function you’re most comfortable with –ENFJs usually look polished and put-together due to tertiary extroverted sensing, whereas INFJs may neglect aesthetics but are more comfortable with open-ended, logical reasoning (Introverted thinking) than ENFJs are.”  (Here’s Which Myers-Briggs Type You’re Most Likely to Mistype As)
I am so glad to have found this. This explained everything. Meanwhile, an INFJ personality is most likely to mistype as ENFJ, the second rarest personality type. The fact that, through research, I realized that I am the ‘Introvert ENFJimproved my understanding of myself. Feeling wrong or different (in the sense that I didn’t belong anywhere) always bugged me before. I now understand why I am a certain way or that.
I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, really. I can now focus more on trying the best ENFJ I can be.  
4. Aside from having found myself, in a manner of speaking, I also found out something really interesting back in July. This was information that came from a senior relative on my mother’s side whom I’ve only gotten to know a bit this past year or so online. I posted about it on Facebook:
“Okay, just got mind-blown. I found out last night that a popular part of this city used to be owned by my great, great grandfather. Nobody told me that until now.
Also, my guess that we probably have Chinese ancestors (like lots of Filipinos) was just confirmed minutes ago. The real surprise was I found out that we are also of Mexican descent!
On the other hand, it’s not really surprising as many Pinoys are of Spanish blood as well and Mexicans have their Spanish history. My grandfather’s cousin was a popular mestiza actress back in the SAMPAGUITA PICTURES and LVN FILMS years. (She endeared herself to fellow-Pinoys by being a public servant for many years.)
I really do want to know more so I will start finding out more information soon. I’m excited!!!
Okay, now that the updates are done, we go back to regular programming. 😉
P.S. I am in the process of transferring my book to Wattpad and copying my stories from here.

15 thoughts on “UPDATES and Thanks, WordPress!

    • I remembered you as an I and F comes before J always so I checked my first ever post on my type. I’m right, you said INFJ. I’m surprised that I actually made this comment:

      “Oh, I just read on your personality type and realized how much similar our types are! I wondered why I didn’t get INFJ as well at first. Then I found differences as well, which is probably because you are an ‘I’ while I’m an ‘E’.”

      I forgot I said that. Anyway, INFJs are said to be the most extroverted introverts. The INFJ girl I mentioned is like that. So charming, bubbly, and talkative yet so introverted in a lot of things she does and has interest in. (I really would like to be her when I grow up…LOL!!!)

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  1. Congratulations on 12 years of blogging. What a wonderful milestone. It seemed like only yesterday I discovered your blog, and well, here we are. Sometimes it can be hard to work out who we are, and how we really feel about ourselves. Sometimes maybe we are more extroverted, sometimes more introverted – and it depends on who we are around. Sounds like you are making progress on writing your book. Good on you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for the post’s layout. Dunno why I can’t fix it. I keep trying. I really want the real classic style of posting — less complicated.

      I’m not sure if I’ve asked you before but what is your personality type again? Me, I didn’t even know that ENFJ has so many layers. I’m so glad I found the INFJ girl because that forced me to do more digging. And now, I truly understand myself. I will not anymore beat myself up over things.

      Thanks for the greeting!!!


      • I thought the post layout was alright! Didn’t think anything of it to be honest. I prefer not to reveal my personality type online, but I am definitely an introvert 😄 I think we are who we are, and we all change over time – it creeps up on you.


        • Just whisper your personality to me then 😉 But yeah, I got the vibes that you’re an introvert. MY own personality’s confusing: I’m an introverted extrovert. But it now makes sense to me, at least.

          Regarding layout, I am referring to the (missing) paragraph and line spaces in the latter parts. Really ticks me off.

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