Andrea’s Multiverse (Part 1) : The Creator’s Points of View


Andrea So, the creator of her own Multiverse

It’s true.  I have not been writing much. I have not felt inspired enough. Inspiration comes and then goes away in a couple of days. It’s frustrating! So many things going through my mind that I can’t function the way that I used to. I’m so bored that I’ve unintentionally immersed myself more in social media, particularly YouTube. Ironically, that’s how I found Andrea Nicole So, a famous TikTok content creator. 

How I Found Andrea

I found one of her “Shorts”. A Short is a quick video that is sometimes uploaded on YouTube or Instagram by a TikTok creator to add/test the platform. This has been possible for quite sometime now. I was aware of it, only I did not give it mind. I’ve seen too many TikTok videos through Facebook Watch and many of them annoy me for various reasons. The worst are the thirst traps.

Anyway, I ended up enjoying Shorts from several American sitcoms. I also ended up looking at other TikTok videos, which was inevitable. One day, I came across this:    


#pov the drummer heard the guitarist (her crush) and the bassist talking about her during rehearsal

♬ original sound – Krystine

I’ve seen many fake-drumming online yet this one really caught my attention. I was curious if hers is real since I’m a frustated musician whose ultimate dream is to play the drums. Some stories I attempted to write before involved drummer girls because, well, girls playing drums seem so cool, I’m not gonna lie. Drummer girls rock!

I rewatched many times, listened well to the beats, and watched if she’s just flailing her sticks everywhere. She just missed the first cymbals, I should mention. Even so, I may not know how to play the drums but it doesn’t mean I’m blind. The sound may not be hers but the young woman knows what she’s doing.

What really interested me were her reactions. The large, expressive eyes, the cute little smile she tried to hide, and the consequent expressions intrigued me. She’s definitely a sight for sore eyes, but what was going on? I found the answer when I read the caption that started with “#pov”.

Point of View! Everything became clear to me then. POVs, in the TikTok world, are scenarios or skits that the creator puts characters in. They may be his ideas or suggested by followers. Generally, the creators themselves act in them and Andrea is no exception. The brief video of the Drummer Girl gives a glimpse of Andrea’s acting potential. (Of course, you’ll need to read the dialogues inserted onscreen to understand the story.  I actually did not give them mind the first times I watched. This video spawned Parts 2 and 3, by popular demand.)  

Other creators make POVs, too, except it was the first time I saw one that didn’t involve choices or numbers or whatever. Usually, they give POVs then the characters supposedly choose what to do, like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. The endings depend on their choices. The numbers either represent a character’s long (or short) life, or some individual rankings given by the government, etcetera. Many are weird scenarios…They’re all interesting enough yet I usually end up dissatisfied, if not disappointed, by the conclusions. Not to mention, by some terrible acting and script.

Andrea didn’t disappoint, not with this one, honestly. I liked her work. It made me curious to check out her other videos. Not surprisingly, like many creators, Andrea may have started with dance videos (I haven’t confirmed it, I just know she already deleted some older posts). I traced her posting history and found dance shorts showing her skills. The girl has got moves! Below is a more recent post with minimal movements. I chose to share it as I feel it represents her sweet, charming personality and personal style.   

This is Andrea So

Andrea is often easily mistaken as a Korean. When I first watched her works, I did not assume it but considered that she might be. There was no clue in the videos because the captions and onscreen dialogues are in English. However, I did not discount that she could be Filipino. We, Filipinos, are a mixed of races that it’s very possible, even with a family name like So. 

Online interviews I found indirectly confirmed that the 24-year-old grew up in the Philippines. In her livestsreams, she gets asked time and again about her nationality. She is Filipino by nationality. She is half-Chinese while the Filipino part has some Spanish blood in there somewhere. When Andrea sometimes replies to comments in conversational Tagalog, that surprises fans who wonder about her.

This short, one of my faves because it gives me the feels, should definitely confuse fans. With her acting and looks, she could pass as a K-drama star.


#pov the shy girl wanted to keep her relationship with the badboy a secret from her friends

♬ original sound – favsoundds

Notice that though the Drummer Girl, the real Andrea, and the Shy Girl/Girlfriend look similar (of course!), they also could pass as different people. It must be the mixed genes. In her earlier videos (she started POVs in January 2020), the Spanish in her sometimes manifest, so to speak. At least, in my opinion.

This ability to transform has helped her achieve a good status in the industry she’s chosen. Andrea is a college graduate who traded her otherwise wonderful first job for a career in entertainment where her work is a one-woman job. And she loves it!

She does everything, from conceptualizing to acting to editing, which is fine. A perfectionist knows that if you want something done your way, do it yourself. She is a writer who has always wanted to be an actress. Social media presented to her the opportunity. Andrea has grabbed it, works hard, and now enjoys the various fruits of her labor. Why not? She’s great at what she does, whether it’s light humor, romance, drama, even light action.

Here are just some samples of her POVs. Take note that some skits are done in response to different TikTok trends and challenges. Majority of them are her own ideas. Also, you can tell which ones were made much earlier based on the lighting and background — Don’t mind them. We all start somewhere. (Do click on the words in bold letters as they are links to videos.)

I really love her hair here. And notice the pen-twirling? She does that a lot and people want tutorials

#pov the badboy comes home and finds the babysitter dancing with his sister

The Babysitter is usually caught by the Bad Boy dancing trends with his sister

#pov you caught your new neighbor vibing in her room (musicAD)

♬ Sunshine – From the Motion Picture “Ron’s Gone Wrong” – Liam Payne
The Neighbor always forgets to close her windows when she’s dancing and the boy next door is often her amused audience

#pov the babysitter sings your younger sister to sleep | @cliftonguitars (ad)

♬ original sound – Andrea – Andrea
Andrea’s characters also often sing. Usually, like what other POV creators do, she does lipsyncing. This often spawns either requests for her to sing with her own voice, or negative comments that dare her to do it. Here she is singing with her own super-soft and sweet voice, not unlike her speaking voice. People are often surprised by her voice as they imagine it sounding differently, but also find it very soothing and pleasant

#pov the singer has a crush on the new drummer so he starts singing to her on stage

♬ original sound – “Drummer girl”
The Drummer Girl has three major looks in her POVs, depending on the story. There’s the sweet, wide-eyed cutie like the one in the first video. Then, sometimes, a tougher or even a meaner version. Then there’s this guy magnet above. Now, noticed the stick-twirling?…Meanwhile, The Guitar Girl and The Vocalist are variants.

#pov the playboy meets his match when he talks to the new girl

♬ original sound – Noah Jay Wood
One thing that you have to notice when Andrea does POVs are her actions and nuances. Here, see how her “steps” are in-sync with the beats. Honestly, too, she’s the best and most convincing “walker” I’ve seen so far. You don’t notice but she doesn’t really leave the spot unless she has to

#pov you (the player) try to make a move on the new girl but she’s already heard about your reputation

♬ Lips Are Movin – Meghan Trainor
I added this to show that she can also rap, although this is lipsynced. In her livestreams, she occasionally raps when singing along. Not bad at all as compared to other people.

#pov your nerdy best friend had too much to drink at the party

♬ lay it down by steelix – Tik Toker
The Nerd is a usual character who is also sometimes The Shy Girl, The Bestfriend (like here), even The Girlfriend. Andrea makes sure that she/they prove(s) to be talented and can also be attractive with the glasses on

#pov you’re working on your project together but you keep getting distracted

♬ original sound – kingtaehy – bonobonoya
The pretty girl that lets you forget where you are, maybe even who you are (ha ha)

#pov you (her bodyguard) came to rescue her alone

♬ never be the same – favsoundds
It’s not clear who she is supposed to be exactly, but this is one of my fave vids. I like the way she looks vulnerable, as she should be, and just love how her surprised reactions are in-sync with the song. Be more observant and you’ll find that in various videos, her facial expressions, particularly the eye movements, are on “beat”

#pov she’s had enough of the toxic relationship

♬ I Love You So – The Walters
A good example of Andrea’s dramatic acting. Did you feel that slap? She really loves making herself cry in scenes (so Filipino!). There are more where that came from

#pov you’re both the last agents alive on the mission #fyp #foryou

♬ Beggin – User
The agent that really made Andrea famous (More on her next time)

#pov the witch disguised herself as a maiden to seek revenge on the prince who broke her heart

♬ DARKSIDE – Neoni
She does her own twists to trends

Reply to @cutekobeng better?

♬ Material Girl – Madonna
I wasn’t her fan yet when the Material Girl trend happened, but I found that she has the nicest entries for it. This is my fave out of four, followed by the Top Gun-looking one. Her entries were the first ones she shared on YouTube and she immediately blew up
The creepiest entry for this audio, biases aside. This just proves how good an actor Andrea is. It REALLY scared me especially the first time I watched it
Andrea makes POV series as well. This was one of her most-followed on TikTok. She compiled it into one and posted on YouTube. It maybe rivaled by her recent series where the girl seatmate has a crush on the new guy


Andrea plays all of the characters above. She has more that she can summon. However, if you’ve followed her long enough, you know that, none of the others could be more iconic than these women:  


They are mostly behind Andrea’s continued rise in popularity. In fact, as of the moment, her verified TikTok account has 9.1 million followers, and counting. She is now also verified by YouTube, has received her gold play button, and just hit 1.38 million in number of subscribers (it was 1.36M last time I checked!). These female characters embody women independence and empowerment. They are strong, they can be fierce and fearless. That’s what endears them–what endears Andrea–to viewers more. She is not just a pretty face.      

Of course, she has detractors. Andrea has her share of online bullies, especially those that hide behind dummy accounts. How do they affect her? Let’s see. Everytime I see this, I swear, I feel a swell of pride, no exaggeration.          


#pov she gets to live in her own fantasy

♬ original sound – Karen Chen

There’s a Part 2! We’ll talk about these women in Andrea’s Multiverse, starting with Agent Red and The Faerie. BTW, ALL VIDEOS AND IMAGES BELONG TO MISS ANDREA SO.   

    TikTok: @andweaso YouTube: Andrea♡  Instagram:@andweaso


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