November 2016 RECAP #MonthlyRecap

I followed my own advice and chilled. Of course, whenever I couldn’t post, the blogger-guilt gnawed on me.

I always tell myself I am not in a good position to actually prioritize blogging. It is not my bread-and-butter, for one, then there are other important stuff to do, then my resources are scarce (I don’t feel the need to explain that one), and I prioritize family still. The big  takeaway in my so-called chilling means more family time, so I am not that sorry 🙂

So here’s a recap of my November 2016:


(1) I hope I gave you gravy with my hash potatoes 😉

#MondayMemoirs – No time to do this pre-Monday and during Monday. Will try again next time.

#MondayReviews (see An American Crime) – See? At least I had this one.

#TuesdayTunes (see Listening with Your Soul)

#AskWednesday (none this month, sorry)

#WhatsupWednesday (see Yo, Man! Imma Show Ya Rap Battles!) – I just introduced this to you last week. I enjoyed this post 🙂

#ThursdayTips (none) – Will make up for it soon.

#FeatureFriday – Because it’s November, I decided to make it a whole month of #FreakyFriday posts.

#FreakyFriday (see Life Lessons from “Train to Busan”, And RINGU was its name-o!) – Did miss one or two Fridays. I did promise true horror/ghost stories. Failed that one, but I am on it still.

Saturdays and Sundays, or any day, could be about anything. I will post anything when I feel like it, like Finding Grace in a Grilled Ham & Cheese that is a reblog of another writer’s wonderful and heartfelt post. Very relatable.

I also shared three poems written in Filipino in one post: Tula ng Puso: Pananampalataya, Pag-ibig, Pag-asa (Poems of the Heart: Faith, Love, Hope). It was as part of the requirements for a local contest that I decided to join and I was just fortunate to beat the already-extended deadline. I am not sure, though, as of this moment, if my entry made the cut, so to speak. If it didn’t, well, that hurts my ego, but then I can’t mope around. Instead, get better, right? There will always be winners and non-winners. There are many talented writers out there, and many more untapped ones.

(3) My Trending Stories. I failed my November here. I have actually emailed them something and they have promised to make it a better experience for MTS bloggers.

Social Media Reach-out:

Again, I am very thankful to new followers. And of course, I am also very thankful to those who have followed me over the months, especially the years. I shared some of them to you last time. Let me share more–people who follow me and/or whom I follow–and you’re welcome to visit their blogs. Also adding people I actually personally know. You might have to jump over to other blogging platforms like Blogger, though. If I haven’t mentioned you yet, nothing personal, okay? Will get to you.

Here they are in alphabetical order (I am re-mentioning one because I gave the wrong link last time, I just found out now, and I’ve edited appropriately):

Andy,         Cole,         Diana,         Fran,                    

Jason,       Meikah,    Tobe,          Victo      

More bloggers to link to in the coming months, for sure. “Old” ones, new ones.

Fiction/Story- and Poetry-writing:

Well, I mentioned already the contest I joined. Meanwhile, this made me think of honing my craft more. I have cooked up a few personal plans for a few but very important personal reasons.


I was in an unintentional hiatus from reading, but have just started again. I am just having trouble prioritizing since I am interested in both The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. Not sure which to pick. Wanna cast your vote for me?


We’re done with season 1 and half of season 2 of  The Walking Dead. Some episodes unexpectedly made me tear up.


I was distraught with what happened to Dale because I liked him, and I never really had a grandpa. Good that he and Andrea kind of made up already; bad that the others let him down just before he died — in fact, that’s why he was roaming away from safer grounds. Good he wasn’t bitten; bad that he still died a horrible death. Why couldn’t they just let him die from accident while fighting off the zombie??? Or let him die with a heart attack or something while the others killed the walker?

Later, Shane died, too, and I didn’t see that coming. He was  increasingly being impossible and that’s what made the character more interesting (disappointing if he were a real person). I think he should have stayed longer–he was impossible but he was still an ally. And it would make for a more interesting storyline.

Lastly, Lori died as well. She wasn’t Mrs. Perfect, but I don’t understand what I’ve read about viewers hating her. Her reactions were understandable, even her fears. Didn’t make her right, but didn’t make her evil either….So I got distraught again when she died due to childbirth. I’m even surprised she got that far without suffering a miscarriage with all the stress and running around.

Good that she didn’t die because she got bitten; bad that after Carl made sure she wouldn’t turn (what Carl did was heartbreaking for both of them if it were real), a walker would eat all of her, anyway. That made me mad. What, the writers couldn’t let Carl and Maggie make sure the door wouldn’t be opened? Shane did that for Rick.  Maybe they should have let her turn first then have Carl shoot her, so at least, she wasn’t served meal to any walker that happened on her.

Winners! Me and Ian

Aaaaand…I just spent much space discussing about The Walking Dead, ha ha haaaa!!!!

Meanwhile, can you guess what this pic’s about? Clues: office, hunting, game, most candies, longest, Halloween, winners…

Till next time!!! 🙂

11 thoughts on “November 2016 RECAP #MonthlyRecap

  1. I haven’t watched The Walking Dead. I don’t think I could handle it. I tried to get into Westworld, but stopped because I lost interest. Of course, now it’s gaining popularity and I think things got interesting. I might have to return to that one. But honestly, just watching the US’ version of The Office. Something light and silly to offset all the hard work I’ve been going through this term!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was really curious about it because it’s one show people had been talking about and I’m sick and tired of not being able to relate half of the time. We don’t have cable at home, plus the TV is currently busted. So I thought of getting into the series.

      I’m into CSI: Las Vegas, but it’s something that’s less kid-friendly. At least with TWD, the sexy/nude scenes are much less (I do make sure I either check first or we’re with the kids when we watch so we can skip those scenes).

      I am just wondering why I can look at all the gore at CSI, but I tend to turn my head away watching TWD…


  2. Good to know you know what you enjoy, like the Walking Dead. I don’t watch TV anymore so I won’t chime into that conversation 😀 I feel you when you say you scratch your head over what to write. That is me a lot of the time, don’t know what to write for my own blog or when I do, just not feeling it lol.

    Congrats on winning things in the office comp! You actualyl won candy? It looks like a lot of things you won there with Ian 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually , I have lots of ideas about what to post, but I often do not have the time to do post due to other stuff that need my attention.

      As for the contest, well, we didn’t have a Halloween party this time. But we went out for lunch while our head hid candies and other simple treats all over the office. When we got back, we threw the office into chaos candy-hunting. We weren’t allowed to eat any yet as each “group” (we were grouped into 2s) were to align the candies to try to form the longest line. Ian and I not only got the most treats, it also just happened that we found the most frosties, which were long. So we won. Ian only ate a bunch of his treats and gave everything to me instead of us dividing the loot. I put them all in that capped plastic container I was holding, though the frosties were too long to fit in it. The square boxes were also treats that were our prizes (I hadn’t had the time to rip off the wrapper off one of mine). It really was all for fun. And the good news was I had lots of treats when I got home for the kids. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, so many frosties. It sounds like a good time to spend part of the afternoon at the office – and I’m inclined to think everyone in your office got some kind of treat to munch on for the rest of the afternoon 🙂 Haha, I’m guessing the kids were delighted to rip off the wrapper, like presents for them 🙂 My corporate office doesn’t do these kinds of scavanger hunts. Very civilised – someone will bring treats and they will be put in bowls on the table, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        • That would be nice, too! 😉

          We used to have some kind of Halloween celebration these past years, we’d be wearing costumes, having a little party. But because it so happened that several have left to look for greener pastures (some abroad), we’ve kind of lost the spirit, know what I mean? So we settled for a group lunch-out and a game. It was still fun 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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