“Which fictional character that you created is your favorite, and why?” #atozchallenge2017

So I was late with my F post. Blame it on my very slooooow connection (very slow laptop, actually). And admittedly, I was pretty much preoccupied. The slowness was getting on my nerves on top of that. Anyway, on with my post..

Fictionists, as we know, create characters from their own imagination. Yes, maybe the characters are loosely based on other existing book/movie/TV characters or even actual persons. However, they still have their own personalities, backgrounds, battles to win. Now, being their creators’ brainchild (brainchildren???), for sure, they are special. Do these writers also have favorites, too?

Mine would be Maya, who has been with me, so to speak, half my life, I think. At first, I thought I had a clear view of what I wanted her to be, but I wasn’t ready. I got stumped. For years, her story went on and off, longer than I care to admit. I do feel a bit thankful that I waited because now, she is clearer to me. I know what she is now, I know what I want from her. She is part-me, part-Brennan of BONES, part-Abby of NCIS, and part-whatever things that are unique to her. She is as I have planned long ago, my own contribution to Philippine literature and my own way of introducing the Filipino to the world….Now, if I can only finish it now, that would be awesome! Will carry on, of course.

I was curious about other writers and their creations. I, therefore, posted this question over at Quora:

“Which fictional character that you created is your favorite, and why?”

Luckily, I found people who were willing to share. I think they deserve to be featured simply by sharing. Find out their answers below. Maybe you’ll like their books. Click on the screenshots to get to their respective pages.


Do you have your own faves? Please share and don’t forget to leave your relevant links in the comments! Meanwhile, working on my G post.

F is for “Fictional Character”

This piece serves as my Letter F post for the A to Z Challenge 2017.

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17 thoughts on ““Which fictional character that you created is your favorite, and why?” #atozchallenge2017

  1. J.Hi., I like your Maya character! She’s growing up with you! I made up a romantic character for my protagonist Elizabeth. Exactly as I would have liked the perfect man to be. Even though the book is based on real events, parts are fictional. Having fun creating the relationship. Happy Sunday!🎶💛 Christine (CE)

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  2. What a neat idea! I wound up with a huge crush on Gilbert Rochambeau, from my “Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes” series. Gilbert started out with a very small role in the first book, “In The Eye of The Beholder,” but soon showed me that he had a whole lot more to do than just be the majordomo. In fact, he turned out to be sort of quietly bad-ass. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here; I look forward to reading more.

    Sharon E. Cathcart
    Award-winning Author of Fiction Featuring Atypical Characters

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  3. There is a Hindi movie where the hero has a fictional character in mind for his play and he calls her Maya. Then one day, he finds a beautiful actor who fits the description of Maya 🙂 interesting, right?

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    • Yes, very nice coincidence! Maya has been a favorite name of mine ever since I was little. There was this actress-singer on TV named Maya Valdez. It was not that I was a fan as i was not really (hey, I was a kid), buy I have loved the name all my life. She is now called Mitch Valdez, I don’t know the story behind the change. Got the chance to see her perform a standup comedy act at the homecoming event of the tertiary school I worked for before–she was funny!

      Thanks for the visit and the comment! 🙂


  4. The Maya you created sounds very smart given the Brennan+Abby influences. I’ve always hesitated to create characters as I don’t want to get too attached to them…because then I’ll really spend wayyyy too much time on the writing. Then again, it’s when we become attached to our characters that we feel them and that helps makes out words convincing 😊

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