Limited Internet connection!

Finally, I am able to log in. I’m on the bus taking advantage of the WiFi and using my not-so high-tech tablet. I’m supposed to log in to Facebook but for some reason, I can’t connect, so since my blog posts make it to my newsfeed anyway…

I’m just so mad at myself. To make the long story short, I tripped on the cable of my laptop’s charger and bam! My netbook fell at my feet. Hit my foot actually and scratched my lower right leg. That did it. The screen is not working! I can hear it start/restart (the sound it makes while showing me the page where I’m supposed to type in my password), but there’s nothing on the screen.

*sigh* I am so frustrated right now.

Super Freaky Pranks!

Last week, my Friday post was days earlier. And now, I’m late! Blame it on my connection. I tried. Anyway,…

It’s #FreakyFriday, folks! For this week, I thought I’d share some freakin’ scary prank videos. Now, these have made the rounds already and chances are, you’ve already seen them, anyway. Then again, I’m not really sure, am I?

Yipes!!!…Nice doggie….Please don’t eat me….

Here comes Chucky!!! (Scary and dangerous prank, really)

I’ll take the stairs, thank you very much!!!

I do need to give my opinion on these. While these may have caused the exact reactions the producers were aiming for. I have reservations about creating such pranks that, though genius and made just for laughs, may not be as harmless to the victims as we think.

We do not know everyone’s condition so I am especially concerned when pranks involve old people. We do not want any heart attacks. And what about the premises? Should you really scare and run after people who might flee in fright right smack speeding vehicles? And what about scarring a child by giving him such trauma for the rest of his life? I even remember news of a victim suing a popular show because she got the surprise of her life and she tripped–she was pregnant. Don’t know if anything happened to the baby but if it was okay, it didn’t make the prank excusable and the people behind it not liable.

What do you think?

A Garfield Throwback

While I try to actually have time to finish my draft on the recent Komikon, here’s one thing worthy of #ThrowbackThursday:



A letter from the creator himself

Here’s what the letter said…

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your wonderful letter. I’m delighted you enjoy GARFIELD and thank you for following his daily antics.

I’ve enclosed an autographed print that I hope you will enjoy.

GARFIELD and I will do our best to keep you entertained.




A specially printed paper with Jim Davis’ autograph on it

Okay, I know that celebrities–and that includes famous cartoonists like Jim Davis–often just hire people to do this kind of stuff for them. But I know the autograph is real. That’s because I found out how to send him a letter and if he would answer himself from a kid’s magazine. There was a sort of directory meant for parents giving the right addresses to write to for their kids and explaining who actually answered and how. For instance, any adult would know that the Sesame Street puppets and muppets weren’t real. So the magazine honestly said that a staff would “write back” to the kids as Big Bird or Elmo or whoever, being “in character.”

Well, I definitely wasn’t a kid anymore and wouldn’t want someone pretending to be GARFIELD writing to me. So I straight out told Jim in the letter my age and asked if it would be okay for him to send me an autograph either signed on a printed thing or even just simple paper. So he did! Such a cool guy! You can even examine the thing and you’ll know it’s not some signature already printed along with the Garfield and Odie image.

Anyhoo, that’s what I thought of posting today. Kind of timely as it’s Thursday, isn’t it?

Writers, Artists and Copyright

Very interestingly, an infographic on copyright law was published online by GMA News. I looked at it and have found it very useful and not at all that hard to understand, even though they mentioned about misunderstanding jargon if one has no background in law. Honestly, I didn’t see much jargon there at all. But if one is a bit at a loss, it won’t hurt to do a little research by making a Google search, for instance, or checking out online dictionaries and encyclopedia (I like using a lot). Some of these stuff, we have discussed before (HERE and HERE).

While the infographic basically tackles copyright law for writers and artists in the Philippines, it can definitely be informative for non-Filipinos and non-Philippine dwellers. Besides, as mentioned in it, ours is based on the US Copyright Law and the US, as we know, is often the accepted basis of things worldwide. Some may contest, maybe, but I did say “often”, not “always”.

Check out this infographic and I hope you find it useful :)

Copyright Law for Writers and Artists


The Philippine Copyright Law for Writers and Artists, based on the US Copyright Law

What The Voices Said To Me

J.Gi Federizo:

For some reason, I’ve been hit by the reblogging bug. This must be the week that I’ve reblogged more than once. Well, though I thought earlier that I already met my reblog quota, allow meto do this one last time for this week. I am re-sharing an actual anecdote that is both funny and insightfulL. Do yourself a favor and read on :)

Originally posted on Behind the White Coat:

San Antonio 128

The unkempt man before me looked at the floor, his discomfort playing on his face as he hesitated. “Doc, I think I am having a problem with parasites…”

“Really? Tell me about it.” I braced myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

This sort of thing never was.

“When I take a shower, these worms come out of my ass and then squirm back into my body through my toenails.” He went on to tell me how for months this had been going on. He was too scared of these worms to take a shower now.

His eyes met mine. He was terrified. Terrified of them. Terrified of me. Terrified of what I would think of him.

“Oh.” I grimaced. In my head I was thinking “Riiiight…” What I said instead was, “Well, I will want a stool sample, of course….”

He stood up, excited, and started digging…

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Jesus loves you…so I don’t have to

J.Gi Federizo:

This should be a shoo-in for my #FreakyFriday theme for the whole November, except it isn’t Friday yet. Well, the badge and the words aren’t mine, and sensitive people might just get offended so don’t say I/we didn’t warn you, but I think any sane people will agree with Oliver’s thoughts here (BTW, thanks for allowing the reblog, Oliver) . This is just so sad. And I think that regardless of whether these incidences were intentional or not, letting your little one die like that is…I dunno. You fill in the blanks ’cause I’m trying very hard not to say bad words…

Originally posted on Chronicle of a Wayward Son:

Spoiler alert: I am very pissed off and writing from a place of indignation. If that’s not your cup of tea tonight, please bail

You Have Got To Be Kidding

Not again…not friggin again!

Again!? Really!? In light of yet another genius “parent” who can’t be bothered to remember he has offspring with him I decided to reblog my earlier post on topic.

While this guy doesn’t seem to be the complete douchebag package that Ross Harris is, it is still unforgivable stupidity to forget your kid. I am not talking about a 5 minute lapse where you perhaps start to walk away because you are distracted for a moment. I’m talking about the “I’ll go about my entire day without thinking about my kid” kind of lapse that leads to a shake and bake child.

It takes a village …of shitty parents

I am just astounded that there have been nearly 20 child deaths this year…

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Into The Woods We Go Again…

J.Gi Federizo:

And because I am a musical freak, I am sharing Miss Alli’s post. I haven’t seen this one on stage so I was glad to find her post in my Reader. ENJOY!!!

Originally posted on Eclectic Alli:

You have to, every now and then…

Into The Woods

Into the Woods

Into the Woods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim

“Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell, children will listen…”

fairy-tale-blogathon-forbidden-fruit - CopyToday I’m participating in a Fairy Tale Blogathon, hosted by Movies Silently!  I highly encourage you to check out the  other posts, where bloggers are exploring movies (and shows) inspired by Fairy Tales.

Of course, I snatched up Into The Woods (and by snatched I mean I saw that no one had said they’d write about it and was downright gleeful).  I’ve written a bit already about Into The Woods (and have plans to go see it…perhaps on Christmas.)

Into The Woods is one of those shows that weaves together well known fairy-tales, with new twists.  Into The Woods also draws on other works.  In an interview in the Paris Review, Sondheim notes that, while…

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Putting the Black Hat On (Just for Halloween!)

First off, let me tell you, we do not really have Halloween here. Halloween was just more of a Western idea that we often saw in American movies and TV shows. I say “was” because in the past decade, more or less, Filipinos have begun adhering to the Western practice of having Halloween parties, donning costumes and letting kids go trick-or-treatin’ within their neighborhoods, sometimes even in malls (it’s become a commercial thing now, too). In some areas, they have taken to having monster parades, no matter how silly the costumes are sometimes.

Halloween is still not a widely practiced new tradition for reasons I really don’t need to mention for now, but it has become such to others. It wasn’t a tradition that most of us grew up observing. What we really observe are All Saints Day and All Souls Day on November 1st and 2nd respectively. We go back to our hometowns and provinces to flock the cemeteries and visit the dead. In some ways, it has become a sort of annual reunion for families.

I am not really going to talk about tradition, not right now. I just thought I’d give you a little background on how it really is here.

Our office did have our own li’l Halloween fun. Our branch did not really have Halloween parties before, but we did begin having contests (although most would rather participate in the Christmas celebrations instead). I won in one (in 2012, yay!!!), at least in the office, and last year was extra fun for all of us!

This year’s theme was “Techie,” or “Internet-related.” It was up to us what to do so, still in keeping with the occasion, I came up with my costume and called it…

The Black Hatter


HALLOWEEN 2014! Theme: Techie. I came as “Black Hatter” or a black hat hacker, out to steal your passwords, personal/private information (credit, bank, AdSense account), hijack emails and YouTube, cheat Google Panda and Penguin, and basically wreak havoc, unleashing viruses, worms, bugs…MALWARE MAYHEM!!!!

What is The Black Hatter? S/he is one who does what is termed as black hat SEO practices, also often a bad hacker. To know more, well, it’s very Goog-able (he he…I came up with that one first, okay?). Or you can read the image caption above for an idea, at least. Also, the caption explains the whole look.

BY THE WAY, this in NO WAY means I do black hat, alright? I don’t even have the know-how to do those! This was just for cosplaying purposes.

Let me just say I poured my heart and soul in creating this look (the mention of heart and soul makes it more Halloween-y, don’t you think? he he). The cost was very minimal because I only bought two inexpensive materials — the rest were already available. I did spend many hours in the evenings drawing and painting and basically coming up with appropriate props.


What’s a hacker without a computer? In this case, it’s a tablet keypad to serve as laptop


So those were supposed to be a virus and a worm. Had to keep the gummy worms in the fridge for days before I attached them to the jacket and hoped the ants wouldn’t get to them first — they didn’t. HA!



I suddenly got inspired and made two of this bug


Your GMail, compromised


Death to Yahoo!


DisLIKE-ing Facebook






As additional and important props, I carried a stick from which hung representations of those that a black hatter hits and/or ruins — browsers, search engines, Emails and social media (above are just some of them). It was not only to show the extent of what a black hatter can do, but also to emphasize how hackers like to brag about their conquests.

Oh, and for sure you noticed that red (supposedly a shade of orange) thingy on the front of my jacket. I specifically searched for the icon for malware and found it. It did kind of remind me of something but I dismissed the idea until one said, “I know you’re supposed to be Black Hat but why do you have Naruto‘s mangekyou sharingan there?”


Various sharingan “designs,”from the popular mangaNaruto

Uh…oh. Alarm bells went off in my head and I thought, I KNEW it was a sharingan! But why did Google give it? Thankfully, two peeps said it was the icon for “biohazard.” Well, after careful research, I have concluded that no, it’s not a sharingan, and it’s not 100% exactly the same as the biohazard icon, although we know where the inspiration for it came from.

After all the thinking and effort, I didn’t win, HA HA HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I enjoyed it. Below are more pics from our itty-bitty party :)


Instagram Sadako. Great idea by Jane C.


Real-life sweethearts, Count Yahoo! Messenger and the Dancing SnapChat (maybe she’ll let us see her little dance)…Cutie-much!


Android E. has lost his screws!

Basketball-ing kitty? Nope. Just Firefox hugging the world

Basketball-ing kitty? Nope. Just Mr. Firefox hugging the world


Doro the Internet Explorer: The new creepy


Speaking of creepy…..!!!!


Well, Safari got lost (broken compass, maybe), but here are your browsers: Doro the IE  who is perennially behind, Chrome Mama (THE WINNER because everybody just wanted to wear the costume, he he), Mr. Firefox, and Opera Diva


Hashtag Lady says she doesn’t have a costume every year, then she whips out one #indenial


Being a very flexible icon, the hashtag is paired everywhere. Here, a smiling Sadako is forced–er–asked to be the Hashtag model #tree. The list continues with #van, #trashcan, #bike, #person, #yougettheidea


Costume failed but this one joins the party anyway


He’s getting made up impromptu #nocostume


How bitter is this mini-Chrome when he comes in to find a giant Chrome? LOL!!!


No costume, too, but don’t you just like his art?


Preparing for the Annual Walk. It’s not the same without the Annual Walk


Group shot! Too bad Mr. Firefox left early. ;) Oh, and introducing Ms. C-Prompt sitting at far right


Wacky Techies!


Photos courtesy of the office peeps so please do not distribute…Just feel free to link back to here, if ever.



Do you have any pics or stories to share from last Halloween? Share to us! We’d like to see what you’ve been up to ;)


J.Gi Federizo:

Well, it’s November and I thought I’d do a Freaky Friday theme this whole month. As my first F.F., here is a story I wrote several years ago. I hope new readers will like it :)

Originally posted on The End Justifies the Journey:

Photo Copyright ©  J.Gi Federizo

HE watches her from afar, feeding his hunger for her with his eyes. Ah, but the night is long. Hallow’s Eve has always been long for Daniel Marco.

Tonight at the Ball, he sits at a lonely table, unmindful of all the meaningful glances thrown his way by coquettish vixens. He drinks all the merriment in as he sips a glass of blood-red wine, which is all but fitting. He has come here as Count Dracula, that vile man condemned and accused centuries ago. Some say Vlad Tepes never really drank anyone’s blood, that the manner in which he killed was by impaling his innocent victims. Yet, history has not completely proven it true or otherwise. Always, there are only speculations, speculations and nothing else.

However, it is the least in Daniel’s thoughts. Tonight, his thoughts and his eyes are on her, and her alone…

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Everybody Loves Comedy…

J.Gi Federizo:

I may or may not be able to join this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. If you have any post to share, now is the right time to do so, and you can even win a prize for it! Good luck!

Originally posted on White Girls Be Like...:

(Seriously, folks. Tell your friends. Get hyped. There are gift cards at stake!!)

Okay, so in honor of next week’s first official Funny Blog Friday #FBF (which you can read about here), I’m hosting a little competition. Basically, you can submit a great post to me, new or old, that I will post on my blog next Friday (October 31st) when there will be a lot of traffic.

(We’re pretty much starting a social media movement. Like Live Aid but better.)

My favorite submissions will be posted here and the best post will be featured and that person will get a $25 gift card to their choice of these establishments. (Only because they’re the only gift cards on Amazon that can be delivered virtually.) Then, next Friday, there will also be a lottery for another gift card for anyone who comments on my post that day. Even…

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