Rock, Liebster!

I am not much into awards. I do appreciate when they are given sincerely. That said, I appreciate very much the nomination for a Liebster Award that I have just been given — my first of the award and my very-first online award, ever! (*thrilled-much*)

Thank you so much to Life, the Universe and Lani. I am happy because I am confident that she gave this nomination to me with her sincere heart, and I feel so honored by it. I like following Lani’s blog because I like that I get to learn things from other people’s experiences and stories (that I either can relate to or would not have otherwise known), thoughts and opinions — she has a lot of those. It’s a plus that she has a nice sense of humor as well. I like people with a sense of humor, takes your mind away from the burdens of the world. I urge you to visit her blog, and honestly, I’m saying this not because of this award but because even without it, I would have listed hers down as one of my favorite blogs to visit, anyway :)

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Each person who is nominated must post 11 things about themselves.
2. You must also answer the questions that the tagger set for you in addition to creating 11 questions for the people you nominate to answer.
3. Nominate 5 – 11 of your favorite bloggers and link them in your post.
4. Go to your nominees’ pages and tell them.
5. Thank and link back to the person’s blog who nominated you.


Okay, the 11 THINGS ABOUT MYSELF. Don’t ask me why 11 and not 10 or a dozen as I have no idea. For this, I thought I’d link you to my USELESS BITS page instead, which lists more than 11. Just go on and click on the link.


Now the 11 QUESTIONS FOR ME–make that 5 questions–that Lani wants me to answer:

1. How do you decide what to write about?

Currently, I write for two reasons–work and leisure/pleasure.

For work, sometimes I am asked to write, sometimes I am asked to come up with the topics, have others write them then edit. I do a lot of research to come up with topic ideas. Usually, I just edit others’ works but I still end up adding something here and there, or if a writer misses a deadline and we are pressed for time, I write it myself. But I currently have assignments of my own.

For leisure/pleasure, I don’t have an exact formula, if you can call it that. I just write what I want to write, share what I want to share, which is what my blog is about. I always have a lot of ideas swimming in my head. The question is when do I have the time to write or finish them? If you look at my dashboard right now, you’ll see various drafts waiting to be given attention.

2. What inspired your blog name?

When I decided to create my first public Multiply account (all of my blogs before were on private mode, so to speak), I decided that it would chronicle my journey as a person, something that would be a reminder of who and what I was. It would be something that when my time comes to leave this earth, I would look back and smile and say it was all worth it. Maybe it won’t matter to anyone else especially when I am gone, but it will matter to me to see where my journey has taken me and how. So while I was thinking of my “end” and contemplating on a blog name, a saying that I’ve always liked came to mind: “The end justifies the means.” I decided to tweak it a bit to The End Justifies the Journey. What I will be in the end will be the result of my life’s journey, just like how it is going to be for everyone else.

I’m not trying to be profound here, but hey, you asked ;)

3. What was the best present ever given to you?

I don’t get a lot of presents, even when I was in school, plus my birthday falls in the summer month, May, so yeah, no classes. That said, I always treasure anything, and I do mean anything, given me especially if it is given sincerely and thoughtfully. I don’t care if it’s expensive, if you buy it with your hard-earned money, or if it won’t cost you a thing; it’s the sincerity of the act that I value more and I am always thankful for.

But I do have an answer. It would have been really hard to decide which present I should say is the best if not for a friend who, two years ago, brought me to a very special place. This place was where I received the best gift and I have not been the same since. I wish I could share it to the world. In time, maybe.

Sorry if I am being vague, but that is my answer.

4. Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been?

I haven’t really been to a lot of places yet. In random order, I’ve been to:

(a) Surigao, notably Siargao Island and Cloud Nine

(b) The Banaue Rice Terraces of Ifugao

(c) some historic landmarks and a beach in Cebu (lovely ocean!)

(d) Ilocos Norte with its various churches and architecture that date back to the Spanish era (here) and even beyond

(e) Potipot Island in Zambales

(f) museums, bookstores and libraries!!!!

I honestly need to go out more.

5. What is the best job you’ve ever had?

There are three: I enjoyed my first job in a university, that’s for sure, because I met a lot of my first friends in the mature world who taught me how it is in the “real world” outside school. Meanwhile my work in an NGO was/is the most meaningful, for sure as well, too bad I probably wasn’t cut out for it. But being a writer, or writing per se, still takes the cake for me, ’cause I get to do what I love and what I know confidently enough that I can do at the same time, as opposed to feeling awkward/incompetent when I’m not sure if I’m doing something correctly. I am not referring to a particular position but the writing tasks I’ve been doing in my past and present professional life.


Now, we go to the 11 QUESTIONS FOR MY NOMINEES. To my nominees, answering these is not compulsory, of course. But it would be nice to know you more. In case you want to share, feel free to answer all or any :) I thought I’d answer them myself, too.

1. What inspired your blog name? (I’m copying this one because it is a very good question)

Done. Check above.

2. Who do you consider as your hero(s)/heroine(s)?

My parents. Cliché, but true. Too bad I realized this too late.

3. Do you have a weird habit? Give at least one that you have. 

As said in the link I gave, “I keep the spoon in the mug even while I drink my coffee, choco or juice.”

4. What is the best thing you like about yourself? Don’t be shy or humble. Just spill it out. ;)

Good listener, sound adviser.

5. Is there a question that people usually ask you ? Kindly share and (hopefully) give us the answer as well.

“Is your hair naturally curly?” The answer is YES.

6. Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek

7. What are you currently reading? (Not original but…)

“The Paranormal Revolution”

8. Any hidden talent? Of course, please share.

Croaking like a frog. Freaks out people. I could probably learn how to beatbox, that would be interesting.

9. Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk or Captain America?  

The Hulk

10. What do you collect?

Various stuff, some you can’t even imagine. I do like to say I collect memories. Someday, I’ll have a museum and you can all go visit.

11. Facebook or Twitter?



I am nominating people with whom I have had very insightful and educational discussions with, who care about their followers and whose sites I really enjoy visiting (and I think you should as well). If you don’t find yourself tagged here, please don’t be offended. Meanwhile, if you’ve done this already and do not wish to participate anymore, kindly give us a link to your Liebster Award page — I really do want to read your answers! If you can’t answer because it does not follow your blog’s strict format, or you simply just don’t want to, no biggies, we understand :)

And in alphabetical order, the 11 NOMINEES are…


Basil Rene








Tobe Damit

Yelling Rosa


THANKS, Guys!!!! I look forward to reading your answers :)





He’s the Real Masterpiece

While I am working on various stuff, I’ve decided to share this for now. I am very much in awe of the man and his excellent talent. I can’t even imagine how his brain works! But what’s really inspiring is his disposition despite his condition. He reminds us that no matter how difficult things may seem, there is always something to be joyful and thankful for. (And I will never look at typewriters the same way again!)


Please click on the image to get to the Urban Times page where the video is. I can’t post the video here because I am not sure about the copyright. It was posted by John Stofflet and I’m not sure if it’s his voice doing the narrating, but he seems to be the guy talking to the artist. Seems like the video was first shown on King-TV back in 2004 (says there in the YouTube page).




I Will Remember You

Today, September 10, is my father’s birthday. If he were still here, he would be 73. I would probably be home and he, my mother and I would be eating something special together at the dinner table. If not tonight, I would make sure to be home this weekend to spend the special day with the family.

He would have complete rein over the TV…Well, maybe not complete; it would not be realistic if we didn’t fight over it a bit . Maybe we’d playfully spar a little, too (I was his “alternative son”, anyway), or I’d kiss him so hard on the cheek that would make him cry out, or I’d tickle his belly that would send him laughing hysterically and my mother would shout at me to stop it. Of course, my sister and her family would most definitely be calling from Surigao to greet him, and he would be so happy hearing from his grandchild whom he didn’t remember most of the time but she was always in his heart.

I would be gifting him with a jacket or a baseball cap or even food that would be just specially for him. Since he became home-bound, it was not easy to think of other kinds of gifts for someone like him anymore. But you know what? He was always glad to receive and he would wear the clothes or cap as proudly as he wore jackets and caps back when he was still Sir Federizo, the P.E. teacher who taught most of the barrio kids how to play excellent volleyball and brought them to athletic meets — the glory days that seemed just years ago to him. If it’s food, he would be teasing my mother, taunting her because I gave it to him and she had none, then he would laugh his happy laugh like he pulled a funny trick on you.

If his birthday happened to be on a Saturday, for sure, we would be watching Maalaala Mo Kaya. My mother and I would wait till end credits. The theme song would start and there would be a sudden sparkle in his eyes like he remembered a lovely memory, but before he could say something, I’d blurt out without pause, “Dade, you sang that song in a choir when you were fourteen, right, because your teacher made you all sing, but you didn’t really sing and just moved your mouth and your group won second place anyway!” He would give an amused or astonished look wondering how in the world I knew, then laugh scratching his head after my telling him how. Every time we watched it in many years, he would always proudly tell the story like it was the first time.

Well I miss that. And that was why even though some probably thought it corny, it was one of the songs I requested that be played as we laid him to rest on May 27, 2012. Of course, I cried. And for a long time I refrained from watching the show. if only to avoid the song. But I miss his face, his voice, his laughter, his stories. So today, I would like to send this special gift to him, one that I know he will hear.

I love you, Dade, and I miss you, and yes, palagi kitang maaalala, narito ka sa puso ko (I will always remember you, you are here in my heart).


The song above was sung by Dulce and is the most-played (I think) and best (my opinion) version. Lyrics below. First in Filipino, then my English translation, although I’d rather call it interpretation because I did my own take on it a bit:



Written and Composed by Constancio de Guzman

Maalaala mo kaya ang sumpa mo sa akin
Na ang pag-ibig mo ay sadyang di magmamaliw?
Kung nais mong matanto, buksan ang aking puso
At tanging larawan mo ang doo’y nakatago

“Di ka kaya magbago sa iyong pagmamahal?”
Hinding-hindi giliw ko hanggang sa libingan

O kay sarap mabuhay, lalo na’t may lambingan
Ligaya sa puso ko ay di na mapaparam



Would you still remember a promise made
That your love for me would never ever fade?
Look inside my heart, should you wish to see
And you shall find only an image of you in me

“Could you possibly have a change of heart?”
No, never, my darling, till death do us part

Oh, what wonderful life, to share love so tender
My happy heart will stay with you forever


Sunflowers for You, Tina

Dear Tina,

We may or may not have met even on the web, but that does not matter because I know you were already blessed with many friends and they were blessed to be yours.

I wanted to buy you a really nice sunflower, or a plastic one, at least. However, I did not come across anything that looked okay enough. Why give something that I know I, myself, wouldn’t like? I don’t want sincerity to be half-baked, ’cause that’s not called sincerity at all.

So I searched for sunflowers online and now happily share this:


I got this HERE. Thank you to the owner of the blog and the original owner of the picture

It’s a sunflower farm! Now you can go visit anytime and as long as you want and enjoy your sunflowers. You can even enjoy with them a great view of the famous Mayon Volcano. Isn’t nature awesome? But I guess you already know that. #LifeisGood, as I heard you always said. That’s a very good way to look at things and should be everyone’s mantra.

Do enjoy the sunflowers today and know that you will continue to be others’ ray of sunshine, their sunflower.

Rest in peace, Tina.





Sunflowers for Tina

Last week, I got to read Damyanti’s post on Tina Downey . I may or may not have commented on any of Tina’s posts, may or may not have exchanged comments or praises on posts or LIKES with her, I am not sure (but then I have been trying to get back to and thank everyone who has LIKEd any of my own posts and clicked on FOLLOW). Nevertheless, it is always a sad moment when you learn of someone’s passing, regardless of whether you knew each other or not.

Having lost two very important people in my life, I can relate to those who feel grief over losing Tina. Therefore, I would like to urge you to do something very simple yet very meaningful this Monday — send Tina sunflowers.



Let us all send Tina sunflowers. As Damyanti said in her other post, “As we mourn her loss, we also celebrate who she was: a bright, compassionate, large-hearted personality.”

You don’t have to have known her, but please, do help in giving this tribute for her; it would be like giving tribute to your own loved ones who have gone ahead. Mostly, this is how I would like to show my support to the family she has left behind. If you want to join this meaningful online event, just click on the image and you’ll be redirected to the page explaining what you should do. No, they are not asking for your money or anything, don’t worry. They’re just asking us to share and spread the love.

As Tina used to say, #LifeisGood.



Tips in Choosing Unique Gifts for Special Occasions

Looking for the perfect gift to give a friend or a loved one? Let guest blogger Janet Adams give you a few practical tips.  :)


Tips in Choosing Unique Gifts for Special Occasions

Gift is the word that strikes our mind when we think of any occasion. If you are invited for any special occasion, choosing a gift really becomes a mind-numbing work. You contemplate for some time on it. While musing, your mind runs through various kinds of gifts. But then you need to choose the best, unique gift that suits the occasion. Your selection of gift should be in such a way that it scintillates the eyes of the receiver.

How to select a unique gift for any special occasion?

For Birthdays

Birthday bashes occur so often around the world. Children love to celebrate their birthdays and they wait for their special days to receive a number of gifts. So it will be apt to give gifts according to the age of the child. Some soft toys or animated toys, stuffed animals, crayons, or markers will be suitable. Or may be some dresses like frocks, shirts and jeans. There are some children who love to read books. So then a book by their favorite author must be apt gift.

In case of a teenager’s birthday, if it’s a guy, then you can gift him T shirts, and if it’s a girl, may be some jewel accessories. Perfume is also another option that can be gifted to both guys and girls. For a best friend, you can gift a photo frame, a personal favorite book, a watch, bags and accessories ,a set of his favorite musical band CD’s etc.

For the birthday of a mother, you can give her ornaments, or outfits, books if she loves to read, a vanity bag etc. While for a father, you can buy watch, wallets, a pair of shirts and denims etc. And with the case of siblings, may be a movie ticket or any type of gadgets would make their gift better.

For Weddings and Anniversaries

Weddings and Anniversaries are auspicious and special occasions. So choosing the right kind of gift is always important. Wedding gifts should reflect the interest and requisites of both the bride and the groom. The gift that you buy should be an asset for them. Household presents, kitchen ware and appliances, a bigger photo frame for a picture of the bride and the groom, a pair of rings, a pair of branded watches, flower vase etc. Your gift depends on how well you know the couple. If you are a really close best friend, then you could go for costly gifts, but at the same time, if you are just a casual friend, select some normal stuff that project a classy, rich look.

Moving on to anniversaries, choosing the best anniversary gift isn’t much difficult. In choosing a gift for your spouse, a piece of jewelry, a mug emblazoned with a picture of you both, any event or vacation tickets, a surprise romantic candle light dinner, etc., will be perfect. While if you are gifting a couple, you can give them a heart-shaped keychain engraved with the duo’s names, gallery frame set, an antique piece of rich look etc. If it’s your parent’s anniversary, you can gift them bouquets of flowers or a piece of poem written by you.

The “Days”

So we are living in a generation where we have some specific special days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. A mother always puts her happiness away for you and family. So to your mom, give the best gift she’ll ever get. In fact whatever you give is a gift to your mom. Take her out for shopping and buy her what she wants. Buy ornaments, bags or outfits, books, etc., according to her wish. It’s her day, so leave all selections to her. On Father’s Day, you can give him a pair of branded shoes, wallets, blazer, etc. For Valentines’ Day, you are left to choose anything that your love or lover likes. You will surely get a hint of what your beloved likes through leisurely chit-chats.


Presenting a gift brings excitement and exhilaration to the one who receives it. So choose the best gifts according to the individual’s taste and add more happiness to their special day.


Author Bio:

Janet Adams has chosen a career in writing to serve in an organization, English-literature writing service that helps students in building a successful career in academics. She has a Masters Degree in Business Studies from a reputable university and has a good experience in writing business papers as well.

Blogging vs. Writing

J.Gi Federizo:

Not all bloggers are writers. Some can’t write, some don’t want to, some do other things with their blogs. Not all writers are bloggers. Some don’t have the time or means, some choose not to blog, some want privacy. Not all writer-bloggers write professionally. Many just want to write and share…

I mention this because two bloggers posted about being bloggers and being writers recently. I thought I’d reblog one of those as it’s perfect to add to my Wordsmithereens page…

What are your thoughts on this? Here were my comments that I posted at his page:

“I think everyone has the right to blog, writer or not. A blog is a modernized diary – no one told others before that they couldn’t write in a diary (except maybe the bullies and hecklers, but that’s different). What it all comes down to is whether people will like what he’s blogged about and how he’s written it. It’s totally up to the reader/visitor to stay, and totally up to the blogger to improve. I admit to having seen blogs I didn’t like, but I always say that’s their right to blog as long as they don’t hurt anyone else, plus I can always leave. If it is supposed to be a professional blog where the blogger earns from writing, of course, I would like to see a well-written piece.

Who made writers gods of the blogging world? I don’t even know why the issue should be an issue and be debated on. Besides, not all bloggers write. We can all benefit from blogging, writer or not, and it is up to us to make it happen. Personally, I think the best thing to do is to just have fun writing and have pride in doing it. That’s where quality really comes in. If you care about what you write, others may care about it as well.”

Originally posted on Makeup & Breakup:

Blogging and traditional media work together. Twitter complements traditional media

– Evan Williams


Blog Sphere

Blog Sphere

Is blogging same as writing, meaning “real” writing?

It is a question gaining significance with rapid growth in blogging fraternity. Are the purist writers immune to this fractured debate that blogging is not real writing? The discourse has evolved into two classical schools of thought – one that blogging is all about writing, and the other is creative writing is qualitatively different from constant blogging.

Superior arguments have been built for and against the case of real writers as bloggers; arguments from each school of thoughts are carrying reasonable meaning to hold their ground. But with ground breaking arguments that bloggers are also real writers and greater counter-arguments are flowing thick and fast from the other side that real writers needn’t blog…the discourse is gaining its decisive direction.

So, what…

View original 864 more words


I am Jennifer Federizo, __________ of *MS (not real name or initials). In behalf of her who is not able to log in regularly online, I would like to thank you for the response.

That said, in behalf of her as well, I would like to know an exact date when her redundancy pay will be released. In fact, it should NOT be later than September 1, 2014. She waited long enough. She doesn’t have to BEG for it.

Based on the response, there is no clear date, just another promise. Please, we do not need to keep hearing about third-parties or (name of bank). She worked for your organization, therefore, it is your organization’s duty to make sure she gets what is rightfully hers that has been denied her for SIX MONTHS. We don’t want to hear about some third party you won’t even let us contact or (name of bank) because they should not even have a say about whether she gets her money now or not.

Had this been handled well, you would have known what was wrong immediately. She was denied a chance to properly look for a source of livelihood because, as you said, somebody forgot to sign or somebody forgot to remind somebody else to sign for whatever invalid reason. MS has experienced emotional and mental trauma, even physical, because the more you deny her her money, the more you deny her a chance to seek proper medication. Even her loved ones have been affected by this, and I don’t think I even need to expound on that.

We do not seek for compensation for lost opportunities. But we do need a direct answer regarding this matter, an EXACT DATE, and an actual ACTION that should end in her receiving her pay, in full, no delays.

Apologies for my words, but I think you should understand. You are a people’s organization, after all. So someone who worked for you for almost 15 years should get what she worked for and what she has been promised. I, myself, am tired of hearing all the promises and excuses. This reply is my own initiative so do not take it out against her. Last time I checked, she is well within her rights to complain under labor laws. And it is my right to stand behind and fight for her.

We will await your immediate response. Thank you.



The world is in turmoil. So I thought I’d post this peaceful poem to counter the  storm inside. Forgot what year it was that I wrote this, though…Hope you like it :)


Cumulus clouds

over a sea

of coconut trees

waving goodbye…

as I travel through

this seeming maze

of endless roads

and kaleidoscope thoughts;

as friends hold on

to snapshots of today,

of golden memories

and happy laughter.

We wallow in

our moment of existence,

in this sweet, precious moment,

and we bear witness

to the sun

leaving orange southern skies.

Do You Get the Picture?


Yes, you can’t read this so click on the image to get a better view. It is from the article Can I Use that Picture? by Curtis Newbold of TheVisualCommunicationGuy

I found the colorful infographic that you see above last week, and chances are you’ve probably encountered it already, too. It tackles image copyrights  and I had been meaning to share it here. Somehow, though, I could not get myself to post immediately because questions were brewing in my head.

Basically, the intention was to give us a guide on how to legally use images we find or even how to avoid others that are strictly copyrighted. It’s nice to look at, though a bit overwhelming and can somehow confuse, which I’m not surprised about as creator Curtis Newbold lumped lots of info on it. Nevertheless, it still makes things concise and easier to understand.

At least, I thought so at first.

Many commenters do/did not think so. Reader Thomas MacEntee of, in fact, voiced out what was on my mind regarding what’s still considered copyrighted and what’s considered under public domain when the original owner has already passed away, something that I, myself, have read about years ago. Well, in the US, there is a law that addresses the question How Long Does Copyright Protection Last? I would like to think and hope all countries have the same or similar law, to be honest. I haven’t gone on doing research on this even here where I am just yet.


A guide on copyright lifespan in the US. Cool, eh? Don’t worry, sharing this for non-commercial purposes is allowed, as indicated by the little license seal at the bottom-left corner. Click on the image to visit the site and find out for yourself whether what you have is still copyrighted


Below are my own issues about the first infographic.

Question Posed:Did you take or create the image yourself?”

Following the NO answer thread, let’s jump to the question regarding transforming another person’s original work and the author says yes, it’s usually okay, as long as it’s not recognizable…Uh, NO. That is never okay. Regardless of what changes you’ve made, you cannot take complete credit for something you did not completely create. It is a standard operating procedure, so to speak, to ask permission from the owner first before publishing an edited version of his work, before doing something on his art even. It’s not recognizable anyway? Then who are you fooling, yourself? If you are really talented, you can create your masterpiece all on your own. Take pride!

With regards to parodies, though,  I am admittedly at a loss. To be strict about it, using without permission should be disallowed. But I can’t see much point of a parody if every time it is done, we ask permission to poke fun at someone’s work, the owner, or the subject of the image. A lot of times, as well, owners allow this because it actually boosts site traffic and product sales or popularity. That’s like marketing with the least amount of work and expenses!

Are you publishing an image for the benefit of mankind, though? The POSSIBLY answer is off-base, in my opinion. The fact remains that somebody created it, ergo, somebody owns/owned it. Find out who owns it and ask permission. If that is impossible and unless you are sure it now belongs to the public (public domain),  or will be used while strictly following the Fair Use principle (do keep in mind that other countries may or may not have any, the same or similar doctrines), or is protected under Creative Commons (do check under which agreement ’cause they vary),  DON’T USE IT, PERIOD.

If you’re using it for educational purposes, publishing it in print (for distribution) or online without so much as giving credit to the owner or a link-bank to the original source, as the case maybe, is not a good and ethical practice. Either cite your sources or redirect readers via hyperlinks and especially image URLs.


Symbol for Copyrighted materials


Symbol for materials allowed for Fair Use


The Creative Commons logo. There are various licenses under this


Question Posed:Was the picture you created an original idea?”

For the NO answer, Newbold mentioned that if the picture/image is similar to others’ that it might be considered as theirs, you cannot really use it except for personal use. I would disagree to an extent, that is, if he meant that one was not fully aware when he was creating the image. Could be I am over-thinking it.

First off, if your initial intention was not to copy and you probably weren’t even aware of their own piece, I think it’s just fair that you use it because technically, it’s your own idea. The issue that may have to be resolved is whether you copied or not, but if you can PROVE that you didn’t, then go ahead. For all you know, you created your piece first before they did. Which is why you have to make sure that you copyright your stuff immediately before it reaches the public eye.

For the NOT SURE answer, it was suggested that you do your own research to see if you’ve copied from others. I think that’s hilarious and bordering on paranoia. If you copied, then you would know. Now, if you’re getting an inkling that it might be something that you saw somewhere that got stuck in your head, only then do I recommend a research. Again, that is not copying if the awareness and intention are not there.

I mean, let’s say you were on the beach and saw a great opportunity to shoot a silhouette of a coconut tree against a wonderful backdrop of red sky and the sun setting over the ocean. Then you post it on your blog, unaware that some other beach-goer thought of the same thing at the same place though maybe on some other day. Would that be considered copying? No. And I doubt it would have turned out exactly the same, down to the minutest detail. The opposite holds true, though, if it is some intricate or complicated design or image specifically created for a brand, for instance, and you happen to create a very similar one, which even I would feel like questioning. If you can’t prove you were first with the idea, drop it; you’ll just lose the battle.

copyrights-warningNo one has complete monopoly over an idea. And really, if you’re a prolific artist, it’s crazy to keep looking for similar images that may not have been created yet anyway. That’s one inspiration-killer. Then again, that’s probably just me and my opinion. The thing is, although foresight would be a great weapon against getting yourself into trouble, it all boils down to intention.

Two comments in the Newbold post reminded me of the importance of subject rights and related rights. But these and the issue of Fair Use, plus the legalities concerning the use of social media, all deserve separate and more thorough discussions.

Going back to the infographic, though, I do think it’s a wonderful idea and could be a great tool, if only everything is presented crystal clear. I guess it could have been better presented if segmented in parts. At least, parts that were not clear to the author himself could be temporarily left out. There would be less risk of readers misunderstanding and getting misinformed.


Any thoughts that you can share about the topic? Let us know and share your knowledge and opinions below!