“AMBROSIA” I & II #atozchallenge2015

It’s time for the A-to-Z Challenge! For my first post, I give you “AMBROSIA” I & II, written separately but “inspired” by the same people.

Now, my theme is MYSELF, and this is Me, raw. As a poet (poetess, to be politically correct), I am admittedly not as prolific as I want to be, and that is mainly because it’s my emotions that guide me. To those who still do  not know how I write, I think   I write best when I’m mad. Not something to be proud of, but that’s how I am wired…


If there is truth in Armageddon,
The earth shall open and swallow you whole,
Down to the deepest core where the fires of hell will burn you.

No, search not for your soul…
It would be futile, hell consumed it long ago;
You are a dead man walking, a man with no soul.

If there is truth, at all, in Armageddon,
Then I will gladly wait for it.
I will, at last, taste my ambrosia, my sweet revenge!

…And I will never have to lift a finger.


Copyright © J.Gi Federizo

Written: March 9, 1999



Dead man walking, your dark blood runs through me
Like an ugly, evil curse that never dies,
Evil in that cruelty you wield in the absence of a soul.

I will not yield nor die in vain, but avenge myself
Through your own shallowness and ignorance,
And your miserable, pitiful, unimportant existence.

Armageddon is mine to hold and mine to cast,
Mine, after all, as I patiently await your downfall.
My ambrosia, my sweet revenge, my exquisite nirvana!

…Justice will speak, and what price you will pay.


Copyright © J.Gi Federizo

Written: June 11, 2002



Darkness has bitten.

And it is thus that I rejoice
the coming of the Dead of Night,
unabashedly waiting, pausing
with quiet but eager anticipation.

Ah! I wield the sword with one hand
as I sense the mingled shadows
lurking around me, whispering,
creeping nearer, closer, slowly taking form.

One by one by one, they come in revelation.

I pause, and I breathe the air in;
I strike, and I joyfully shiver.

A calming warmth envelops me,
coursing through me and claiming me.
I smile in response, savoring
my surrender, striking with my kindred sword.

Darkness has bitten, and I am now reborn, again.

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Copyright © January 2002 J.Gi Federizo 

***Featured in The Sunday Times (August 4, 2002), The Makata (April 2003), The Muse Apprentice Guild (July 2004)