Truth or Myth? #ThrowbackThursday

Alright, I almost forgot that it’s #ThrowbackThursday day, he he…I was thinking that it’s redundant with my #MondayMemoirs earlier, but then I realized how to differentiate. On Mondays, I’ll post about something “new,” something I haven’t shared in my old blog. On Thursdays, I’ll share posts from my more personal (technically old) blog…That okay?

Now on with the show! Er…post!

Back when I posted this, either I just wanted to or I was delusional that I thought people would be interested in me (I sometimes am still, just check out my About J.Gi page…Narcissistic-much?). But there it was anyway. Reading this made me think that people really change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, or they just…change.


Last week, I had the chance to meditate due to the fact that I was almost always alone in the office for three days (Bliss!). Considering that generally, my days just flow by nicely and uneventful, and since it is often unpleasant when they are eventful, I think it’s time for Truth or Myth Part 2. Here are comments often/sometimes/once made about me, and my say on each matter. So, FACT or FICTION?

1. “You’re so obsessed!” I was told this some months ago, in light of my so-called obsession with CATS The Musical, the kitten Jemima, Veerle Casteleyn, Lea Salonga, and musicals in general…FICTION. I call it passion. Unfortunately, sometimes passion is mistaken for obsession…

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If you’re heading to the actual post, thank you in advance. I am redirecting you there to avoid redundant pages. Feel free to give a comment here or there, whichever suits you:)