Happy Second!

Our story, truth be told, would seem to be what books and movies are made of. Many would think, “Huh? What are you talking about? You’re just as normal and boring as most couples are.” Well, you don’t know our story. But the thing is, we don’t really need to explain ourselves. The important thing is those who really matter to us have accepted us.

There are those who doubt us, doubt that we can make it, maybe they always will. Some, for reasons we can only try to comprehend, say and will say bad things behind our backs, even try to get us reprimanded for things we should not be guilty about. There are people who will never say anything in front of us and will even act all supportive, though we don’t ask for it. There’s a word for that. We can only privately shake our heads in disbelief. All we can do is to try to understand why they are the way they are. Bad habits are hard to break, especially if one does not feel the need s/he has to.

There will be hardships, perhaps lots of it, but no true love ever emerged without these. If you have never experienced anything that remotely resembles a problem in your relationship, however small, then there’s your problem, the relationship itself. You might really need to think things through before you decide to go on with it.

So while I have always been the less verbal about our feelings in public, I would like to say thank you to him for the patience and understanding and for letting me feel I am not a robot after all. We may not be together most of the time but I know we are true. I am praying we’ll last a lifetime.