Sunflowers for You, Tina

Dear Tina,

We may or may not have met even on the web, but that does not matter because I know you were already blessed with many friends and they were blessed to be yours.

I wanted to buy you a really nice sunflower, or a plastic one, at least. However, I did not come across anything that looked okay enough. Why give something that I know I, myself, wouldn’t like? I don’t want sincerity to be half-baked, ’cause that’s not called sincerity at all.

So I searched for sunflowers online and now happily share this:


I got this HERE. Thank you to the owner of the blog and the original owner of the picture

It’s a sunflower farm! Now you can go visit anytime and as long as you want and enjoy your sunflowers. You can even enjoy with them a great view of the famous Mayon Volcano. Isn’t nature awesome? But I guess you already know that. #LifeisGood, as I heard you always said. That’s a very good way to look at things and should be everyone’s mantra.

Do enjoy the sunflowers today and know that you will continue to be others’ ray of sunshine, their sunflower.

Rest in peace, Tina.





Sunflowers for Tina

Last week, I got to read Damyanti’s post on Tina Downey . I may or may not have commented on any of Tina’s posts, may or may not have exchanged comments or praises on posts or LIKES with her, I am not sure (but then I have been trying to get back to and thank everyone who has LIKEd any of my own posts and clicked on FOLLOW). Nevertheless, it is always a sad moment when you learn of someone’s passing, regardless of whether you knew each other or not.

Having lost two very important people in my life, I can relate to those who feel grief over losing Tina. Therefore, I would like to urge you to do something very simple yet very meaningful this Monday — send Tina sunflowers.



Let us all send Tina sunflowers. As Damyanti said in her other post, “As we mourn her loss, we also celebrate who she was: a bright, compassionate, large-hearted personality.”

You don’t have to have known her, but please, do help in giving this tribute for her; it would be like giving tribute to your own loved ones who have gone ahead. Mostly, this is how I would like to show my support to the family she has left behind. If you want to join this meaningful online event, just click on the image and you’ll be redirected to the page explaining what you should do. No, they are not asking for your money or anything, don’t worry. They’re just asking us to share and spread the love.

As Tina used to say, #LifeisGood.