Truth or Myth? #ThrowbackThursday

Alright, I almost forgot that it’s #ThrowbackThursday day, he he…I was thinking that it’s redundant with my #MondayMemoirs earlier, but then I realized how to differentiate. On Mondays, I’ll post about something “new,” something I haven’t shared in my old blog. On Thursdays, I’ll share posts from my more personal (technically old) blog…That okay?

Now on with the show! Er…post!

Back when I posted this, either I just wanted to or I was delusional that I thought people would be interested in me (I sometimes am still, just check out my About J.Gi page…Narcissistic-much?). But there it was anyway. Reading this made me think that people really change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, or they just…change.


Last week, I had the chance to meditate due to the fact that I was almost always alone in the office for three days (Bliss!). Considering that generally, my days just flow by nicely and uneventful, and since it is often unpleasant when they are eventful, I think it’s time for Truth or Myth Part 2. Here are comments often/sometimes/once made about me, and my say on each matter. So, FACT or FICTION?

1. “You’re so obsessed!” I was told this some months ago, in light of my so-called obsession with CATS The Musical, the kitten Jemima, Veerle Casteleyn, Lea Salonga, and musicals in general…FICTION. I call it passion. Unfortunately, sometimes passion is mistaken for obsession…

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Presenting…FIDO BOB!!! #ThrowbackThursday

I have changed my mind. On Tuesdays, it’s going to be #TuesdayTips, which I will do twice a month, in the same week as #FeatureFriday. #ThrowbackThursday comes out every two weeks as well, along with #AskWednesday. So now that that is out of the way, as some (who am I kidding? I should say “a few”) of you know, I have been taking care of my “new” blog. This post is something I encountered again and I now, finally, feel like really sharing:

Presenting…FIDO BOB!!!

This morning, the driver of the tricycle I boarded was Fido Bob. “Bob” because I can’t remember his name and I think this suits “Fido”, which isn’t just for dogs, but my own version of “Pido”, my own short term for – (*gulp*) – pedophile!!! Yup, he is. Or was, maybe, though I’m not sure. When I was a freshman in high school, on my first days, my mom used to accompany me to the city proper early in the morning so I could board a jeepney bound to Los Banos, a town an hour away, where my school was. Fido Bob worked as a barker, someone who called out to people, urging them to ride the vehicles (in that case, jeepneys). He was short, just about my height, maybe even a bit shorter. He was in his late 20’s already, I gathered…

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Fido Bob


If you’re heading to the actual post, thank you in advance. I am redirecting you there to avoid redundant pages. Feel free to give a comment here or there, whichever suits you 🙂

*NOTE: Not all pedophiles are child molesters, according to research. I now know better (I wrote the post back in 2004 and the experience happened much earlier,  too).  “Child molesters are defined by their acts; pedophiles are defined by their desires.” I do wonder what would have become of me if he continued…

A Garfield Throwback

While I try to actually have time to finish my draft on the recent Komikon, here’s one thing worthy of #ThrowbackThursday:



A letter from the creator himself

Here’s what the letter said…

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your wonderful letter. I’m delighted you enjoy GARFIELD and thank you for following his daily antics.

I’ve enclosed an autographed print that I hope you will enjoy.

GARFIELD and I will do our best to keep you entertained.




A specially printed paper with Jim Davis’ autograph on it

Okay, I know that celebrities–and that includes famous cartoonists like Jim Davis–often just hire people to do this kind of stuff for them. But I know the autograph is real. That’s because I found out how to send him a letter and if he would answer himself from a kid’s magazine. There was a sort of directory meant for parents giving the right addresses to write to for their kids and explaining who actually answered and how. For instance, any adult would know that the Sesame Street puppets and muppets weren’t real. So the magazine honestly said that a staff would “write back” to the kids as Big Bird or Elmo or whoever, being “in character.”

Well, I definitely wasn’t a kid anymore and wouldn’t want someone pretending to be GARFIELD writing to me. So I straight out told Jim in the letter my age and asked if it would be okay for him to send me an autograph either signed on a printed thing or even just simple paper. So he did! Such a cool guy! You can even examine the thing and you’ll know it’s not some signature already printed along with the Garfield and Odie image.

Anyhoo, that’s what I thought of posting today. Kind of timely as it’s Thursday, isn’t it?