HELLO, WORLD!!! #atozchallenge2015

H of A to ZYes, “H” is for HELLO, WORLD!!! Because isn’t that the default greeting newbies get when they start something online? According to Wikipedia (and I think they can be relied on when it comes to simple info like this):

A “Hello, World!” program is a computer program that outputs “Hello, World!” (or some variant thereof) on a display device. Because it is typically one of the simplest programs possible in most programming languages, it is by tradition often used to illustrate to beginners the most basic syntax of a programming language.

My keyword there, really, is “beginners,” because after being gone for quite a while, it almost feels like I’m a newbie again in the blogging world. Just almost, since I haven’t really gone and have been visiting and commenting on blogs I follow. I did want to post badly, but time, health and resources did not permit me.

To update you, and many maybe wondering why I am still doing the A to Z Challenge that’s supposed to be just for the whole month of April, well, I am continuing with it. I failed last year, and to think I only had “Z” left! I just don’t want to be a quitter. It’s not like it’s do or die or anything, for Pete’s sake. Maybe I won’t have enough luxury of time and resources for now to do it regularly, but I will finish it….

Can anybody tell me, though, how to go back to the classic version of the editor??? This new one drives me nuts! It doesn’t ask anymore if I want the old version, but I want it back!!! I want to be able to add text color, for one thing, especially when I add links (I just make them bold and they also automatically appear to be underlined somewhat). [UPDATE: I know how to go around it now]

Going back to updating you, in case you’ve been wondering, I was on leave for two months due to a very personal loss. I was required to go on such leave. I thought I could go back after a week, but doctors themselves always advise otherwise, so I decided I’d rather not risk my health anymore. It really was quite new to me as I’m not so used to getting sick for a long time. It was even my first time to be hospitalized.

I hated that I could not move fast, that I was not allowed to do more stuff that I normally could, that I could not take advantage of the free time to fix whatever stuff I wanted fixed at home. It’s nice to be cared for, especially by my sweet husband, but too much dependence bored me. It did not help either that within my recuperating period, I got sick again. Double whammy! The good news is there won’t be a need for surgery anymore. I do need to take some medicine still to make sure the swelling’s really gone ’cause I think it’s still there a bit. Seemed like it was pregnancy-related, but when I’m able, I’ll go have some tests done to be sure. Better safe than sorry, right?

It really gave us a scare, I admit. April had just started and I thought I could complete the challenge on time. WRONG-O. That second whammy took me away from my blogging because (1) I didn’t have enough energy, (2) I wasn’t supposed to stay up late, and (3) I couldn’t just spend fifty-pesos per day so that I could get connected to the Internet when we needed the money for my meds and our everyday expenses. Priorities first (redundant, but just to drive a point).

Dads, too, I know!

And then, there were the kids. His kids, also mine now. They now live with us, and now I know how it really feels like to be a mom. And anyone else who does, or anyone who understands, knows that lots of times, kids come first. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty OC, so I now realize I can be really strict (I know, gotta loosen up!). It was like giving rush lessons on how to be good, little boys, and actual rush lessons on reading, writing, counting,…Hey, school starts this June, so, you know. And, oh, we got two pups, so it’s like having two additional kids in the family.

I am back at work. Just in time for my birthday last Monday. No offense to my colleagues at work, but I didn’t enjoy it much because, well, I had to work, and especially because I wanted to spend it with my love and kids. But anyway, do expect more posts from me. Also, do expect they won’t be daily posts. Gotta work, y’know 😉

Thank you to my new followers, by the way! Sorry I am not able right now to say my thanks individually. Keep on writing, guys!!!

Education: Parents’ Ticket to Freedom? #atozchallenge2015

E of A to Z‘Tis the season for graduations! In the Philippines, that is. So today, I thought I’d talk about one of my opinions on how people regard EDUCATION.

Graduation is usually March for grade schools and high schools, April for universities and other tertiary institutions. It’s especially stressful, though, for most college grads. Why not? Suddenly, they are expected to be totally independent and considered as instant adults, which could lead to a lot more pressure if they have yet to find work. For the more unfortunate, they are suddenly thrust into a bigger responsibility even right after graduation.

It is very common to hear parents say they are glad to finally have a graduate in the family, someone who will send or help send his younger siblings to school. Some even say they can finally retire because of that. Well, sorry to say, but I find that quite unfair, if not naive. Unfair, because it should never be the child’s responsibility but the parents’ to send his siblings to school. Definitely, it is not his responsibility to be the family breadwinner. In this country, these things often happen. I also say it’s naivete, if not ignorance, to expect new graduates to land a job immediately. And supposed that they do since it is not impossible, just not usual, they will most especially start at the bottom where they will just earn minimum wage, hopefully not just on a contractual basis, that may not even be enough for the whole family.

The problem with parents is they see a diploma as a way out of their own responsibilities.

That’s why instead of feeling sympathy, I feel mad at parents whose kids die before them and I hear them say stuff like, “He was our breadwinner. What are we going to do now?” or “He was the one sending his siblings to school” or “He was our only graduate. He was going to take us away from poverty. Now he’s gone!” I want to shout back, and I do shout back if it’s on TV, “WORK! LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO!!! OR MAKE YOUR OTHER LAZY KIDS PULL THEIR OWN WEIGHT!!!”  I mean I understand where they are coming from, but it would be better to know they grieve because they have lost and will miss a loved one, not because they lost a human piggy bank.

I am not against children helping out their families. It is very noble and commendable of them. It’s wonderful to have such kids who know how to show support back. But if it is a forced responsibility they did not sign out for when their parents decided to have them, that’s where I have an issue. Parents, if you already know you can’t support your kids, if you can’t be responsible for the lives you bring into this world, don’t have them! Otherwise, own up!!!