How to Write a Play

Let me first say that I missed you, WordPress! Due to unforeseen developments in my private life, I really hadn’t had much time to visit blogs, much more post something (other than last time’s announcement). Today, though, I am committed to post something from me, except it’s not going to be this post.

This post is a reblog of (more like linking to) That’s so Jacob‘s latest piece, which I think, may help all aspiring playwrights.

When I first started writing (in gradeschool), I used to write script-style, like in movies. In a very amateurish way, of course. Then I learned to write skits for group presentations in class. It was the nearest thing  for me to being a playwright. Now that I am older and know myself better, I pretty much know I can’t be an effective, actual playwright. It’s not giving up, but just knowing how I actually like to write. Watching musicals and plays is enough for me.

But anyway, having told that little background, I just read Jacob’s nice how-to post. As said, any aspiring playwright can learn a thing or two or more from it. I don’t want to let the opportunity of sharing it pass.

Feel free to check it out: