Busy is the Word #WhatsupWednesday


Welcome, Earth Dog!!!

How have things been, guys? It’s been almost a week since the Chinese New Year (others call it the Lunar New Year). If you celebrate this, then my greeting goes out to you 🙂

I had been busy writing work-related stuff these past three weeks. I often had no more energy to blog or do much more socializing on social media. I would try to start but end up falling asleep just watching Netflix.

I have been learning new things that I hope I can use, though. Maybe they’ll work. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I sign out for now.

Have a great day or evening, friends!

My Ultimate New Year Wish #WhatsupWednesday


No, sir, my greeting is not late because it is still the new year, and it will continue to be so maybe until February (the usual month for the Chinese New Year), maybe even March. So you know, there’s been a bunch of stuff that actually either made me busy or hindered me from posting here. But I’m back, nevertheless (do people still say “nevertheless” or just me…?), and I’m wishing you all the great things 2018 may bring.

Obviously, the world is not right these days. It is ill, sick with all the negative forces surrounding it. There are the environmental problems and degradation. Endangered animals are being slaughtered to very near extinction. Politics are rife with graft and corruption. There are wars between nations, races, religions, factions, individuals. There are biases against genders, age, disabilities, economic status, educational background. There are…too many negative things that we spread, leading to our decay…

Tell me I’m wrong. Please do, I need to hear it. Then tell me why…

We have been so sick for the longest time, it’s time to heal. This year, why don’t we start to heal the world even through baby steps?  Let’s start with ourselves. I am not being all-righteous here. This, too, is something I need to do. Let’s all do it together!

Heal the world. For the world to heal its wounds, that is my ultimate wish for 2018.

What’s YOUR new year wish?



Thanks to Maati Baani for creating the video, all the talented child prodigies featured in it (I only recognize Angelica Hale from the most recent AGT and because she’s half-Filipino), and especially the late Michael Jackson for this beautiful song 🙂

Next post is about 8 new things about me!

January 2017 RECAP #MonthlyRecap

Don’t know what to make of my first month of blogging in 2017, but here is the recap. I think I did okay enough. I chilled, but I never forgot to post at least once a week. Give me a new laptop and unlimited access to the Internet and you can bet I can do this more regularly. So until then….

Here’s a recap of my January 2017:


(1) Hash potatoes!!!

#MondayMemoirs – (see GASP! I Cook?!!!)

#MondayReviews (none)

#TuesdayTunes (none)

#TVTuesday (see “I am Wonder Woman”) – New hash potato, yay!!! I surprised you with this new hash; surprised myself, too.

#AskWednesday (see (Not My) Interview with Neil Gaiman and Oh, My 2016! (Not My) Interview with Myself) – Still waiting for my friend’s answers to my questions, but I’ve got a lineup and it now includes an event organizer/host.

#WhatsupWednesday (see Best of the Best Philippine Comic Books)

#ThursdayTips (see 5 Ways to Make Use of Google AdWords)

#FeatureFriday (none) – I am honestly annoyed with myself because I don’t have anything for this, GRRR!!!

#FridayFlashdance ( see Bleedin’ Love & Single Ladies)  – As mentioned some months ago, I was going to allot a day featuring dance, so here it is, the first one 🙂

#AnythingDay (see HAPPY 2017!!!!!, Sorry, Augie…, and The A to Z Challenge Announcement)  –  Any day could be about anything. The first one was my first-ever actual video where I spoke directly to the camera just to greet you all a “HAPPY 2017!!!!!” It was a happy post. Unfortunately, what followed was my post saying sorry to our dog, Augie (+RIP)…I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling sorry…The third’s about, well, it’s kind of self-explanatory already, don’t you think?

Considering how many blues I’m seeing above, I think I should be happy as I had been enough of an active blogger. The stats go up and down, but I’m not beating myself up over it as this blog is not a business. I do need to come up with an actual system when it comes to handling blog-related emails, blog visits, and social media accounts, and actually WRITING. If I had all day, I could do all really well. But I don’t.

(3) My Trending Stories. Nothing much to share for now. I mentioned in my imagined self-interview that I’m trying to find my mojo again. That is totally true. I am re-orienting myself again with writing on paper. I restart this month.

(4) A to Z Challenge. I thought of a theme already and have planned out what/who to feature for each letter. But until I am sure I can deliver, I am not revealing anything or giving any clues. And as Plan B, I am also actually listing down ideas for another theme. Aren’t I so focused? ~L~”

Social Media Reach-out:

More bloggers to share, yay!!! If you’re not here, chances are, I’ve already mentioned you in past recaps. But if I haven’t mentioned you yet, nothing personal, okay? Will get to you. This is a mix of regular followers, new followers, and bloggers I follow though they don’t follow me, WordPress or not. I tell you, the way I do things sometimes…

I’m not exactly following a system here. It’s all random. I want to give opportunity to everyone so I mix them all up. Here are my awesome online friends, would-be friends and some wish-I-were-friends-with-but-I follow-them-anyway peeps, in alphabetical order:

 Alice,     Annette,     Anamika,     Basil,     Dee,     Gerry,     John,     Lesley,     Sally,     Sarah

More bloggers to come.

Fiction/Story- and Poetry-writing:

We’ll see what happens.


I shared a poll last time, unfortunately, it’s still a tie. Please break the tie and kindly take the poll. Whatever the result after this, I will follow. Cast your vote for me?


I said it last time and I’ll say it again: We really wish to have a much better year this year. Had to repeat it because so far, we’ve had two to three negatives to count. We hope for more of the positives this time.

Once Upon a Time, there lived…

I am done talking about The Walking Dead here, but that’s mainly because I now have a hash potato to take care of that,  he he. Meanwhile, again, can you recommend any good series? It doesn’t require a poll, just your contribution in the comments section below. I read somewhere that Once Upon a Time is good. And one blogger I follow actually posts updates on it.

Your thoughts? 😉

HAPPY 2017!!!!!

Hi, guys!!!


Finally! A mug video of me! LOL!!!

Sorry, guys, still can’t get over my shyness. And sorry for the sound quality, don’t even know where the “vacuum-ish” sounds are coming from. Just turn up the volume, please. Transcription below (gosh, why am I making this hard for you????)…I did post this yesterday but somebody said last night that the video’s not playing. I checked on another computer and she was right. Also logged on to my YouTube account but couldn’t even find the vid for some reason. Well, I’m back using the computer I used yesterday and I can see it again. Made it public instead of private, so I hope it works. Let me know if it still doesn’t.

Sorry about the beanie hat, too, that was the cause of the snickering…ha ha haaa!!!!


Hi, guys. Happy New Year!!! I decided to create an actual video greeting even though I’m actually kinda shy. Buuut, it’s…*tries to fix beanie hat and snickers* Okay.

Well, it’s 11:21 pm here, January 2…The beanie hat–oops! uuughh!!! *snickers while trying to fix it but fails*…Okay…*takes it off then puts it back on*…Alright, here…*laughs and points at hat* Let’s leave it at that.

I hope you had a great Christmas and had a blast last New Year’s Eve. Mine weren’t that perfect, but I’m happy. I enjoyed Christmas, I enjoyed New Year’s Eve with the family. But…Well, I’m supposed to have my New Year’s resolutions. But don’t ask me if I’ve already made my list ’cause I haven’t listed down stuff yet. For sure, one of those resolutions would be to write more stuff, aaand to read–well, that would be two–but you know what I mean, anyway…Aaah! *tries to fix hat position again*…*mumbles*…If you saw my video–uh, the video I shared from Buzzfeed…*takes off hat*…Buzz…*puts it back and it’s okay this time*… Yey!…Buzzfeed…I said I’m not good with directions. *points up at hat* That’s one example.

Anyway, I hope, again, you had a great Christmas and a blast last New Year’s Eve. And I wish everyone, myself, my family, my friends, you,…Why am I looking at the screen??? *points at screen* I’m supposed to look there *points at webcam*…I’m wishing you a very happy, happy new year. A happy 2017, more prosperous year for all of us. Heaven knows we need that, I need that. Prosperity. Okay…

And we’ll have two chances to wish for that. The Chinese New Year is in February. I’m not Chinese. I’ve no Chinese blood *mumbles*…You know, I think it’s not really luck. I’m not *mumbles* for luck…Blessings! That’s it, that’s what we really need right now. And we should pray, pray for ourselves, for the whole wide world. Your country, my country, everyone’s…everyone’s world…the whole universe maybe…

So I am blabbering right now, but I’m happy to greet you, again, a…