First Time Published: “NONEXISTENCE”

I’m back!!! I was able to finish the first part of my three-part, one-month challenge. But I didn’t finish it on time.  Because of that, I decided to stop for a while and think of  my next theme.

Honestly, a very personal issue happened in the middle of the month. I had to attend to it. It was kind of a big blow and did not exactly end well. Let’s just say there was a “consolation prize” but it definitely was waaaay different than I expected. My right was violated. My right was stolen. It wasn’t really just me but a group of us. I’m being vague. Still, I know you understand it’s not just a little matter.

I am moving on from that, though. One way is through picking up where I left things here. I have a new theme. I decided to post my “firsts”. Nothing is specific, just that they are my first-this, first-that. Therefore, to continue…  

Day 11 of the #NaNoPoblano2021 challenge. Major Theme: “A Few of My Earliest Things”. New sub-theme: “My Firsts”. You can find more of my poems (written from high school up to, well, now) at the POETRY NOOK.

I wrote this short little poem the other day. Make of it what you will. This is the FIRST time I am publishing it.