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Vlog is the new blog. Well, at least, an off-shoot. Like it or not, it is most probably here to stay, if not take on a much newer form. After all, there was a time that vlogging was considered almost synonymous to doing podcasts until distinctions were made. YouTube became all the more popular. There are a few other platforms for this purpose, but no one can argue that YouTube takes much of the cake. Just count the people who have become viral and famous.

“Vlogging”, for the still uninitiated, is short for video blogging. Why not? “Blogging” is just short for web logging, so the principle is the same. Actually, if we were to be strict about it, it should be video logging, but probably no one except me cares. Vlogging is basically posting about something through a different medium, through the audio-visual form. Often, it’s a selfie kind of thing. Basically, you vlog/blog to share yourself and things to the world. It could be for fun and expression, for sharing relevant information, and/or for business-related purposes.

Much of the vlogging we see are done impromptu, in real-time. This is not to say, however, that it does not involve any writing. Not really. After all, there are more than one kind of vlogs. Many of them do incorporate writing. Let me mention my own observations.


Most YouTube channels I’ve visited have created their own intros and outros. Well, a lot of them are simple–could even be so simple like just the unimaginative “Hi”–but there are those who have taken time to create spiels to use on a regular basis. They create their unique, hopefully recall-worthy introductions and farewell spiels.

As an example, the reactions channel HugKnucklesTV has its own intro and own outro (starts at 17:27)


If there are travel bloggers, food critics, life hack gurus, product reviewers, and others who love to blog, there are also similar people who choose video as their medium or (literally) channel of communication. Therefore, they don’t just pick up a camera and hit on the record button. The better ones plan well what they want to show.

BuzzFeed likes to create different types of videos that inform, entertain or both. This one is a tips video which contents are based on what the adviser says onscreen.

I definitely appreciate that.

One of my fave kinds of vids to watch lately, however, are mukbangs. Believe me, until more than a month ago, I think, I never knew what a mukbang was. It is…

“…a uniquely Korean trend of people getting paid to eat large meals in front of a webcam for a live-streaming broadcast. Mukbang is a portmanteau word that combines the Korean word for ‘eat’ (muok-da) with the word for ‘broadcast’ (bang song).” (QZ.com)

These days, a mukbang means a food review (in line with the reaction videos trend) and does not necessarily mean a reviewer/reactor gets paid for it. Well, usually. I like watching  Maximum Munchies, which reaction video for a fastfood chain I shared in Contents with All the Feels.

One of the best mukbang channels worth watching, though, is The Thien Le Eating Show. Others have said it and I am going to say it: I never thought I’d watch a whole video just to see someone EAT!!! Wow, that guy could really eat for a whole family! Without gaining weight, too, it seems! (He did explain how he stays slim)

It’s not just about the amount of food he consumes in one seating, it’s the way he eats that makes you love him. Oh, how he loves his food. Believe me, you don’t want to be watching him way past midnight with no food around to grab. Avoid the torture.

If you want to see what I mean…

Sometimes, he does a “cookbang”. Which is great because my sister and I used to watch cooking shows when I was a kid. Of course, I love Thien most for featuring Filipino food (I’m biased much!!!). And, of course, here’s a sample of his “cookbang” (just so we all can watch him eat, he he).


There are really lots of scripted vlog posts out there. It should not be a surprise. But rather than just go all “gung ho” and shoot, they plan their actual contents. It’s not all-visuals. Sometimes, even much research is done to come up with a credible vlog post.

For instance, here’s a how-to video that still involved writing pre-shoot and behind the scenes, for sure:

Two very good examples of scripted vids are those from the ERB or EpicRapBattles channel of Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter, who are not afraid to spoof themselves, and Whitney Avalon‘s channel that brings the Princess Rap Battles, some parody songs and comedy shorts. I have shared various samples from them before, but who’s counting?

So, for your viewing pleasure…

Artists vs. Turtles! (This would have been really epic if they made it longer and added more raps, but…)

This next one is not a rap battle, but I love that Whitney does original songs (like the Anna Song), she’s got a nice voice, and it’s about comic con!

What amazes me is the amount of time, effort, even ingenuity they bring to create their videos. First, they actually create original rap battles, and I am pretty sure some can take an amount of research as well. Second, the actors are generally actually very capable rap artists. Third, they use elaborate settings and effects for presentations that are often TV- or movie-worthy…Don’t tell me those do not take an awful lot of writing.

When we say script, though, what immediately comes to mind is dialogue. There are really funny “real-life” skits like the next ones (they do have some things to promote at the end, so feel free to ignore). Tripp and Tyler do comedy skits so well. Yes, so well that I couldn’t decide which one of three vids to leave out. So guess what.


All these are just a few samples of thousands of videos that make it on our screens. If you have worthy vlogs to share, just let us know 😉


April is gone and I am obviously not done with my letters. Why is something I’ll reserve in my reflections post. So right now, I’ll concentrate on finishing the challenge.

V is for “Vlogging”

This piece serves as my Letter V post for the A to Z Challenge 2017.

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Contents with all the Feels #atozchallenge2017

In the world of SEO, it’s been said many times over: Content is King. But it is not just in SEO. In fact, in general, in a world where communication is vital, quality content should definitely be top priority to get the message across.

For instance, what good is a story if there is no content? I mean, even editorial cartoons have stories, right? There are contents involved, whether the words are visible, heard, and/or simply implied. Why? Because, as said, contents are needed to get the message across, to get the needed/intended results. In Marketing and Advertising, the same is true. Bad marketing and advertising are not going to get you the customers and the clients, you might as well close the business.

When I was in college, we were taught that one of the most effective ways to entice viewers is to create motivational videos. This type of videos are written to appeal to the emotions. If you do it effectively, your intended audience may be motivated to buy your products or get your services. The best examples of motivational videos are commercials. Of course, there are lots of  silly and downright irrelevant ones. But when it comes to commercials, you need to target the emotions, appeal to viewers’ senses, make them believe you are relevant to them.

So where am I going with this? I thought I’d show you a great example of great marketing. This has to do with the trilogy of commercials Jollibee did just for this recent Valentine’s season. Jollibee is McDonald’s‘ biggest competition in the Philippines. It has actually already branched out to neighboring countries and the US. Maybe Europe even, I’m not sure.

For those not in the know, Filipinos are a very sentimental bunch. Jollibee, being homegrown, knows this. They have been coming up with sentimental commercials for the longest time that have helped endear them to people. These still result to great name recall that get them the new customers–imagine, toddlers already screaming for “Jollibee! Jollibee!” whenever they see the mascot or its statue. They’d recognize the “bee” anywhere. Ask them where they want to eat, they’ll be saying Jollibee. Ask them what they want mom or dad to bring home for them and you know the answer.

Now about those Jollibee Valentine’s commercials? Pure. Genius.

Granted, there are a few misses that I’ve noticed, but overall, they’re great! In fact, just search for “Jollibee commercial” (or specifically type in “Vow Crush Date”) on YouTube and you’ll see a whole lot of reaction videos about these three presentations. Oh, but YOU don’t really need to, because I have shared those videos right here, just for you.

Watch them, see what I mean, and you’ll get ALL the feels! THEN decide if you’ll still want to be my friend after getting all those “feels” (well, that’s what they call it now)… BTW, “kuwento” means “story”.

So, are we still friends??? 😉

Everytime I watch reaction videos of this series (it should be in this order so you have the happy one in the middle as some kind of buffer, at least), it never fails to make the reactors tear up. Yeah, it’s sad, but that’s an example of great marketing. Of course, how important can a fast food chain really be in your life? Not really much. But the recall, wow. Even foreigners now already know and recognize Jollibee; some of them have tried out the food since there are restos near them. I mean, how great is that?

I know they made you sad, but you have to remember, these were made for Filipinos who could relate to them. Filipinos are big on families and emotions. Besides, I also know that aside from sad, you felt various things, too. I told you, FEEEELS…. There are more heart-warming, feel-good Jollibee vids (ex. Ang Regalo ni Lolo or Grandpa’s Gift last Christmas), but this series got the most reactions.

Commercials aren’t really that long here. On social media, they keep these long, but on TV where they pay millions per play, they just show complete ads for a week or two, then show the shorter versions as viewers already know the stories. The Valentine’s ones, in particular, aren’t on TV now as they were supposed to be for February.

Anyway, here, I will just show one of the reaction videos. I chose this because the guys are really funny. Just fast-forward to the actual reactions part (at 7:56), if you want. Thanks to Maximum Munchies for this!

As bonus, here’s that local 80s song from “CRUSH” that the guys were swaying to:


So happy you’re here. Hope you liked this post (though you probably teared up a bit). Please come back tomorrow!!!

[DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing anything…But if Jolllibee decides to give me a whole year supply of food, why not? *wink*]

C is for “Contents”…and “Commercials”, why not???

This piece serves as my Letter C post for the A to Z Challenge 2017.

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