The BRF #FeatureFriday

Funny how one thing often leads to another. I started with going through my Blogspot then happened on an old post that I haven’t made live yet (again). It was about Madeline Mann who was, like me, born really tiny, and is now in her late 20s. She was considered the world’s tiniest baby at the time she was born.

Well, it turns out there are more Madeline Manns out there. I kept trying to find updated news on the one I needed. Then my search led me to YouTube to a different Madeline Mann who’s in her early 20s, so not the one I was looking for. This girl is a musician and was instrumental in introducing me to “The BRF”. (And I still didn’t find The Madeline!)


On to our #FeatureFriday…

The BRF: B**chy Resting Face!!!

This is actress-director Emily Towers showing you the BRF

Apparently, the original video about this created by writer-actress Taylor Orci went viral in 2013 (I was busy being depressed that time so I never knew) and self-confessed BRF-d Musician Madeline thought of writing a song about it. She mistakenly calls it the ‘Resting B**ch Face’, but she can easily correct that. People actually debate on the right term, but if you really think hard about the context, BRF sounds more appropriate. You’re resting but you don’t look like it ’cause you look b**chy at the moment. RBF means more like you’re just giving your b**chy face a rest, ergo, you must look more approachable rather than the opposite.

I had never really thought about BRF, but on occasion, I did, I just didn’t have name for it. I think I have it at times when I am really engrossed with something or in deep thought. So yes, I ‘ve had my occasional “Are you okay?”, “What is wrong?”and “Why are you upset?” Q&A moments.

What is “BRF”?

To explain…

If that’s not enough explanation, let these videos explain…CHEERS!!! (Yes, I am happy. Just concentrating on what I’m typing…Give me a break!)

This is the video that went viral. :

LOL!!!! After watching that, I have decided to be kinder to people who just might be unfortunate enough to have BRFs.

The origin of the BRF video:

Here’s an interesting post about it:

Finally, the song…

How about you, do you suffer from BRF? Aaaaawww…hugs…!!!