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Taking a break from my #ThrowbackTwenty15 posts (have yet to post Part 2) and in keeping with my challenge theme, I am sharing my Facebook post yesterday. This is very personal, indeed…

To my Dearest Friend,

Thank you so much for letting me share my secret with you. It was alright to tell you, after all, you were my friend and knowing where we were at that point of our lives, I gave my trust.

So I appreciate it very much to learn yesterday that you actually went out of your way to tell the very person I tried not to tell it to, not yet anyway. Bravo, what a good pal you are. You spared me the trouble and you didn’t even tell me. I so appreciate your friendship and I’m glad you can sleep well knowing the good deed you did for me. In fact, it could be that you told another friend and another acquaintance, if I can judge their responses and comments well enough — no wonder I felt something….different.

Maybe you’ll read this, maybe not. Maybe you’ll get an inkling this is for you. We’ll continue to be friends, you won’t hear a single word about this from me unless you’d like to talk about it so I can thank you personally. I’d like you to know I appreciate all the other assistance you gave me, I have listed them all down, don’t worry — they have not gone unnoticed nor have I forgotten them. Rest assured, marunong naman ako tumanaw ng utang ng loob (I know how to show my deep gratitude). We’re still friends, but forgive me if I can’t tell you stories anymore.

Again, thank you, friend.



That image above is sooo appropriate…If you must wonder, yes, I’m disappointed, but no I am not angry, for some reason, I’m not even hurt. Perhaps because I still value what friendship we have (had?). I don’t think s/he is a bad person, just someone who needs to see the real value of friendship.


This serves as my “U” post for the A-to-Z Challenge….Yay!!! I’m almost done!!! Unfortunately, I can’t join this year’s challenge. I know I won’t be able to keep up, with work and the upcoming baby and all…


“Why Rarasaurs Make Bad Inmates”

I am sharing something really nice to you all, courtesy of blogger Rara. I wanted to automatically reblog, but for the life of me, I could not find the button.

Rara is a really nice girl with a great sense of humor, regardless of the hardships she went through this past year. Any other girl would have given up, but it’s good to know those hardships only make her stronger. Below is a cute comic strip about her that her friend Cookie made before they parted ways. Now, you know me, I like comics, so I thought of sharing this to you. I think Cookie has quite the potential as a comic artist. Who knows, maybe Fate will give her another chance?

If you want to know the story behind this strip and why the title, I recommend heading over to the blog Rarasaur. Feel free to send love to Cookie, too! And also, I highly recommend you read as well Rara’s beautiful post, Cause of Death. Title might sound sad or even clinical to you, but it really is a heart-tugging, brief but sweetly-told love story…


“Why Rarasaurs Make Bad Inmates.” Created by Amalia “Cookie” Bryant


Hawak-Kamay (Holding Hands) #atozchallenge2014

I know, I know. I discussed about my theme songs recently. But there’s one I forgot to add, which is just okay, because this song I am about to share is not something that’s simply meant for me. It is something that I dedicate to two important people in my life, my sister and my future husband. This song is called Hawak-Kamay. “Holding Hands” or “Hand in Hand,” in English. It is by Yeng Constantino.

Yeng was the grand prize winner of the first-ever Pinoy Dream Academy show. This was a song that she composed before she entered the competition. While at that time, she was not my favorite, this song elevated my respect for this then-teener. Originally a song she created for her cousin who was undergoing some sort of problem, this song speaks of going through the journey together, courageously, through good and bad times, with hands held. Considering how young she was at the time, the lyrics seemed to have been written by someone way beyond her years.

Very touching and meaningful, it is the perfect message for beloved people in your life, be they family, friends or special someones. Yeng may not be a favorite artist of mine, but I think she writes some of the best Filipino songs in this generation. Her song is one of my most loved Filipino songs.

Here’s the song and a translation I found below. I have had no time to do the translating myself so I tried to find one and found a non-Filipino’s version of the song (I think I can translate it better, though, if only I have the time). If you want to hear his version, click on his name.

“I’m By Your Side”
English Version/Lyrics Written by: David DiMuzio
Original Tagalog version written by: Yeng Constantino

Sometimes you’re pinned to the ground by the weight of the problem
Sometimes the world can spin you around, till you could scream out
Why won’t it end now?

You could look up to the heavens
Someone up there’s listening to us
Or maybe you could call on me
You always know at any time

I’m by your side
Through the rain, though the night, every fight
In a world that has no guarantees
I’m by your side
Hand in hand through the days that see us laugh and cry
Sa mundo ng kawalan

Sometimes the world breaks apart, underneath
The trust upon which you set your weary feet
The current pulls you towards disaster, you swim to break free

You’re not alone now, I’m not that far
Always know that you’re a shooting star
You’re never alone, Never Alone


My big sister and I grew up always arguing, so who would think I would dedicate something like this to her? Well, maybe we did not get along well, but it did not mean we didn’t love each other. When she began working, I decided to show my respect to her as a legitimate adult and didn’t argue much with her anymore. I knew she was still fond of me in a certain way because she surprised me by gifting me with stuffed toys and books, especially my collection of the Anne of Green Gables series. You know, love doesn’t always have to be shown grandly. Sometimes, it’s in the little things, if you only know how to see things in a deeper perspective.

Meanwhile, unlike most couples who have their theme songs (well, I assume that most couples do have their own), FH (future husband, okay?) and I do not have any, unless we count the first songs I ever “sung” for him, which were recorded a capella versions of Part of Your World and The Journey (he asked me to sing this again to him recently, saying he missed it). That said, this song is now officially our theme song, though he doesn’t know that yet, he he.



I hope you liked that song because I love it!

This is my “Y” post for the…


I guess you did not notice, but I’ll confess anyway. I skipped my “X” post for now. Why? ’cause I couldn’t think of a thing! And it’s keeping me from writing anything, so I decided to postpone that one 😉

“THE FRIENDSHIP TREE” #atozchallenge2014


Image Copyright belongs to Teresa Kogut


Friendship is like God’s little tree. It is a blessing we gladly accept and a responsibility that we take and must nurture.

And so, keep it safe from lurking danger and disasters. Troubles abound. Let laughter and cheers, creativity and spontaneity shine on it. Sprinkle its leaves with thoughtfulness, understanding, caring, kindness and compassion.

But most of all, water its roots with an abundance of LOVE. For in the end, it is the roots that will keep our friendship together, planted firmly on the ground, till it grows sturdy and strong.

No storm may ever destroy our Friendship Tree.

Copyright © J.Gi Federizo


It is always said that what a child becomes when she grows up depends largely on the kind of parents and family settings she’s had. I do believe, too, in the saying that what one is depends on the kind of company she keeps. Let me just say that thanks to my very good friends, my besties (in alphabetical order), I’m at least considered partially okay 😉

Thank you, Anna, for being there during one of the saddest moments of my life. You gave your time, resources and most of all, shoulder (well, in a sense, but you get what I mean). We didn’t start off great, but that’s what always makes friendship more memorable, when you can look back and just laugh together 😀 I want to tell you that I’ve always admired the way you take care of your family. I will pray that someday, you’ll get that most wonderful wish you have.

Thank you, Beth, for the great person you were. You were beautiful outside, but the inside was what made you radiant. Tough as nails, intelligent, charismatic, honest, loving. You were my biggest fan, my champion, our Girl with the Smiley Heart. You were — are — a superhero and I’ll keep letting people know about you. Thank you so much for gracing my life with your presence, if only for a while of my lifetime…

Thank you, Jenny, for being my voice of reason and role model. Yes, you are my role model. You are tough, intelligent, kind, a wonderful mother to your kids, and I won’t be surprised if you are the most wonderful wife to your husband as well. In the best of your abilities, when I need you, you are there. And in times that you are unable to because you are after all just human, you always make up for it. You’re the kind who finds time to travel to help a friend despite an important scheduled  event in your calendar that same morning and your obviously large baby bump. Maybe you don’t remember, but I do, and will always.

Thank you, Lalla, for being my first bestie, right from the beginning. You always make me feel important and my pieces of advice, valued. That is why I always try to give the best advice I can think of, as a sign of gratitude. You were my first actual and official friend. I was a stranger and you did not hesitate. That meant so much. You are one of the kindest people I know, so please don’t let other people tell you otherwise. Together, we’ll be strong. Remember that whenever you need advice again, I’m just a number away. Don’t worry, I have your number, too, in case I need your advice.

Thank you, Myra, for not giving up on the friendship. Through all the years, you’ve kept holding on, no matter my shortcomings, and I know there have been many.  Despite those, you brought me the best gift anyone has ever given me. Sometimes, I don’t seem that grateful about it, but know that it’s just the stubborn me talking and trying to grow. My CS, HS is very grateful, she just has a funny way of showing it. And, oh, I’ll pray for that wonderful wish of yours as well!

Thank you, Sherwin, my newest, youngest and only guy best friend. I didn’t expect that I would come to regard someone from the male species ever as that. You’re like an alien (LOL!!!). I am so touched with your great capacity for compassion and generosity towards others. That is why I don’t abuse it. Someone like you deserves to be valued and respected. I am also happy to have found someone to share my other interests with, especially on local comics and weirdly mixed concoctions (though you have the worst case I have ever seen, he he). I may or may not be a best friend to you, but you’ll stay as one to me. You’re a cool guy, bro!


Thank you, my Best Friends For Life!!!



If you got this far, thank you for reading, hope you liked it and LIKE it 😉

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