“comfort” #MondayMemoirs

I found this again. I don’t know what made me sad that time, but this was a very welcome gift from my fellow writer in a then-active Yahoo! group. I originally did not mention his name because I was not sure if it was okay. My Multiply account was private, anyway. I did get his permission to re-post just recently, so you can now see his name at the bottom: Craig Murray.

Craig strikes most people as a tough guy with a “take it or leave it” attitude. I do think he is a tough guy, but he does write some of the sweetest poems, like this one below. Do check out his book Watching Her Walk: Collected Poetry of Craig Murray.




Prison Poetry by Ra Avis

Want poetry with real stories? Check out Ra AvisSack Nasty! They also call it “Prison Poetry”. For a reason.

Ra is an amazing woman with an amazing story to tell…though she tells it here through poems. Please find the heart even to just check it out at Thunderclap. Just click on the image/link below 🙂


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