Thank You for the Music #MondayMemoirs

Hello, folks! Hope you’re having a nice Monday. I am just posting this now (if you’re from abroad, time is just right; here, it’s almost midnight). Wanted to make it a scheduled post last weekend, but I wasn’t feeling well. Then I was way too busy at work today. And then, I was planning on posting something else then realized I hadn’t really saved pictures online. The good thing is, I have this!


THIS was the mural made by me and my “colleagues” when I was still in college and working as a college radio DJ. I have very fond memories of my days as a DJ. Of course, sometimes, there are bad apples with good ones, so needless to say, not all those days were good ones. Cases in point:

A. The others were teasing me to Someone, a fellow DJ whom I wasn’t particularly interested in. They just naturally assumed it because Somebody Else said so. I got to talk to Somebody Else, who never really liked me, and he based the assumption on how I passionately commented on why Someone, who was appearing on national TV as one of the hosts of a show, should have been…I don’t really remember now what it was about, really, but it was clear I preferred Someone to do the hosting. Now, if you knew me for real, you’d know how passionately I gave my opinion at times (still do). But he/they didn’t know me and simply thought, “Oh, how funny, she has a crush on Someone. That would be good for laughs.”

It wasn’t a fun time to be teased, having been the brunt of jokes at certain phases of my life in the past, and especially when I knew they were laughing at me, not with me. I wasn’t blind: I could see the expressions, the exchanged looks. They would imply things (at least, nothing hurtful or insulting) and treat me like a gradeschooler: “Hey, see here, Someone’s here” or “Someone’s playing a nice song, listen.” I never liked being the center of attention so I knew I was blushing like crazy, which just worsened the situation for me. I just got too shy that I did not say anything, after all, no one actually said they were teasing me because of it. I just did not like being made fun of.

Looking back now, I regret not really standing up for myself that time.

B. When I like doing something, I work hard for/on it. That was how I was when they took me in as a DJ. I knew some jocks (not all) were not looking at me and Another Girl as equals before because we started out as newscasters, so we were like “seen” as temporary replacements when they’re busy with their studies or just feeling plain lazy. The agreement was temporarily, Another Girl and I would prepare and give the news while the station tried to see how to give us all shows. We were to sit in at times if a jock couldn’t make it. So there we were, preparing our playlist for the next show we were to sit in for, and the current jocks would just get something from what we prepared because they felt entitled to it, because we “weren’t” really jocks. So then, it would be our problem to fix because we’d have to find something else for our playlist. To be honest, I don’t even know if it was just me and not her. Did I carry a sign on my forehead that said, “Bully me, please, I won’t mind”?

We did prove our worth, though, so some of the not-so-nice jocks became nicer, hopefully sincerely. I’d like to think sincerely. The Program Manager and some staff did take notice of how hard I worked so they decided to make me Student Assistant. Naturally, I became more hardworking, which unfortunately, pissed some people off because they did not want to be reminded how wrong they were treating the equipment or that they should read the news or mention local ads. I guess people hate it when you do your job, huh?

One guy, newer jock from the newer batch, was so rude (and should I mention, friends with some of those who were teasing me before?), he treated me like trash during a show that we were supposed to both host. He wouldn’t let me talk and would cut me off while I spoke, on air, in front of his friends who were there lounging around watching and idolizing him. He would give me the evil eye like saying, “Go away.” I admit, I let my temper get to me — but I felt really insulted. How dare this newbie who just sounded like a lazy *something* on air treat me that way! I think every time I put down my hands on the table, they were not put there as lightly as they should have been. And I never forgot that the mics were very sensitive…

The next day or a few days after, the Program Manager talked to me and said “others” were complaining about my behavior. Again, I knew I should have said something and complained back about the others. But I just said sorry. And I said sorry because I was kind of given an ultimatum — wise up or go out the door. I wised up, that’s what I did.

I wanted to stay despite the fact that they were not treating me nicely and I ended up not treating them nicely as well at times. I stayed because it was the music, the songs I played that soothed my soul.  I stayed for the experience, not for them. Why should I let a bunch of bullies decide what I did with my life? I stayed because it was important to me, it was my therapy that they did not know about and wouldn’t even care about, because that was after my father had his stroke and he never really recovered  properly from it. If they wanted to act like children, then fine. I would be the mature one and despite their protestation in case they get to read this, even if they don’t agree, I was the mature one. I endured their treatment with a smile, joked back, helped.

Finally, I was fine. Not sure if they felt differently about me, but I felt differently about me. I didn’t care much about what they thought anymore. I found my own friends in the group. If anyone didn’t like me, who cared? I cared more for my listeners. I wasn’t playing for them but my listeners who knew how to appreciate me without judging me.

And I was playing for me. I think that’s what mattered most. Music saved me.


Thank you for reading my #MondayMemoirs. If you have any comments or questions, negative or positive, just lemme know. 🙂

My Happy List

As promised, I am listing my Not-Really-Bucket List. Will add more pics and links soon. Remember, crossed out and in red means done. Here we go…


1. Smile at people all day and see what happens.

I was 13. Heard a smile could make others smile, too, so I experimented with trying to spread joy. It was going well until a lady looked at me like I was crazy…

2. Do something really amazing and meaningful.

3. Ride the roller-coaster.

4. Try a scary sport or adventure.

5. Learn to swim.

6. Learn a third language fluently.

I’m partial to Spanish, which won’t be so hard to learn given our country’s history, plus I can find people to converse with. Just partial, not sure. We’ll see…

7. Learn Baybayin.


This is just to show my handwriting. Baybayin/alibata should be written vertically actually

Baybayin is the ancient script of our ancestors. Why it’s more commonly called as alibata is a bit of an issue, but that’s become the better-known, more commonly used term. We forgot about it while under the rule of Spain. We just began re-learning it in the recent decades, but people have just really started appreciating it this past decade (sadly, mainly because they think its characters look cool when used in visual arts).

I don’t claim to be an expert in it as I’m not that quick yet in reading words in baybayin/alibata. I do claim to be a baybayin/alibata advocate, though. I think we should start really including it in the curriculum instead of simply teaching it under the Filipino subject in passing. Anyway, I tend to follow the Spanish-influenced baybayin/alibata because the use of the cross makes reading words easier, for me, at least.

Related post: How to Spell the Ancient Filipino Way

8. Learn a martial art.


Learned the martial art Muay Thai. Forgive the sort of leggings here. MT shorts are too short for better movement and I couldn’t find my cycling shorts that time

9. Learn to paint on canvass.

10. Travel around the Philippines.

11. Visit Disneyland with my family

Japan, Hong Kong or the US, whichever opportunity presents itself.

12. Travel around Europe.

13. Visit New Zealand.

14. Visit The Louvre Museum.

15. Experience the West End.

16. Experience Broadway. I literally mean being in New York watching shows.

17. See ‘WICKED The Musical’ live.

18. See ‘CATS The Musical’ live.

musical playbills

I was lucky to have watched both CATS and WICKED (and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) with the help of my dearest mother and of one of my friends…Thank you!!!!

19. See ‘Les Miserables’ live.

20. See ‘Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ (JATD) live.

21. Act in a real stage play/musical (school skits do not count).

That almost came true. I was to be 1/3 of The Narrator in JATD. There’s only 1 Narrator but the Director wanted three for various reasons I won’t enumerate…*sigh* I’m not giving up yet, though. Who knows?

22. Go to the Netherlands, watch Veerle Casteleyn perform live onstage, get her autograph, and have a twofie with her.

23. Create a fan page for Veerle Casteleyn.


Veerledom cover photo 2

24. Watch a Lea Salonga stage musical, get her autograph, and have a twofie with her.

How I got the twofie deserves another post. I was not able to get Lea‘s autograph, but this is okay already, right? The main purpose was to meet and talk to her face to face 🙂 Meanwhile, I have seen her perform live onstage in some of her musicals.


Miss Lea and I. Standing beside her only emphasized my plainness, but who cared???


I never heard about BABY The Musical till then, but I loved it!

The very-first Lea musical that I actually saw live was MISS SAIGON, but we were seated so far away and I was not able to buy a playbill *sniff*...See this faded ticket

The very-first Lea musical that I actually saw live was MISS SAIGON, but we were seated so far away and I was not able to buy a playbill *sniff*…See this faded ticket

25. Attend a live music concert that I paid for.


This concert, I enjoyed. Isn’t it obvious who I’m a fan of???

Back in college, I was able to attend three live concerts, all for free. One was because I interviewed a band for the school paper. The other two were care of the college radio station I worked for. I wasn’t even really a fan yet of all three. I watched because I got in for free. So I decided I wanted to be able to attend a concert I was really interested in and I would pay for my ticket. I did. Watched Mariah Carey’s live Manila concert. It wasn’t so nice an experience, actually. We were standing far from the stage and I think there were rain showers as well. Somebody was taking pictures and his/her phone got snatched from his/her hand.

26. Sing solo on stage in front of everyone.

I’ve got stage fright. Easier to conquer if with others, not so alone. I wasn’t even too crazy about the idea, but one of my best friends asked me to sing a song at her wedding. I thought better that than be a bridesmaid. I would have hated all the preparations. Also, I wanted to be able to say I did that even just once in my life. Turned out I’d do it several times, but not without me trembling inside everytime. At an office Christmas party, I actually messed everything up! Yikes! Epic fail! *hides* (No pics to show…thank goodness!)

27. Win an award or medal.

They’re not like some big awards or anything, but I guess I earned them. I did not know how I could get any, but I ended up getting some anyway. *Speech alert!* “I would like to thank the school paper and the radio station for those awards….” If they’d be interested to know, yes, I still have those certificates. They’re on my blogfolio’s Certifications & Awards page, filed under “PEER AWARDS/RECOGNITION”.

I did win with my village friends (twice, I think) when we played volleyball in the local summer league when I was a teener. Then when I was already working, I also won second place (or was it third?) with the School Administration Team (playing volleyball also) when the tertiary school we worked for let us join the Intramurals.

I played for the Administration team during the Intramurals back when I worked for a tertiary school. I’m third from right here. At my left (facing camera) is/was the Girl with the Smiley Heart

28. Choreograph a dance number.

Did that thrice in college for three different groups on different occasions. Won for me a Star of D’ Night Award, too, among other things 😉

29. Learn to play a musical instrument,

I think these count even though it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how they work


The kubing (jaw harp)


The bungkaka (bamboo buzzer)

30. Be in a respectable indie film playing a bit role.

31. Start a good family business.

My current idea: A sandwich place.

32. Build a reading and hobby room.

33. Buy a vehicle for the family.

34. Live in a beautiful house where it’s peaceful with our family.

35. Enjoy our future grandkids.

36. Get a master’s degree.

37. Become a teacher.


These are just some of the tests I gave the little boy

I somehow have some illusions of becoming a teacher. My kids are here, though, so I think I can cross this out. I’m a proud teacher, too — our incoming first-grader (as of this writing) actually passed his exam with flying colors! Someday, I might teach students in a real school environment, maybe about writing…

38. Become a radio DJ.

I always wanted to be one. Then when I was 13, one of my friends became one of what were called as Junior DJs and I would tune in to the city’s local station so I could listen to her and several other kids. Not without envy even though I knew that envy wasn’t good. The opportunity to become an actual DJ knocked when I was in college so I did not let it pass. I was even surprised I had the guts to try. It paid off, fortunately.


These were taken just a few years ago, just to show my radio colleagues I kept souvenirs all these years

39. Become a writer.

I wasn’t planning on making this my career because of the starving artist “syndrome”, but I am here because I think I sought this fate anyway. Fate is still part-effort.

40. Finish my novel.

41. Write/create a comic book.

42. Fall in love.

My real name’s hyphenated now, so, yeah 🙂

43. Tell someone my innermost secret and hope not to be or feel judged.

44. Give birth to a live, healthy baby…

God has yet to grant this wish. We are not giving up yet so we hope he lets us have the baby the next time. We’ll try to be ready.

45. See both/all our kids graduate from college.

46. Build a home for the aged whose own families have abandoned them.

47. Buy a land and build a large animal shelter, for abused, neglected, and  abandoned animals.

48. Grant scholarships anonymously (when I’m already rich, of course!).

Why anonymously? First, I won’t do it for recognition. Second, I won’t want other people to know I have money because people can use and abuse you when you have money. Three, I won’t want anyone approaching me for his/her kid’s scholarship. Let’s face it, a lot of kids don’t like to study. I wouldn’t want to feel sorry and obligated to send to school someone who doesn’t really want to be in it. Also, some parents will only use the kids to get the money and spend it on other things, not for the kids’ schooling. Someone else who’ll be working for me will handle applications. I’ll have a say on it, of course, but I won’t want people to know.

49. Build my Dream Museum.

50. Attain peace of mind.

51. Die happy.

52. Do my best jump for a jump shot.

This is My Happy List Item #52. What about it? CLICK HERE.


With the permission of all the peeps here, I shared this to JUMP FOR JOY! Photo Project‘s Eyoälha Baker and she posted it on her project’s Facebook page

53. Finally watch Patti Austin in concert, live.

UPDATE (Dec. 3, 2018): I was trying to check if there’ll be any show I’d like to see next year. I was going to save up. Then I saw THIS. AAARRGGHH!!! I’m so mad that I didn’t know. I’m even madder that the date is so near and I can’t go! No extra money for it *sniff* What are the chances that a Good Samaritan will be able to see this immediately and send me a ticket in time for the concert??!!!

54. Try vlogging.

Done. Well, doing it now. I have THE SANDBOX SHOW.


I said I’d “try” vlogging because I am not sure if it’s something I can keep doing for years. But, at least, I’ll be able to say I didn’t waste my opportunity. And at least, I’m learning new stuff “tinkering” with YouTube. Meanwhile, I aim to buy better-quality equipment in the future. Right now, I make do with what I have.

55. Watch ‘Lion King The Musical’ live.

56. Meet my fave content creator Andrea So in person and take a twofie.

Not only did I meet her and took a twofie, but I watched her live during a taping/recording of an episode of a game show! She actually reserved a seat for me! It’s a long story really, which I will share soon (as of this writing, they have not shown the episode). I am happy that she now know I exists.


Okay, that’s My Happy List. I’ll add more to it if I think of more. Care to share your own happy list, though? Feel free to do so and put the link in the comments! 🙂

What’s in a Name?

Awards time!!! This has been a long-time coming, but here it is. With apologies to those who abhor awards, but as I said in the past, I appreciate awards. Thank you again so much to Jafar for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. I got another award, but his came first so I will address it first.


For the One Lovely Blog Award, these are the rules:

1.Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award. – I just did above.

2. List the Rules and Display the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post and/or blog. – Here they are.

3. Share 7 facts/things about yourself. – Find them below.

4. Nominate around 10 other bloggers and let them know about the award. This is a way to introduce others to bloggers that you love. – I will skip this one and explain later.

5. Follow the blogger who nominated you. – I already started, pre-award.

Okay, for the 7 Facts About Me, I decided to focus on my name(s), which explains the title of this post. I just thought, “What else can I share that I haven’t yet?” Then I realized that I have always wanted to write about the evolution of my name(s)…Well, sort of evolution. I know you’ll probably go, “Whut?” but here it is and I hope you’ll like what I’m sharing just the same. 😉

1. Jay-Gee is how you pronounce J.Gi. I’m sure a lot of people have been wondering how to say it. That said, just call me Gi, short for Gigi, my real nickname. No, it’s never Jen or Jenny, though people automatically assume it just because my name’s Jennifer. I answer best to Gi.

2. “Gi” went through changes. Looking at old pictures, my mother wrote at the back and spelled my name as J-I-J-I (I think that’s cute), but later on, she changed her mind and began spelling it as G-I-G-I, which is the accepted norm, anyway. In high school, my sister did a cut-out of my nickname and stuck it on my door — it said Ghie-Ghie. I followed and spelled it as G-H-I-E even till I began working. That is why a lot of peeps still refer to me as Ghie. I really dropped that one long ago.

For some reason, Filipinos grew really fond of adding an unnecessary “H” to their nicks or their babies’ names, like Lhyn, Bhen, Johnathan, etc. My sister’s name looks cool, though, but I would have hated it if I were named Jhennifer, or Jenhiefer, or Jennifher. With apologies to anyone named as such, but...


This is the galunggong

3. My entire gradeschool life, I was called Jennifer F. mainly because I always had a namesake in class. Except in fourth grade, but someone was nicknamed Gigi, too. I didn’t tell my classmates about my actual nick for fear of being teased as galunggong, a kind or sardine that was then–and sometimes is still–normally referred to as G.G. So I stuck to Jennifer all the way through high school. There was a Jenny in my batch, and a Je and a Ge, which were short for Jean and Geraldine respectively, so I decided to stick to Jennifer.

My blocmates in college called me Jennifer but Gi became my “in” name when my sister introduced me to her co-members in a school organization as Gi. I ended up living with the family of a member, renting bedspace, and the people I met there called me Gi. A batchmate used to call me Jen but when she also rented bedspace in the same house, she began calling me Gi. She was already part of the school paper, which I also joined and she introduced me as Gi. Then we and several co-writers became members of a film organization so, well, you can guess what they call me by now 😉


Copyright © The Core Group Publishing, Inc. Unfortunately, I heard they folded up so the dotcom of the magazine is no more. The Tripod account was the first and reeeaally old one that was there even before I joined the publication

4. Why J.Gi? When I decided for a writer’s name, I think that was probably around the time I started working for a magazine, I wanted it to be Gi Federizo, kind of like Og Mandino or something. But at the same time, I still did not want to disrespect my parents so, as a “compromise,” I retained the initial. I did want it to be somewhat unique so J.Gi was born.

At the time I thought of this, I met a couple and the guy’s nick was J.vee. I thought hard to give up J.Gi so as not to look like a copycat, then I realized, who cared? Besides, it’s not like I was sure to become famous anyway, so why be bothered? It was not like he had copyright over it.

5. My new last name is Enriquez. As a writer, I retain my maiden name. No laws against that.

6. I have been these people:

Li’l Dove Feather — derived from two names. My favorite Cats The Musical character is Jemima, which means “little dove”; the actress who played her on video was Veerle Casteleyn and “veerle” in Flemish means “feather.” Incidentally, that sounds like my last name anyway.

Maya Sands — a combo of my favorite name, Maya, which I decided to use for my story’s main character, and Sands, short for Sandra or Sandra Dee, my airname back when I was a student radio DJ. I also answer to Sands like it’s second skin.

Charlize Gracie Dylan — also a combo of sorts. Not a fan of Charlize Theron but I liked the name at the time. I like the name Gracie, sounds really sweet. Then I like the name Dylan for a girl, also my fave character from the Charlie’s Angels movie (so sue me). Writers whom I met from Yahoo! groups and with whom I am connected still through Facebook still call me Gracie.

7. I do have a fourth alias, one that I cannot divulge. Let us just say that she was both a part of a social experiment I did on my own, and a kind of means to release depression at the time. She was more like a fictitious character rather than just an alias because I gave her stories, I gave her history, I gave her life. She had a life of her own. Of all the characters I have ever created, she was the best, and the world will never know.

So that’s it about my seven facts! He he!

As to why I am not nominating any blog, it’s not because I don’t want to or there are none that deserve it.  It’s mainly because I have decided to create something a little bit different, something that won’t require anyone to pass the award on to be able to accept his/hers. I mean no disrespect to the original creators of existing awards, BTW. I personally like your awards. But I will leave it to others to decide what to do with theirs.

I’m a ‘JoCKs’

NOTE: As Multiply is ceasing to be a social media for bloggers, I’m one of those scrambling to move my stuff from there. This post that is a sort of trip back to college memory lane was posted in 2008 so this isn’t really that recent. Please allow me to self-indulge in this whim of going the nostalgic route. As for the title, don’t worry, no problem with the grammar. It was a bit of an inside joke…Still taking care of links and please bear with the layout.


UPLB's Very Own College Radio

Our work of art. Each Jock got a part of this “puzzle”. Mine’s that one with cut-outs of music artists, the upper part of 7 and part of 4. It was posted along the wall of then-IDC’s 2/F corridor leading to the broadcast booths.

“You won’t pass for a DJ.” That’s what someone told me in jest recently. I half-joked, “But I am!” Well, of course, I’m not. You don’t have to put two and two together to know that I’m not a DJ. Except that years ago, I actually was one. 

When I heard that, I suddenly missed those good ol’ days again. I’ve been reminiscing for years, but lately, I’ve been missing it more. That’s ’cause I’ve also lately been communicating again with more co-DJs, people with weird and fun names like Master RavenJenny Glitch (or simply Glitch in later years), Shades and RainDanz. Add the fact that I’ve found the Multiply account of the new JoCKs. And the reason why I was looking for and playing certain songs in the first place was because I was missing what I loved playing on air.

Once upon a time, I was Sandra Dee, fondly called — well, I hope fondly — Sands. Sometimes, Dee. Why the name was simple: I had to think of a girlie name (a requirement I gave myself) and I remembered that that was what the character Rizzo called the character Sandy in one of the songs in GreaseBack then I had no idea that an actual blonde singer bearing the name lived decades ago. I just liked the sound of it. My alternative name was the famous Les Miserables‘ Eponine, but many people not familiar with Broadway would still have had a hard time pronouncing it and relating to her. So “Sandra Dee” it was.
Sandra Dee doing boardwork

As “Sandra Dee,” I got to fulfill one of my dreams,…

Sandra Dee doing boardwork 2

…and I  also experienced a different kind of music therapy that really helped me through a family crisis that time

Those two-and-a-half years at DZLB-FM College Radio were some of the best times ever in my life. There were some problems at the start, but overall, it was one great experience! Honestly, I don’t even know how or where I got the guts to audition to be one of the “jocks”. I wasn’t the type to actually join extra-curricular activities (except volleyball) because I was, in truth, a shy, insecure soul (sometimes I still am). Though I got the guts to try out for the paper, The UPLB Perspective (P’), being a DJ was something I didn’t think I could do. I mean, really, weren’t DJs regarded, well, like semi-celebrities? I didn’t know if I wanted even the semi-attention. Gave me the shivers. But it had been a dream since gradeschool, moreso in high school when an about-to-be-famous childhood friend practically was. Who knew I would be one, too, and more than I thought I could be?
Me before joining the UPLB Jocks

Before auditioning to become a Student DJ, I first co-hosted our school paper’s radio program, PANANAW with fellow writer “Trebz” (beside me, forgive my fashion sense). Others, from left: (standing) “Johnny Angel,” “Master Raven,” “Big John” and (sitting) “Prof. Hook”

I guess I got in because I was a bit confident at that time. I got good comments before regarding my live broadcasts that were part of a subject, and the console we manipulated at the Student’s Booth had been my practice tool for several semesters even though I was not a broadcasting major (long story, but thanks to Mang Dex). Also, P’ had a 30-minute long program, Pananaw, hosted by myself and fellow student-journalist Trebz (later hosted by him and other writers Dazzie and Gela while I did the boardwork instead. Much later, it was renamed Tinig Kampus and hosted by an older batch of P’ alumni)…I knew that I wouldn’t be a DJ if I didn’t at least try.     

Back then, we already prided ourselves as at par with the professional DJs in terms of skills. Truthfully, it’s not even hard work though effort was needed. Our only differences with the professionals were (1) we were students who didn’t get paid (but got free tickets, entrance, freebies), as it was voluntary work although we did go through auditions, (2) our station was, and still is, non-commercial with quite a smaller area covered, (3) our PSAs (Public Service Announcements) were local news and we featured local (UPLB) groups/bands, and (4) the JoCKs could choose anything they wanted to play no matter how old or new as long as they followed the themes of the programs they were handling and followed broadcasting ethics (which the “professional” stations are sadly lacking these days).

We got more training as well as we got to learn new skills and explore. We owe a lot to Prof. Hook, CJ Andrews and the other AM band hosts who were our instructors as well.We were made to handle the broadcast console ourselves and answer calls, unlike in some stations. Some like Pepper and I did the Mid-Hour News (that I mostly wrote and gathered during our time until a fresher batch arrived). In addition, there were those lucky, non-broadcasting students like myself who got to experience broadcasting stuff further. I wrote, arranged, mixed and produced plugs (or commercials, but ours were often announcements and spoofs, no popular ads). I got to be a voice talent as well. I remember Gina, a character I played (with Shades, Leuvert and Denise, if I’m not mistaken) for a series of audio recordings produced by the then Institute of Development Communication and the Letran Foundation. It was used, I think, to teach Biology or Science to high school students…I wasn’t that good at it then, both in voice and technique, not that a lot has changed. I got to produce shows like Shades’ program which I co-produced at the start with Raven and which title escapes me. I certainly can’t remember most of the steps on how to create those stuff, but I got a kick out of it. They probably use the same technologies still yet but really, they’re old-fashioned stuff. Great for basic training, though. 

I made sure I got to do everything, even handle various types of programs–dance, mushy, talk, rock, jazz, OPM…The only one I never handled, I think, was the religious show, PTL…My faves were the Rush Hour where we got to play dance, reggae, hiphop, R&B and rap (yep, that’s part of my personality), my baby Pinoy Musiconnection, and the wacky talk show The Hotseat (formerly Top 40 Overtalk) co-hosted with  Raven and Vahid. The last show was first named such after the show before it, the Top 80s Overdrive. My creating and mixing started as a revenge against Raven who created a plug about me that started with ” ‘S’…Sultry…Sexy…Sandra Dee…” So I created something for him in return and I think that was one of my best-ever done plugs: 
Sample: Master raven plug

Quite something like that. Thanks to him some people thought I was tall and long-legged. Well, at least that’s what he said and I have the cassette tape of an “episode” of the talk show to prove it! (cassette tape? how…modern…he he he)

College Radio first media ID

Sample of College Radio first media ID

So many memories! I miss playing the music loud on the monitor and/or the headset. I miss bobbing my head and moving my upper body to the rhythms while I prepared the next songs–a mannerism my co-JoCKs took notice of. Can’t say I’ve outgrown it.

I miss jumping up and down in the booth because the air-conditioning seemed icy cold and the people having classes at the Drama Studio adjacent to the booth (with a large transparent window in-between) were gawking, wondering what the heck was up with me.

College Radio second media ID

Sample of College Radio second media ID

I miss hanging out at the DZLB Library not  realizing that I was fast-turning into a walking music library because I knew where and what many songs were, from the old vinyl records–LPs and 45s–to the CDs that the record studios regularly donated in good faith. You can just ask the librarian, Tita Nitz, the truth in what I’m saying…Good thing we were not commercial; it gave us more freedom to choose what we wanted in our playlists and saved us from the dictates of the record outfits. We only had to make sure to censor the bad words in the songs, if any. I handled the program featuring OPMs (original Pilipino music songs), accepted requests and played what were popular even if they were not my cup of tea. But there were lines that were drawn. There had to be. For my own kahihiyan. There was an unwritten rule: “Avoid playing baduy stuff.” (Now for my own protection, just don’t ask what constitutes “baduy”.)

I miss staying at the Master Studio where I learned to mix plugs (technician Mang Frank let the Jocks learn; Mang Egay and Mang Rene were the strict ones…but don’t tell them I said that and please, go easy on Mang Frank) and where Vahid said, “I wonder what this is for,” pulled an actual plug and, OOPS! DEAD AIR!  (LOL!!!!!!!!!!!Speaking of Vahid, I miss hearing what we called “Vahid Jokes”!

I miss staying in the broadcast booth and actually being the one to end the night’s broadcast by playing the last songs namely the College Radio Station ID extro and the national anthem ‘Lupang Hinirang’.

I miss doing the boardwork as Baby Boomers Sir (Sandy) Flor and Sir Bong (Faustino)  discussed the “olden days and golden songs”.

DZLB FM shirt and jacket

I still have these stuff, the first-ever College Radio shirt and jacket (front and back)

I miss announcing the station’s telephone number which we said was my vital stats. Of course, it was a deliberate attempt to mislead listeners into thinking I actually had a 36-24-33 figure!

I miss the weird handshake started by Joey for fun. The group sealed their brotherhood and sisterhood by creating the UPLB JoCKs and, thankfully and finally after several semesters, having it formally recognized as the official organization of the student JoCKs. 

Lastly, I miss the unseen ghosts while Mang Frank left the whole station–no, whole building!–to me so he could eat his dinner or whatever. Of course, I miss the JoCKs who became my friends, that’s already a given. 

Being a Jock was one of my best achievements, not professionally, but, I guess the word should be “personally”? It became a sort of therapy for me. When I began, it was just months after my father fell sick due to mild stroke. It kept my mind off the problems and made me enjoy life. Music is definitely therapeutic!
Well, now that I’m not anymore a DJ, I miss it so terribly. Heck, I even miss the callers who deliberately said the wrong stations on air and obsessed station fans! Well, fan, anyway, as far as I know. But we always have to move on. I’m really happy to simply reminisce and leave the boardwork to younger and, I’m sure, better jocks. Keep it up, guys!
College Radio stuff

Photos, from left, clockwise: (1) closer look at one of College Radio 97.4’s first logos (2) last year’s shot of my DZLB FM cap that still survives, kind of faded in some parts but still cool (3) close-up shot of design showing the DZLB FM mascot (4) shot of the cap’s side showing off sewn image of an old-fashioned mic (5) my airname sewn at top of a pocket of the personalized jackets (names depended on individuals, of course) we had especially made and where #’s 1 and 3 are also sewn (6) just another fun shot