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Kumusta? I’m back for another post 🙂 Today, I have decided to hit two birds with one stone. I promise, no actual birds will be harmed in the making of this post 😉

In my non-Chinese New Year post, I mentioned that I was going to make a list on the next post (I didn’t, sorry). That’s the first bird then. The second bird is my proper acceptance of the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD given by Tobe Damit of Loud Alien NoizeThanks, Tobe. Took me a while, though.

versatile-blogger-awardTo start, the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:

“If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.”

Number 1, I’ve done a long time ago. Number 2, I just did above. Numbers 3 and 4, I’m skipping. I have decided long ago not to nominate for valid reasons. So let’s jump to Number 5. This is where the first bird flies in. I have decided to share 7 new things about myself. Let me do you one better: since it’s 2018, I’m sharing…

8 New Things About Me

Reading glasses

Well, you knew that already from a previous post. Since I’m covering 2017 to present time, thought I’d include that.

I did have a bit of a “scare” a few Sundays back. I went to buy groceries. I kept wearing it to check out product details (I’m that kind of shopper) then taking it off. Finally, I realized I lost it! My son and I had a frantic search. I told the grocers and a guard. The good news was some Good Samaritan took it to the customer service area where lost and found stuff could be retrieved. *Whew!*

Online reselling business!

I have been busy taking care of my footwear online reselling businesses. I handle two branches of, the Liliw Tsinelas in Makati (@LTMakatiCity) and the Liliw Tsinelas in San Pablo, Laguna (@LTSanPabloCity) branches. Liliw is a town in Laguna and known as the province’s shoe capital. We are trying to reach out to more clients around the country.

Been busy learning the ropes, trying to find out how to find more customers. I only invest time and effort here, no money. So while it is not lucrative (for now, hopefully, things will get better in the coming year), I do believe it is a perfectly productive way to use my time and resources.


What mine looks like..It’s so cute! Well, was *sniff*

If you’ve been my blogger-friend for years, you’d know I had been holding on to my old and defective Samsung N150 Plus netbook for practically 7 years. It was somewhat pitiful, I know.

I finally bought a new one, on credit, in April 2017. We were still using the old one but it finally somewhat died sometime in November, if memory serves me right. Not exactly sure if that’s over, but it seemed like it. It actually sounded like a machine suffering a heart attack when we tried to turn it on! I kid you not. Laptop in a coma.

Laptop accessories

The A4Tech PK-635G Flexible, Anti-glare Web Camera. Sorry, no pic to show headset

I waited till Christmas to buy a webcam and a headset. They weren’t the priority.

The new webcam is because my new laptop’s cam is not really good. I use the new one to take pics of things sometimes. Plus, I am hatching a kind of plan that will require the camera if it pushes through.

The headset is more for the purpose of using the mic rather than for listening. My old headset is already malfunctioning while my earphones don’t really have proper mics. I thought of this so that we can use it when Skype-ing with relatives and when a video/voice chat is required on days that I have to work at home.

WiFi connection at home

Just like with the stuff above, I delayed doing this. I finally decided I would do it because my pocket WiFi has become very unreliable. I couldn’t have that on days I’m supposed to work at home. The pocket Wifi connection only works well now from midnight till early morning. Imagine that!

New Puppy!

After Augie, we didn’t want a new dog for a while. We were thinking of the pros and cons. Even when an opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t get an already big dog. I felt it would be hard to keep it. But two Sundays ago, I saw Augie’s mom being tailed by his cute, li’l siblings. We decided to bring one home.

Our newest baby, PauPau!!!

We named him PauPau, after a character in one of the kids’ favorite local series. His breed? Aspin, short for Asong Pinoy or Filipino dog. It usually refers to a dog of mixed breed, often of an unknown origin. Although there can be distinct features in some, you can’t always pinpoint what breed or breeds they are.

Next, will find a kitten.

Digital Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

I’m not proud of it, but it’s a must. I had to purchase a BP monitor because — *sigh* — I’ve finally been diagnosed with hypertension. Ugh! One of the family curses! Diabetes is one, too, but I am, so far, not diabetic. I’ve been warned nonetheless.

It’s cute and it comes in a cute box as well

I got an inexpensive monitor and it seems to be accurate enough. I’ve been testing it against a known brand of digital arm monitor. The results are always close and, I’m happy to inform, always normal 🙂 










New Phone

I’ve got a new phone!!! So what, you say? I say you don’t know me enough,

Of course, I love technology, but I’m known to not spend a lot on them. A few years back, I did buy a not-so-expensive tablet for valid reasons. Unfortunately, it died more than a year ago (one of the reasons I finally decided on a new netbook I could use).

I am not big on buying the latest gadgets. Money, you know. When you’ve got your own family, you tend to not spend on extra things. I am always using the low-tech phones because, my point is, I only really need a phone just for calling and texting. In fact, this is the one I am still using:

This below is the new one. Nope, I didn’t buy it. I won it in a raffle!


There you go — 8 new Things About Me! Or rather, 8 New Things I Have. Well, a rose by any other name…

What about you guys? Anything new about you?

Thanks again, Tobe!!!



UPDATE 2018: Somebody lost that new phone 😦

Love is…

It’s about time for me to do this. Many months ago, C. E. Robinson (thanks, C.E.!!!) over at Before Sundown nominated me for…

The Spread the Love Challenge (Award)

The first and main instruction was/is to “Write ten four-word sentences about what love means to me.” Honestly, I thought it would be easy, but believe me, I tried and tried to come up with my ten items, but I could never finish the list until I stopped. I mean, it’s so easy to just come up with one, but would it really reflect how I felt/feel? Sometimes, I take things very seriously, even something like this. After all, I want this blog to be a reflection of my journey.

The matter remained unresolved, then one day, maybe sometime in June or July, I was suddenly inspired. Not having pen and paper at the time, I typed them down on my phone and saved my list as a draft. The list had been there since. Well, until now.

I decided to post this. So much has been going on in this world that has been letting me down lately that I thought I’d like to brighten up the day a li’l bit. Here goes…

  1. “Write ten four-word sentences about what love means to me.”


…comes from God

…must be half-blind

…is sincerely kind

…binds the family

…strengthens a country

…should beget peace

…is never selfish

…fights for freedom

…signifies true humanity

…is noble sacrifice

2. “Share your favorite quote/poem on love.”

There are so many quotes about love that I have seen/read in my life. I don’t particularly have a favorite. If it resonates with me, then I’m good. However, I think this famous quote from the most famous book sums it all up:

3. “Nominate a few bloggers for the same.”

I nominate everyone who gets to read this. It’s your call if you’d like to accept it. As I said, “Love fights for freedom.” The decision is all yours, not mine 🙂



What is love to you, though? Give us an idea and comment down below. Let’s talk about it. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from you still 😉

If I inspire You, Then I’m Happy #AskWednesday

confused-girlIt’s #AskWednesday!!! Actually, it’s supposed to be…No, wait…Alright, now I’m lost! HA HA HAAAA!!!! I’ve been trying to fix my hashes (read: hashtagged days), but I ran into a few problems (mainly non-blog related).

So just to let you know, there won’t be anymore throwbacks on Thursdays as #MondayMemoirs can take care of that, and tips will be moved from Tuesdays to Thursdays. These changes will hopefully help. Meanwhile, I do have an interview in line, one with a friend, but for now, I present to you this. I have decided to officially (finally!) accept my blogger-friend Christine Robinson’s Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s to kill two birds with one stone, too.

On her page, she urged us whom she listed to just choose any of the awards presented there, or to maybe choose the Bouquet of Flowers Award instead. I decided to go for the this one because she did give it to me, as she mentioned in the comments thread of my Useless Bits page, except the link is no longer there.

Honestly, I really feel honored. To be called inspiring, wow! I really do hope I inspire more people even with my limited abilities. Anyway, this is today’s post for today’s hash since Rule #4 is somehow synonymous to getting interviewed. Now, remember, some of us bloggers have made our own rules about the freedom to not follow blog rules. It just so happens that I don’t mind answering *wink!*

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

Thanked her long ago. And there’s the link above, which you don’t need to wring my arm for–I would’ve shared it, rule or no rule.

2. Display the award on your post.

See left side. There you go.

3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

I didn’t delete this one because “3” does come before “4”. Also, in case someone decides to nominate fellow-bloggers for this award, too.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

I wanted to have a sort of theme here, but couldn’t decide what, so whatever comes to mind…

  1. I am more drawn to blogs that have more “personality”. I don’t mean like they tend to be popular or anything, but that they have a more personal touch, that I can feel a sense of the blogger, how s/he is, who s/he is, what s/he does, what s/he feels…So even if s/he only has these few followers or appears to have none, I wouldn’t mind following. There are blogs that have lots of writing here and there, but the bloggers do not really share themselves. I don’t feel that connected to them, like I’m just supposed to follow and admire from a distance…Sorry for the honesty, folks…
  2. I think, people who can very well confront you NOW and talk to you calmly, but decide to keep mum then take to social media to air only their side of the story, with matching insults, and saying something insulting (about your looks, your lack of education, your poverty) that’s not even related to the issue, they’re either cowards or bullies or both. We have had something like that go viral here, but the poster got much of the flak instead, and not that she didn’t deserve it. I also was kind of a victim a few weeks ago. I was just told about it by very credible sources, but I didn’t even try to know the exact words. Not worth my time. Besides, what was she doing practically giving a shout out when she knew we weren’t even contacts? DUH….Sorry again, guys,…I hope I’m not becoming uninspiring, he he.
  3. When I was a tweener, I heard the old song ‘Don’t Cry Joni’ and teared up at the end. Oh, and I’ve liked ‘Earth Angel’ from the first time I heard it from the movie Back to the Future.
  4. I’m kind of a sucker for old songs, especially those with stories.
  5. I wrote songs. Not so good. ‘Nuff said.
  6. I’m just feisty when I get confronted with something immediately (I can be very mad, which I’m not proud of) or when I come to a point when you’ve pushed me to the limits. But when not, expect me to answer you very calmly, which is what I want, because nothing really gets resolved when people shout at one another. I know that for a fact.
  7. I don’t take revenge or, as they say, get even. But it doesn’t say I will back down when I know I am in the right.

Strangely, I think I will lose this award….LOL!!!!

receive-award5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

I nominate you all!!!! You all inspire me to blog!!!!

Thank you again for the award, C.E.!!!!



To see more #AskWednesday posts, just put that in the search box, click on the button and you’ll be good to go 🙂

Any interesting interviews you’d like to share, though? Come, share!