Contents with all the Feels #atozchallenge2017

In the world of SEO, it’s been said many times over: Content is King. But it is not just in SEO. In fact, in general, in a world where communication is vital, quality content should definitely be top priority to get the message across.

For instance, what good is a story if there is no content? I mean, even editorial cartoons have stories, right? There are contents involved, whether the words are visible, heard, and/or simply implied. Why? Because, as said, contents are needed to get the message across, to get the needed/intended results. In Marketing and Advertising, the same is true. Bad marketing and advertising are not going to get you the customers and the clients, you might as well close the business.

When I was in college, we were taught that one of the most effective ways to entice viewers is to create motivational videos. This type of videos are written to appeal to the emotions. If you do it effectively, your intended audience may be motivated to buy your products or get your services. The best examples of motivational videos are commercials. Of course, there are lots of  silly and downright irrelevant ones. But when it comes to commercials, you need to target the emotions, appeal to viewers’ senses, make them believe you are relevant to them.

So where am I going with this? I thought I’d show you a great example of great marketing. This has to do with the trilogy of commercials Jollibee did just for this recent Valentine’s season. Jollibee is McDonald’s‘ biggest competition in the Philippines. It has actually already branched out to neighboring countries and the US. Maybe Europe even, I’m not sure.

For those not in the know, Filipinos are a very sentimental bunch. Jollibee, being homegrown, knows this. They have been coming up with sentimental commercials for the longest time that have helped endear them to people. These still result to great name recall that get them the new customers–imagine, toddlers already screaming for “Jollibee! Jollibee!” whenever they see the mascot or its statue. They’d recognize the “bee” anywhere. Ask them where they want to eat, they’ll be saying Jollibee. Ask them what they want mom or dad to bring home for them and you know the answer.

Now about those Jollibee Valentine’s commercials? Pure. Genius.

Granted, there are a few misses that I’ve noticed, but overall, they’re great! In fact, just search for “Jollibee commercial” (or specifically type in “Vow Crush Date”) on YouTube and you’ll see a whole lot of reaction videos about these three presentations. Oh, but YOU don’t really need to, because I have shared those videos right here, just for you.

Watch them, see what I mean, and you’ll get ALL the feels! THEN decide if you’ll still want to be my friend after getting all those “feels” (well, that’s what they call it now)… BTW, “kuwento” means “story”.

So, are we still friends??? 😉

Everytime I watch reaction videos of this series (it should be in this order so you have the happy one in the middle as some kind of buffer, at least), it never fails to make the reactors tear up. Yeah, it’s sad, but that’s an example of great marketing. Of course, how important can a fast food chain really be in your life? Not really much. But the recall, wow. Even foreigners now already know and recognize Jollibee; some of them have tried out the food since there are restos near them. I mean, how great is that?

I know they made you sad, but you have to remember, these were made for Filipinos who could relate to them. Filipinos are big on families and emotions. Besides, I also know that aside from sad, you felt various things, too. I told you, FEEEELS…. There are more heart-warming, feel-good Jollibee vids (ex. Ang Regalo ni Lolo or Grandpa’s Gift last Christmas), but this series got the most reactions.

Commercials aren’t really that long here. On social media, they keep these long, but on TV where they pay millions per play, they just show complete ads for a week or two, then show the shorter versions as viewers already know the stories. The Valentine’s ones, in particular, aren’t on TV now as they were supposed to be for February.

Anyway, here, I will just show one of the reaction videos. I chose this because the guys are really funny. Just fast-forward to the actual reactions part (at 7:56), if you want. Thanks to Maximum Munchies for this!

As bonus, here’s that local 80s song from “CRUSH” that the guys were swaying to:


So happy you’re here. Hope you liked this post (though you probably teared up a bit). Please come back tomorrow!!!

[DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing anything…But if Jolllibee decides to give me a whole year supply of food, why not? *wink*]

C is for “Contents”…and “Commercials”, why not???

This piece serves as my Letter C post for the A to Z Challenge 2017.

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“THE FRIENDSHIP TREE” #atozchallenge2014


Image Copyright belongs to Teresa Kogut


Friendship is like God’s little tree. It is a blessing we gladly accept and a responsibility that we take and must nurture.

And so, keep it safe from lurking danger and disasters. Troubles abound. Let laughter and cheers, creativity and spontaneity shine on it. Sprinkle its leaves with thoughtfulness, understanding, caring, kindness and compassion.

But most of all, water its roots with an abundance of LOVE. For in the end, it is the roots that will keep our friendship together, planted firmly on the ground, till it grows sturdy and strong.

No storm may ever destroy our Friendship Tree.

Copyright © J.Gi Federizo


It is always said that what a child becomes when she grows up depends largely on the kind of parents and family settings she’s had. I do believe, too, in the saying that what one is depends on the kind of company she keeps. Let me just say that thanks to my very good friends, my besties (in alphabetical order), I’m at least considered partially okay 😉

Thank you, Anna, for being there during one of the saddest moments of my life. You gave your time, resources and most of all, shoulder (well, in a sense, but you get what I mean). We didn’t start off great, but that’s what always makes friendship more memorable, when you can look back and just laugh together 😀 I want to tell you that I’ve always admired the way you take care of your family. I will pray that someday, you’ll get that most wonderful wish you have.

Thank you, Beth, for the great person you were. You were beautiful outside, but the inside was what made you radiant. Tough as nails, intelligent, charismatic, honest, loving. You were my biggest fan, my champion, our Girl with the Smiley Heart. You were — are — a superhero and I’ll keep letting people know about you. Thank you so much for gracing my life with your presence, if only for a while of my lifetime…

Thank you, Jenny, for being my voice of reason and role model. Yes, you are my role model. You are tough, intelligent, kind, a wonderful mother to your kids, and I won’t be surprised if you are the most wonderful wife to your husband as well. In the best of your abilities, when I need you, you are there. And in times that you are unable to because you are after all just human, you always make up for it. You’re the kind who finds time to travel to help a friend despite an important scheduled  event in your calendar that same morning and your obviously large baby bump. Maybe you don’t remember, but I do, and will always.

Thank you, Lalla, for being my first bestie, right from the beginning. You always make me feel important and my pieces of advice, valued. That is why I always try to give the best advice I can think of, as a sign of gratitude. You were my first actual and official friend. I was a stranger and you did not hesitate. That meant so much. You are one of the kindest people I know, so please don’t let other people tell you otherwise. Together, we’ll be strong. Remember that whenever you need advice again, I’m just a number away. Don’t worry, I have your number, too, in case I need your advice.

Thank you, Myra, for not giving up on the friendship. Through all the years, you’ve kept holding on, no matter my shortcomings, and I know there have been many.  Despite those, you brought me the best gift anyone has ever given me. Sometimes, I don’t seem that grateful about it, but know that it’s just the stubborn me talking and trying to grow. My CS, HS is very grateful, she just has a funny way of showing it. And, oh, I’ll pray for that wonderful wish of yours as well!

Thank you, Sherwin, my newest, youngest and only guy best friend. I didn’t expect that I would come to regard someone from the male species ever as that. You’re like an alien (LOL!!!). I am so touched with your great capacity for compassion and generosity towards others. That is why I don’t abuse it. Someone like you deserves to be valued and respected. I am also happy to have found someone to share my other interests with, especially on local comics and weirdly mixed concoctions (though you have the worst case I have ever seen, he he). I may or may not be a best friend to you, but you’ll stay as one to me. You’re a cool guy, bro!


Thank you, my Best Friends For Life!!!



If you got this far, thank you for reading, hope you liked it and LIKE it 😉

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