Darkness has bitten.

And it is thus that I rejoice
the coming of the Dead of Night,
unabashedly waiting, pausing
with quiet but eager anticipation.

Ah! I wield the sword with one hand
as I sense the mingled shadows
lurking around me, whispering,
creeping nearer, closer, slowly taking form.

One by one by one, they come in revelation.

I pause, and I breathe the air in;
I strike, and I joyfully shiver.

A calming warmth envelops me,
coursing through me and claiming me.
I smile in response, savoring
my surrender, striking with my kindred sword.

Darkness has bitten, and I am now reborn, again.

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Copyright © January 2002 J.Gi Federizo 

***Featured in The Sunday Times (August 4, 2002), The Makata (April 2003), The Muse Apprentice Guild (July 2004)