Share Your Advocacy

Hey, advocate! I am inviting you to write about your advocacy. Is it about a non-government organization? a foundation? an institution? a project? a benefit event? Share it to us!!!

Write about it and feel free to submit here. All you have to do is to write and follow the guidelines found at the ADVO.WE.B. (Advocacies We Believe in) page. Oh, and there’s no fee whatsoever, don’t worry.

When I began this blog, I started a section where I was to share links to causes. Thought of asking people to share theirs. However, I worried that I may be giving way to bogus causes, plus I didn’t have lots of time to go looking for sites myself, so I stopped. Also, people hardly check those side links, anyway, which defeats the purpose. But now that I am a bit wiser, I am opening up my blog again for this and have decided to dedicate a page for any advocacy and give you a chance to guest blog about yours. I am inviting you all to be a part of this endeavor.

As I am not a power blogger, I cannot promise that it will yield great results, especially not immediately — please understand that I am neither a blogging rock star nor a magician. It is mostly through your own hard work that success can be gained. At least, I can promise a few visits to your post every now and then by peeps interested enough. Your writeup will be posted on this blog, of course, and listed on the ADVO.WE.B. page. This will be automatically shared via my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hopefully, people will be encouraged enough to actually visit the links you are sharing.

That said, I would like to share the first one on the list, which will hopefully grow and become a catalyst for change, however small.

Back in 2011, I presented on this blog the SOS Children’s Villages Philippines, a child welfare non-government organization that I personally know and worked for.


This is my post: SOS: A better future for children

It was actually a writeup that I was asked to pen for The Philippine Star. It’s a combination of what I wrote on my own and what the org has provided as info. To read the whole thing, please click on THIS.

Meanwhile, thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have an advocacy to share, kindly refer to the guidelines I mentioned. And thanks in advance!!!