Facebook: J.GiOFFICIAL…I can count in two hands how many actual fans I have, but still…I didn’t create this with the delusion that I’m famous or will be. Mainly, I really just want to separate the more personal stuff, know what I mean?

YouTube: THE SANDBOX I finally succumbed to the temptation! I have no delusions about it either — I’m lucky enough that I have 4 followers, ha ha haaa!!! I just honestly want to share stuff. If in the future I can earn from it, why not? Currently, I haven’t set it up for earning purposes. My first priority is to make it more established. Then maybe I can change the setting.

Twitter:  @jgifederizo

Skype:  username – jenf_ess (Email me first, though, to set up a schedule. I am at work five days in a week, guys.)