Bleedin’ Love & Single Ladies #FridayFlashdance

Welcome to the first #FridayFlashdance!!!  As you can very well guess, this is about dance. We have a hash potato dedicated to music, so why not dance?

Those of you who have been steady followers most probably already know that my favorite pastimes are writing, blogging, singing and reading. But if ever I have already mentioned something about it, many probably still do not know or remember that I love to dance. Not even my real personal friend, my high school pal Raine, doesn’t. I don’t think she has ever really seen me dance, that’s as far as I can remember. That’s because I only realized my love for dancing in college.

It was a time when dance groups became quite popular on TV. At least three of them became really popular, two of those are still being looked up to today, one of them is still famous especially because of some members who have gone on to do other things like act and do hosting jobs.

Anyway, a few years back, I was watching my favorite noontime Sunday variety show, ASAP, and completely fell in love with a dance routine for the song “Bleedin’ Love” performed by some of the stars of the show. These stars were composed of actors/actresses who also dabbled in singing, hosting, even modeling. They’re not all that good dancers, but they managed. It turned out I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with the dance as many viewers imitated the routine (albeit not as good, of course) and performed their rendition in various company Christmas parties (Filipinos love to do shows in parties). I don’t know exactly what made it so special, but it was. It is.

I had long been wanting to share the video of the said dance routine, but I never got to. Somehow, I couldn’t find the TV-version video of it anymore, only videos taken and shared by people who got to see the show live. Finally, I did find it last week, posted by one of the dancers on his YouTube Channel.

Dancers (by appearance): (1st) Rafael Rosell (where vid is from) and Iya Villania, (2nd) Victor Basa, Will Devaughn (no hair) and Toni Gonzaga, (3rd) Nikki Gil and Jon Avila, (4th) Maja Salvador (shorter girl), Jake Cuenca and Shaina Magdayao, and (5th) Anne Curtis. Those who really regularly danced were Rafael, Iya (her other forte is hosting), Maja (one of the best young actresses of today) and Shaina, although Nikki and Anne could also perform on a good level.

Now, I did mention that many tried to imitate what they did. That included a group of people from where I worked then. And guess who was part of that group of people…? *GASP* ME!!!

I do have stagefright, till now, but I felt that I could manage dancing with a group onstage better than singing alone in front of an audience. Back in college, I did have several experiences choreographing hiphop dances so I knew I could handle it. I did feel nervous, double-nervous as I was that night’s assigned host (it was for a certain occasion).

So, again, *GASP* I shared a vid below (forgive the quality). Please do not expect us to be as good as those ASAP peeps. I’m in that group of three girls, the one initially at left, the wide one in black who seems awkward dancing in a non-hiphop number (somebody else choreographed it, not me, to be clear). There’s a certain step there that I felt awkward doing for personal, a bit irrational reason, that I kind of held back. Don’t ask me which one. We did have fun, though. I wanted to be Maja, he he…

If I seem awkward, that’s because I felt a bit conscious of dancing more “womanly”. I only do such a thing when I’m alone. I wasn’t in my comfort zone. I got used to hiphop because that’s what the dance groups on TV did, which I followed. I never got any training in dance. TV trained me.

Below–and last–is where you see me in my comfort zone. I’m the one at farthest left, white top, looking like a bouncing ball dancing. Notice the energy? That’s not just the dance showing, but my actual, usual energy. BTW, a certain part of the vid is a bit long, featuring one girl (not me) and two guys. It’s a medley of four overlapping songs. And forgive the quality.

Alright! Again, I’ve made myself vulnerable to you. It’s part of my new year’s resolutions, to not be afraid to show Me. I certainly hope I got you entertained 🙂


#Videos to Get By #atozchallenge2015

It’s April. I vowed to finish the A-to-Z Challenge, which became my personal challenge the whole year, but still, here we are. I would’ve already finished had I not gone through something last week. Yet, here I am, fulfilling something I promised myself, something that’s gonna keep my mind off things and also gonna help me move on. Anyway, for my “V” post, I am sharing the videos that have entertained me a lot these past months.

Let’s start with The Popular Song by Mika and Ariana Grande. This isn’t new but not surprisingly, me being not that up-to-date these recent years, my radar missed this one. I find this song fun and, having been somewhat bullied in school as well, relatable a bit (DISCLAIMER: I do not promote revenge and violence). I gotta admit, though, one thing that drew me to this was the fact that it’s kind of a spin-off–if we can use that word for songs–of one of my favorite WICKED song that’s titled Popular. Check this one out:

Next is the song Love Yourself. Just last month, I think, I publicly confessed through Facebook that I never thought I’d say I liked a Justin Bieber song until this one. I’ve sort of outgrown it by this time, but why not give it a chance if you haven’t yet? Maybe you’ll like it, too. Certainly not the kind of Bieber songs we got used to. There are actually two video versions of the song, but I am very partial to this one because of the dancing:

Lastly, we have here a series of episodes from the reality show Undercover Boss. I really like this show and honestly, I cried every time I watched an episode, which was exactly why I decided not to continue because I didn’t want my crying to affect the baby. I started watching this when someone shared this episode on FB:

Hope you like these vids!!!!

Get it Out of My System

After last week’s post, I wanted to post something nice and joyful again. But silly me, I just had to watch videos that made me cry and now, I just have to get it out of my system.

This actually started the other day when I posted this on Facebook:

The song made me cry years ago. This has made me cry now for a whole new different reason.

So tonight, I got it in my head to check out similar vids linked to it. You can say that I asked for it. I found this other touching vid:

And I didn’t stop there. I watched others more. Then I thought that it’s very unfair that when it comes to weddings, to brides in particular, it seems like only the dad gets affected. So I searched for videos looking for a mom version, so to speak. So feeling like a real emotional masochist, I watched this and almost bawled out in public:

It didn’t “help” that that’s also a fave song of mine (people give it different titles but in the singer’s official site, it’s called “Over the Rainbow”). This is the story behind the dance: Mother’s Last Dance.

In a way, I know I’m being silly doing this but I guess that’s me being human…

Okay, I took a break and decided to watch some fun ones, so I leave these ones here to make us all smile 🙂

There are more on YouTube if you’d like to watch more.

Thanks for letting me get this out of my system, my friends.

Getting Physical

Oops! It (most probably) is not what you think. In fact, this is in line more with my blogging goal, which is to try to post fun and interesting stuff and try to veer away from posting too many angst-y stuff. Anyway,…

Our office has been doing 10- to 15-minute workout breaks again like last year, in the name of wellness and in relation to our recently concluded Biggest Loser competition (I didn’t win, sadly). We call this our 3 O’Clock Habit, which is an unoriginal term as we only borrowed it (Filipinos are familiar with it), as it’s scheduled at 3pm daily. More commonly, we just call it Hashas, a coined term in the office that is also sort of an inside joke, though it generally pertains to exercise or physical activity that involves exercise, like the after-office jog we just had hours ago before I posted this.

This is how it goes: everyone gets the chance to choose the workout video(s) for the day. We just assign a person based on the alphabetical order and s/he leads us for the day as well. It’s a really fun and funny group activity as we giggle and say ouch and everything. Extra funny when we forget to lock the door and a visitor rings the bell so suddenly everyone is doing something else other than what’s expected. Not so fun when an applicant is still there taking exams *sniff*. Sometimes we get easy workouts, sometimes we get the harder ones. There are stretches, yoga, footworks, kickboxing, zumba-anything…

So for the most recent turn of my friend, he decided to to get us dancing to, well, Just Dance! I enjoyed it very well, having played my very first Just Dance “public performance” at the mall the week before.

Anyway, I thought I’d share to you some stuff that won’t be that hard to follow. Some of these, I already experienced. I am also taking my friend’s cue that when it’s my turn, I’ll just need to get my ideas from here. *Shhh…*

These songs range from circa 1970s to recent, so hopefully you’ll find something you like. I have also arranged them from easiest to hopefully-not-so hard, based on my judgment. I am really just happy they have Just Dance on YouTube! I can at least dance to songs even at home 🙂

Well, here you go. Come on and Just Dance!!!! I know you want to…

Ever danced to a Just Dance entry? Share and let us know! Feel free to share below.