NaNoPoblano 2022 (Ext.): Have I Forgotten?

#NaNoPoblano Day 8 

(Please don’t make me explain)

I have NOT forgotten. Just was not up to posting. I am now, though, so…


How have your first eight days of the year been? Mine, well, other than the usual things going on, social media played a part in making my days more interesting. For one, through Facebook, I gained a chat pal, a fellow-writer who, like me, is looking for kindred spirits. As for content creation, I’m still following and enjoying my favorite. You know who it is, if you’ve read enough of my posts. I’ve also posted some of my own. It’s been interesting ’cause I’ve been learning how to do things, even tried a bit of actual acting. Nope, that’s not going to be regular thing.

I don’t want to tell everything in one post so I’ll save you some stories for the next days. Meanwhile, let Baby 2023 greet you with a song. Also, sharing my little acting project. That’s me acting for the camera and singing.(You won’t recognize me, though, if not for the beanie hat. I used a TikTok effect.)  Well, there’s always a first time for everyting. 🙂


INTRODUCING BABY 2023!!! Have a HappyNewYear, Everyone!!! #Welcome2023 #auldlangsyne #Duet with @pianojordan #FYP #fypシ #ForYou

♬ original sound – J.Gi – J.Gi


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