NaNoPoblano 2022: Voice Acting as a New Hobby

#NaNoPoblano2022 Day 2

When I write my stories, I often read aloud and deliver the dialogues to know how they and my characters sound. I want to know if they work; I want to feel what the characters feel. Sometimes, it’s others’ works that I want to have a better feel of…Well, until recently, I didn’t know that that is a form of voice acting.

I can’t exactly say how I stumbled on the first voice acting challenge. All I remember is thinking, why not try? I do it all the time, anyway. So, in maybe a span of two weeks, I’ve posted several entries for challenges already. And I’ve noticed that they’re often the ones that are getting more views and LIKEs on TikTok. I can’t even believe that a few have been saved as favorites by other people.

I compiled them as Set 1 for you. Not sure if you’ll like them. Any constructive criticism would be very much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “NaNoPoblano 2022: Voice Acting as a New Hobby

  1. What a fun new project. There are sites where you can get into some work — check out reading for audiobooks, for example. I enjoy the craft as well, so that’s how I know it’s a growing industry. Good luck! xo

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    • It’s a growing industry? I didn’t know that. So you’re doing it, then? Maybe I’ll try to be more serious about it once I’ve found my “voices”. I can’t just have one or two to offer. I even hate my own normal voice. I don’t have a mature woman’s voice. I sound like a teenager, usually a boy at that (not so bad, I guess, since a lot of anime characters are voiced by women, like Ash Ketchum of POKEMON).

      Thanks, Lani!!!

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