First Professional Article Published: “FIND THAT SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GIFT”

Day 19 of the #NaNoPoblano2021 challenge, now a.k.a. “NaDePoblano” (heee….) . Major Theme: “A Few of My Earliest Things”. New sub-theme: “My Firsts”. Related post: My Evolution as a Writer.

Sorry it took me days to post again, but I only found my copies of our magazine. It was the publication that got me as its Editorial Assistant and in-house writer. My main position was the first for which I did various tasks that I don’t need to enumerate here. The second just came with the job description.

Below was my first-ever published article as a professional writer. It was actually a sidebar article, but it felt like a big one.  I wrote various stuff in this issue (like I always did in all the issues that were published during my time there). In fact, I copywrote the mag’s Christmas message on the left. (That wasn’t my first copywriting experience, though.)

The article on the right was special because it included my by-line. Yay! It’s a piece that wouldn’t win me anything but it still means something to me.

special christmas gift

3 thoughts on “First Professional Article Published: “FIND THAT SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GIFT”

  1. I like how you show your readers the reality that success stories, such as yourself, don’t happen overnight. This publication is in color, by the way; the previous ones you posted were in black and white.

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    • I wouldn’t call it a success story exactly. I WISH that’s true. I’m just glad that I got to live that life for two-and-a-half years. I know that I’m still a writer in my own way. I still to get to write stuff for myself and for clients once in a while.

      As for the colors-thing,…LOL!!!! Well, the first ones were published back in college. It is a good, well-respected university, but it is government-owned. We were not given enough budget to afford colors back then. I am not sure if they still print stuff now that they’re online.

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